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  1. Here is the work in progress. It is so heavy now that my wife cannot help me move it around again. The installed drawers is the front of the unit and will be directly below the table saw. The there is a dust shelf between the two drawers. The upper one just rides on the dust shelf and fits the opening just snug. It will be used to capture the saw dust out of the bottom of the saw. The bottom drawer is on full extension ball bearing slides. It will the odd-n-ins for the table saw. I will post more later as it comes along. I am off for the holidays so I hope to get it done.
  2. @BillyJack so I am not too far off. I figure cutting the dado will give me some practice. I over build most everything so I will certainly glue and screw things. This drawer will hold odds and ends. I have bigger drawers that will hold my routers. I am just checking in as I learn.
  3. Hello all. I am curious if there are some basic drawer box standards such as if so big, use 1/2 if bigger use 3/4 for the boxes. What to use for the bottoms. All the good stuff.
  4. @p_toad that is a great idea for resources. My saw already has angle iron on the front and back. I'm trying to figure out how to support the back side of the out feed table.
  5. @Gerald my DC plan is to let the big stuff fall into the top drawer of the cart and connect the DC to the box that surrounds the motor. My DC is a shop vacuum connected to a cyclone.
  6. @Woodbutcherbynight I certainly appreciate your input. Thinks I need to think about. I know there is a bunch of "wasted" space but things seem to be getting too heavy. The short wing wasted space is ok, it will fit better into the corner of my garage. I can tuck that wing over the wood stack in the corner and get it out of the way. You are correct on the long wing where I want to put the router. It is supported front and back by angle iron, but I am worried about dipping in the middle as the router hangs there. I was planning on a honeycomb support once I knew where my router insert was in place. The out feed table support is killing me right now. I am thinking about angle iron but I am not sure how to support it yet. The wheels are actually swiveling and locking. They are what I am using now. They lock both in the wheel and the swivel so it is super stable. I can get sporting trying to cut down a full sheet of plywood without help. The cart and saw start scooting around. I usually cut things down with my circular saw first. As far a stool storage on the front side there is a normal drawer as well as a vertical drawer. The normal drawer is for this-n-that for the saw. The vertical drawer is for the inserts, blades and wrench. I don't use my miter gauge much at all. I have a crosscut sled that I use the most of all. I also have a crosscut sled for angles. I think about constructing a hollow door type of out feed table with half inch on top and hardboard on the bottom with hardboard honeycomb. Just one thought. The out feed table has to be easily removed to get to the motor. It will come to me, I am sure.
  7. @Gene Howe I thought Paul had a fancy wood handle jobber. Regardless it looks like I am not too different from what you and @Woodbutcherbynight are using.
  8. Where does one get one of these magical mystical marking knives? I have seen others use them but I cannot find a real one so I use a box cutter most of the time.
  9. Well things got to be too big for what I could do so I down sized although @Woodbutcherbynight pictures were a huge help in figuring out how to box in the motor nicely. For @Michael Thuman concern about motor heat and airflow, I suspect the DC connected outboard of the motor will pull enough air over the motor to keep it comfortable.
  10. I understand that. We use the saw dust for dry sweep when we need it.
  11. @Gerald my DC plan is to let the big stuff fall into the top drawer of the cart and connect the DC to the box that surrounds the motor. My DC is a shop vacuum connected to a cyclone.
  12. I am rolling around the garage. Smooth concrete. My current table saw cart is on wheels along with my workbench and wood/scrap bin. I like the neoprene because they are so smooth.
  13. Thanks for all of the input and continued input. I have updated my drawings and would like to further comment. It is not a finished drawing because I have to figure out what I am going to do with the router portion of the table top nor and I certain how I am going to support the out feed table. Additionally, I want to box in the motor for dust collection purposes but I don't know how I want to do it because it and the out feed top will have to be removable to get to the motor. So far I have my table saw tools and inserts accounted for in drawers and the slide out board. On the router end I desire to put drawers to hold bits and such.
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