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  1. Lissa Hall


    not sure how to freeze them its a table
  2. Lissa Hall


    on the wedding table which belonged to my great great grandfather i have noticed that it has some kind of small critter in the wood. does anyone know if i can treat it with something to kill whatever is in it. I dont believe its a termite thing its something you can not see except the dust it is leaving behind.
  3. Lissa Hall


    Dehumidifier and foggers check. Clean with dawn and hot water check. Vinegar and water spray check. Drying off in controlled environment check check.... tomorrow will see what I can work with and what need repaired. So far three pieces in docket for repair. One piece needs legs replaced. Another something called a wedding table lower leg piece came off. And I know trunk will need work. But gonna catch you guys for advice on that once I am ready to tackle them and they are thoroughly dried out. Again thanks for advice and help
  4. Lissa Hall


    p_toad thanks especially about the fogger did not know that. so far no warping yet but early on here in things. i didn't not want to bring them in the house until i took care of mold but they are all on my back porch which is covered screened in and shaded with strong fans blowing on the pieces to get them drying i will take care of mold tomorrow. as today i was extremely pooped out. so first thing in morning i will do that
  5. Lissa Hall


    also anyone have idea on type of wood it is made from?? eight now i have the basics dry them and get rid of mold out of sun.
  6. Lissa Hall


    okay guys my uncle a vet has lost everything due to his house flooding. i am trying to save what i can for him in regards to items that hold memories for him so any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. mold i think i can handle but like chest below i could use any advice you may have to try to save it. some of this stuff was in 3 foot of water for almost a week before we could get to it.
  7. Lissa Hall

    Hurricane Florence (Members)

    But I do admit they did get power back on quickly and I am extremely thankful for that.
  8. Lissa Hall

    Hurricane Florence (Members)

    i have not been able as of yet to see any outside news but planning on sitting in front of tv for a bit. My uncle and mentor house was flooded at one time had three foot of water in it. one brother lost most of his roof and the other brothers that lives here also took on some roof damage but not sure to extent as of yet. we had tornado touch down behind us in the storm but it hopped over the house and picked up an entire trailer across the street and threw it into trees, the owners evacuated. I have been thru many hurricanes including hurricane Andrew working as a medic but this storm was crazy. i don't know about other places but Onslow county will have some time repairing. Stores are just starting to open and are are out of many things and people are going crazy over gas and cigarettes. they had someone pull out a gun on clerk who was nice enough to open a small store without power so people could get a few things. sad thing was the man got mad because he could get a carton of cigarettes. not water, not food but cigarettes. we are mainly staying home out of fray although tried to find a chainsaw today as mine broke. but it is no biggie in scheme of things. better to let things calm down than to worry about the small things. we just had a bunch of trees come down including one on power line. my neighbor had to help me fix the line because electric company said since it was not the pole and was connected to house was owners responsibility. and would not fix it. but they told us if we were going to fix it we had to do it that day because the power would be back on soon and it would start a fire if we didn't. thought that whole thing was crazy. but we did get it fixed. luckily there was no power to it. lol and yup sure he was a worker with JOEMC. So think i might have to file a complaint on that one but he was not the only one who told us that either we checked with two other worker because we thought the guy was crazy. i do want to say i appreciate the concern from all of you and I hope to get back to some wood working soon. but repairs and helping family and friends will be first and foremost on the agenda. but i will try to check in from time to time. thanks again guys for your concern. be safe out there its a crazy world.
  9. Lissa Hall

    Hurricane Florence (Members)

    Hey guys checking in from eastern NC Just got Internet few min ago. We r ok and house as well. Workshop survived as well. We have many trees down and a ton of work a head of us. But wanted to let u know we r okay. But it is incredibly sad here so many people lost soooo much its heartbreaking
  10. Lissa Hall

    Hurricane Florence (Members)

    Still here
  11. Lissa Hall

    Hurricane Florence (Members)

    Video was just my brother in downtown swansboro right now storm just coming in.
  12. Lissa Hall

    Hurricane Florence (Members)

    We have everything we need. Water,generator etc. Evacuating comes with its own problems. Every storm is different and always have decisions to make. We are not in mandatory evacuations area.
  13. Lissa Hall

    Hurricane Florence (Members)

    https://www.facebook.com/100012409367535/posts/532693627154278/ this is my brother from downtown swansboro about 5 miles from my home.
  14. Lissa Hall

    Hurricane Florence (Members)

    Yes I we right where she is coming in. We are just north of Wilmington and south of morehead city. But we are good! Even thought it is not over still breathing bit better not a cat 4.
  15. Lissa Hall

    Box for My Uncle Finished

    It is always one thing to give a woodwork piece to someone who does not do woodworking but to give it to a master craftsman is a very nervous thing... But he loved it and we discussed how it was made etc. he was very happy! And only had one critique and it was very helpful. I have no problems taking advice from him and learning. The critique was this. When you have to do filler go with the darker wood color rather than light wood color. That was it. But from what I understand he is showing it off to everyone and that means millions to me.

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