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  1. Workshop is not climate control either but I suppose better In some ways. It is a lot of molding but thank you all for your answers so will move it into workshop
  2. Would molding be okay you think stored u see an outside over hang that is away from rain and sun?
  3. Question I just came into some molding my uncle got it and decided he wanted something else so was wondering can this be stored outside as long as it is out of the weather??? Or don't risk it?
  4. All good stuff to know.. you guys are great!!!
  5. ohhhh awesome see glad i asked!!!!
  6. and if clay or something else name of product please would be helpful
  7. so i have this chair that i had to cut the legs back a bit to fit under my desk. not critical but i would like to add some of the detail back i had to take off. but i have to match to current pattern. I was thinking some sort of mold-able clay or something similar. Any thoughts. It has to be able to wrap a bit so i do not think cutting it to match from wood will work. the detail was carved in prior. any thought or ideas would be appreciated.
  8. Looks amazing !!!!! Love them
  9. Those are amazing!!!! And truly beautiful!!!! Talent!
  10. Well I have seen the projects u guys make and I get envious! They are all so amazing!
  11. So I do not think I will ever be a master in any one type of woodworking. I enjoy the craft of it. Meaning there are far too many things and ideas I have to commit to anyone type. My Uncle is a master craftsman in doing intarsia. He can make such beautiful things. I am more like a rabid squirrel with adhd.I see something I like and have to figure it out how to make it. Perhaps I am simply in love with woodworking. The smell of it, the creation of it. My mind is always thinking of new thing to make not just in woodworking but many other things as well. Sometimes I get an idea In my head and I literally cannot sleep until I start it or draw it out.Is there anyone here like that or do you mostly gravitate to one thing?
  12. can really shave them they are the kind it makes things worse for. one is a mutt so maybe him but the other is a husky and will be adding a white lab soon so not much there to shave... but i have shaved dogs in the past. I feel for MA babysitting u guys lol that had to be a handful lol
  13. Well u know treat for the worst and hope for the best! Lol Motrin for everybody!!!
  14. Even as a medic in outside world vets always called me doc when they knew I was medic in army. Was nice I thought!
  15. Very nice to meet u MaDeuce! Welcome to the best woodworkers forum EVER!!!!! Shakes hand!!!

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