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  1. I guess I have studying to do. I have no idea what you just said.
  2. Is there such thing as flat poly?
  3. Hello All, Let me start by saying I am not here to start a debate about politics, religion or motor oils I just don't know where to begin with final finishes. I have made a very simple floating shelf out of oak. I finally got it stained to the color/depth I like. I am not a big fan of oak or shiny finishes but "it matches the bathroom cabinets" my wife tells me. I am curious what my options are for finishing this product and stand up in a bathroom environment (steamy showers). I'd prefer satin if not flat finish. Does stain have to be top-coated? Would a linseed or tong oil be appropriate (I read the blog referenced on here about the difference)? Is flat poly a thing (I read the reference on here about not using sanding sealer with poly)? Can a wax be used as a top coat or should it in a bathroom? Does it matter that I used oil stain? Thank you, Fred
  4. All, I have been watching table saw improvements on YouTube all day (I got sucked in). I just discovered that the Vega Pros have micro adjusters. Seems like a very nice feature especially when I find myself trying to shave things all the time. As @Grandpadave52 suggested, I have been on craigslist looking for a throw away that might have a better fence system. Fred
  5. Hello all, I have an inherited Craftsman 113 from my Grandpa, to my dad and now mine. I have restored and it works pretty great for my weekend adventures. This past week I have finally gotten fed up with stock rip fence and I am wondering what your opinions are for the Delta T3 rip fence as a replacement. Thank you.
  6. I am a generalized web programmer for several non-profits so the only thing I can be sure of is that it was Windows 10. This morning I tried it in the test area on Chrome and it worked. Lord knows which browser I could be in. I use them all for testing on my other sites. My workhorse is Chrome
  7. I will have to try that out. I thought I did just that in another post on here but it just showed the link in the reply. More to learn I guess.
  8. Ron, go look at @John Morris original post here. In the original post here, it appears he inserted a quote from a completely different post. Even if I go to one of my old post, I do not see how to bring it here to be quoted. I can copy a link over here. I know this probably needs to be moved to the tutorial section but John's original post is serving as an example of the question.
  9. I know how to use the quote button, evidenced here. However, it looks like they might have been quoting something from a completely different post. How do you do that?
  10. How did you guys get the header for other posts embedded in your post?
  11. I continued working on organizing and arranging http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/18954-continuing-to-organize/
  12. @knotscott, Thanks for the recommendations but that is a bit too formal for what I am after.
  13. Here snipe snipe snipe, come on snipe snipe snip
  14. I suppose I could half-lap the butt joints. I also kind of like the breadboard end treatment. I suppose if I made tongue and groove joints the butt end joints wouldn't matter much at all other than possible shrinkage. When done the top will be gloss black poly to match the other office furniture.
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