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  1. All good from storm. Safe and sound.

  2. I am learning have done beef stew, pick a dilly beans and bush beans, using my grandmother's pressure cooker!
  3. Gene Howe,I have been talking care of a friend who is passing from cancer. She has about 3 weeks left with us and wanna share all the time i can with her. She has gone from a vibrant lady to being bed ridden in 2 weeks. No family history, none smoker. Just came out of no where. The world will have one less amazing person in it soon. I am grateful for every moment we have left together to say unspoken words. In time the time between, I have been canning and dehydrating garden stuff and stocking up food in Pantry. Been really hot here so not much time in shop. Tropical storm hitting today.
  4. WHoop whoop !! I a weiner!!! lol gonna give hat to my uncle, he loves hats and is in need of another. thank you John Morris and others for all your hard work for such an awesome cause!
  5. Trying donate a little every payday to help out. Know its not much but great cause I think!!
  6. So basically starts out as 2x4?? But shrinks?? Probably didn't understand correctly my mind has been kinda messed lately
  7. So saw a post on how wood sizes have changed over years. Was this strictly about money on. Companies behalf or was there more to it. Example why a 2x4 is not a 2x4.
  8. So that pretty cedar bowl I turned, my first one, got a healthy crack in it after I applied many coats of beeswax to it.. IT has been a number or of weeks since it was made. Can You all explain to me why this would happen so I can prevent it in the future? What did I do wrong? I do plan on just adding some epoxy or resin to seal it up but i am a bit sad that it happened.
  9. So pine resin is messy. Honestly not sure I will use it again. But due to determination I will finish experimental cup with it just to see how things work out. It is difficult to get smooth coating as it can not be brushed on in any manner and hardens quickly. Just posting my findings. Still stuck on if there is anything on market that can do both hot and cold beverages. There seems to be a product but sellers will not give up their secret..
  10. Gerald can you share the link or whatever you were reading? I don't know how to tag people
  11. Gerald can you share the link or whatever you were reading? I don't know how to tag people @Gerald
  12. Thanks for tagging me! That is extremely cool!!!
  13. Small patch have to sand one but been put burner for current experiment .
  14. Thank you for all the input. I do drink on is needle tea regularly now. It helps me from getting so sick from colds which usually turn into pneumonia. Pine needle tea has been great for me health wise and is one of the highest vitamin c levels there is including the good ole oj. My system can't fight them like others do. That being said I suppose I have gotten used to the taste. I am pretty sure the epoxy will work as well, but hey nothing tried nothing learned. I turned a little mug to test it on and all I can say is we will see how it turns out. A friend of mine has a mug sealed with brewer
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