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  1. I would say medium it was cut about month and prior maybe.
  2. I live a pretty isolated life as well. Although live in NC and virus getting bad. We upped lockdown in the state but people still do not seem to be listening. Lowe's home improvement did me a solid regarding a band saw blade for older saw. I was sold wrong size, just as much my fault and explained it to manger. But because of lockdown and me having reactive airway problems my doctor does not want me out at all. So Lowe's manage apparently lives out this way and said he would drop new one off in my mailbox and told me not to worry about being wrong one back he would take care of it. He knew me from coming in with service dog and knew I did woodworking stuff for charity for service dog agency. So I just wanted to give them a shout out! With so much sadness and heart break out there it warms the heart to also see so many good things and people pulling together even at a distance. I also have been trying to get my garden going so I can give some of the elderly some unquestionable good veggies. We are all in this together, we have to be.
  3. Thank you. HandyDan
  4. lots of you tube before Mr. Gerald. and thank you I also know about cedar but always wear a mask when wood working as i already get bronchitis and such frequently. So I wear a really good on with the disc that screw in to the sides. its I mask I was issued as a paramedic but when i was retired that is one thing they do not take back as it is made to fit each person. So yay i just have to buy the filter replacement now.
  5. This is my first turned bowl made from a cedar we had to cut down. i think it turned out pretty well, but always open to advice and tips.
  6. The hair was only like that til after picture. I told him from now when he is in shop it goes down inside of his shirt.
  7. can you guys give us a product name?
  8. Lissa Hall


    My son is turning his first mug. I don't know the answer to his question. He wants to know if there is a type of sealer that would allow him to drink beverages from his mug. specifically, coffee, water and alcohol drinks. thanks in advance for your time. If it is wood dependant will have to give you that bit later, but it is most likely one of following, oak, ash, maple or sweet gum.
  9. So pleasurable site. My son the long hair guy working on learning wood turning and friend I am teaching a little bit of everything to. makes my heart glad both in late 20's
  10. So printer came in was sprayed down and cleaned for real. Setup was easy enough but bed levelling sucked. It has been learning curve. Unlike regular tools you can not just plug and go there is learning curve. When you are dealing with comments, settings and different types of filaments. Stepping away a bit for today as it does get frustrating. I have only made a few little samples and not much to look at.but figured I would show you a picture of what can be done. I will keep u posted and share my own first success. Whenever I get there lol. P.s I would give credit to whoever made it but do not know.
  11. Oh I plan on being excessively cautious!!! Even as excited as I am to get started. I agree about being certified safe but doubt it will happen. All we can do is be as cautious as we can. But as said even stuff here can make u sick just as easily! I guess it comes down to be careful but when its ur time its ur time. Being. A retired medic I have seen people walk away from catastrophic wrecks and seen people die when there was barely a dent in the car. But i will be careful!!
  12. So I did it. I ordered 3d printer due to it being on sale for very good price. I also found out on forum that there are filaments for making wood products. The filament actually contains wood particles. This filament can be sanded and stained like wood as well. If I understand correctly. I am not using this to replace my woodworking but to extend it. I will keep you posted on how things go. My plans for it wood working wise are like toppers for trophies for service dog agency for their charity events and apliques (didn't spell that right I know) I am not much for computer stuff so I could bomb this whole thing lol unfortunately the printer is coming from Wuhang China so it sit on my porch soaked in Lysol for a bit don't think I am joking lmao! I typically order American made but looked into reviews and it was the best printer according to forums for beginners.
  13. First project on the table lab intarsia plaques for service dog agency. Then on to working out some stuff for donation banks for them, will post pictures when done! so excited
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