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  1. Oh I plan on being excessively cautious!!! Even as excited as I am to get started. I agree about being certified safe but doubt it will happen. All we can do is be as cautious as we can. But as said even stuff here can make u sick just as easily! I guess it comes down to be careful but when its ur time its ur time. Being. A retired medic I have seen people walk away from catastrophic wrecks and seen people die when there was barely a dent in the car. But i will be careful!!
  2. So I did it. I ordered 3d printer due to it being on sale for very good price. I also found out on forum that there are filaments for making wood products. The filament actually contains wood particles. This filament can be sanded and stained like wood as well. If I understand correctly. I am not using this to replace my woodworking but to extend it. I will keep you posted on how things go. My plans for it wood working wise are like toppers for trophies for service dog agency for their charity events and apliques (didn't spell that right I know) I am not much for computer stuff so I could bomb this whole thing lol unfortunately the printer is coming from Wuhang China so it sit on my porch soaked in Lysol for a bit don't think I am joking lmao! I typically order American made but looked into reviews and it was the best printer according to forums for beginners.
  3. First project on the table lab intarsia plaques for service dog agency. Then on to working out some stuff for donation banks for them, will post pictures when done! so excited
  4. I just wanted to make the point that sometimes when people think your are helping them it is actually the helper that sometimes is helped without being aware of it.. I have always believed that it is such a reward to me to help others. I hope that does not come across selfish sounding. But seeing someone smile or discover a new craft love totally makes life worth the struggle. You never know just how how far a smile or a moment in time can ripple.
  5. Lissa Hall

    Walnut Chair Headrest

    that is beautiful!!!
  6. So I am not sure which forum to place this in feel free to move to better spot monitors. in It been awhile since I have been able to revisit my shop. Last year my service dog passed away from rare tumor. She was my woodworking partner and Wendi was the one who got me out of my darkest hole. that was two weeks before Florence devastated eastern NC. I honestly I could not go into shop without crying for her for quite sometime. Then I was traveling a bit to met new service dog whose name is HUDSON. he is a white lab. but yet still could not manage in my heart to let him in the shop in WINDE'S stead. I had a mean bout with pneumonia after 3 month finally beat, then found out may have needed hands operated on. So been crazy year or so. But many people last year were hit hard. I did find out few days no surgery on hands as it ended of being inflammation in knuckles due to having pneumonia and with treatment should go away. so big YAY!! there. There is a young man i know who recently got interested in wood turning. SO for first time in a year and HUDSON"S first time ever we went into workshop all three of us. We cleaned, We turned a piece of wood to play around on. We organized the shop. We practiced sharpened lathe tools. It felt right. The young man thanked me for the time in the shop. I thanked him for helping get things in shop tidied up. He doesn't know he did more for me and HUDSON than we did for him. The young man had me laughing and enjoying the time. My uncle passed on a scroll saw he did not like to me due to the tension adjustment. So i in turn cleaned up my old one and passed it on to a vet who does various crafts and on tight budget. The smile on his face will stay with me for a long time! I guess my point here is that there are so many more rewards to giving and sharing I think than receiving. They were happy which in turn made me happy. I look forward to seeing what they make and learning from them as well.
  7. may have to check it out!
  8. Sweet!!! I know he will be excited!!
  9. For the admins.... can anyone join this group or do they need to be veterans. Have young man who is trying to learn wood turning and needs sources... thanks ahead of time.
  10. Will remember the glue. Buhahaha!
  11. Had mentioned I had been sick for a bit. I had pneumonia for like three months. Got cleared today to get back in shop!!! Yay. But the doc looked at my hands for me because I thought I had arthritis setting in. Nope... appears I have ganglion cysts growing in second knuckle of every finger which probably will need surgery... well dang it... lol plenty of time to scour posts and get ideas.. so post lots of stuff guys and gals!
  12. thanks but dont think it would work with the bank. perhaps if i drill before putting outer pieces on will see if i can
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