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Lissa Hall

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    You got me, you figure it out!
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    I never did give anyone Hell. I just spoke the truth and they thought it was Hell

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  1. Lissa Hall

    Box for My Uncle Finished

    It is always one thing to give a woodwork piece to someone who does not do woodworking but to give it to a master craftsman is a very nervous thing... But he loved it and we discussed how it was made etc. he was very happy! And only had one critique and it was very helpful. I have no problems taking advice from him and learning. The critique was this. When you have to do filler go with the darker wood color rather than light wood color. That was it. But from what I understand he is showing it off to everyone and that means millions to me.
  2. Lissa Hall

    Box for My Uncle Finished

    Lol Smallpatch, I get that reaction everytime someone ask me if I want to go shopping for clothes or house stuff and I say nah I would much rather go to lowes..
  3. Lissa Hall

    Box for My Uncle Finished

    The box for my uncle is completed. I used tung oil as the finish.
  4. Lissa Hall

    Which Would Be Better?

    Thanks Fred that is good info! I mean I know some use like bee's wax I think. Then popular min wax and then I knew about tung oil. But that all I know about in finish world.. So with all this new education I will be looking into to others. In truth never been much of a fan to poly because it always seems to yellow after time. I used it because one it's what I knew, two it was fairly easy to use. I have also never seen how tung oil last over years because those projects were usually gifts but I liked how it looked?
  5. Lissa Hall

    Which Would Be Better?

    I will post pic after completed. And some of those finishes I have never heard of. So will be experimenting with them later. Silly me thought poly and shellac the same thing lol. So only have experience with the "tung oil" and poly so going with tung oil as the comment about what I am experienced with made a lot of sense. I would not want to mess anything thing up this far in and would like to give it to him soon. But will look into others and practice with them!
  6. Lissa Hall

    Which Would Be Better?

    Thanks everyone!
  7. Lissa Hall

    Which Would Be Better?

    I made this box for my Uncle who is a woodworker and vet. He has always been generous to me and has made plenty of things for others but no one makes him anything so took this on. It s my first inlaid project ever! Think I did okay.. So my question is tung oil or poly as a finishing coat? All opinions considered. Thanks in advance!
  8. Lissa Hall

    Router Setup

    Sso I better get cracking for the other 30. Geesh guys ur killing me... Lol can't I at least get the shop organized first so I can make it messy with more tools?
  9. Lissa Hall

    Router Setup

    Cal as far as jobs I can only narrow it down a little and it will not be much help. For paws4vets I have made things like I said above, plaques, intarsia dog heads and like leash and collor decorative boards with their name and golden on them. I am currently working on dog banks. I have also made awards. As for myself at home I am currently remodeling so I need a router that will work for small and large projects I suppose
  10. Lissa Hall

    Router Setup

    Postal tom I do have shop vac but it's not setup for collection as of yet! But I am in process of using all those previously topic organizing workshop ideas to get everything set up. So far I have been able to free up a lot of space. Good thing as well because I was nt expecting to give a new tool a home. Goes to show there is a reason for everything. I do have veterans discount as well.
  11. Lissa Hall

    Router Setup

    Cal I understand your thinking there but I would feel very awkward asking for more. Like someone giving you a present and you asking why they can't give you something else.. Lol. But you make solid point perhaps down the road I will just buy a smaller one.
  12. Lissa Hall

    Router Setup

    You guys are grest! A ton of information! Thanks for videos helped me understand more. So many good suggestions. Can't wait to start shopping!
  13. Lissa Hall

    Router Setup

    Also both of u recommended Bosch could u explain why? That way when I send them info they can see from experience woodworkers why they recommended what they did... I would like to give well rounded choices and information
  14. Lissa Hall

    Router Setup

    I think perhaps one easy enough for beginner but good enough to expand with my skill. I am thinking maybe awards, plagues stands. At first then moving upwards.. If that makes any sense.
  15. Lissa Hall

    Router Setup

    Cal I truely have no idea as far as type of projects... I guess I would need one for general purpose. I am sure they have something in mind which would explain of tools they chose a router... So far I have made plagues, intarsia dog heads, banks and large multiple leash and collar holders... I sure there is more but that is off the top off my head...

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