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  1. Gimp and Inkscape are two free ware program and it is fun to make patterns in these .I use these a lot to make patterns and it looks a bit tough but once you start playing with it you will get it. Best wishes Sir
  2. Beautifully done and that is lot of work you have put in and the end result is piece of art. Love it :-) Mahendra
  3. Oops! I guess it is one picture uploading at a time,unlessI am doing something wrong! My apologies if this is not being done correctly. Native pattern
  4. John , thanks a lot for your guidance ,I hope I am doing this correctly:-). Here are sone of my attempts at pattern making, I hope you all like it .Thank you so very much for looking. John if I knew how to put these in the free plans section ,I would certainly do it instead of troubling you. Thank you one and all for a nice welcome:-) Mahendra I think it is restricted to 3 at a time.
  5. Thank you all for your welcome. Every new forum has been a great expereince,learnt a lot and made new friends . With limited resources in my part of the world I am enjoying this hobby as DIY concept and stores have yet to hit our shores. I have cut a lot of things some photographed before giving it away and some I missed:-) Is there a display section or something similar where I can post. Thank you once again for the warm welcome Mahendra
  6. Don, I just saw and looks very nice,I am sure all the members here will really enjoy seeing your work. Thank you so very much for cutting and teaching me to make patterns. Mahendra
  7. My name is Mahendra ,I am from India.I have been scrolling from the past 2 years and have done bit of pattern making as well. Thanks to Don Rob( good friend ) that I am here as a member,hope to learn a lot from you guys and share the things that I know. Looking forward to making new friends:-) Best wishes Mahendra (I am new here still trying to find my way around ,I hope this introduction is not in the wrong section)
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