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  1. I could not believe my father asked me how much it would coast. I was almost insulted. I told him really, I'm proud you asked me.
  2. Shadow box for veterans of WWll sub vets of New Paltz NY. A Wreath as gift from a member of parliament presented to the U.S. submarine veterans of WWll. My father is a member and asked me if I could do this for them and could not be happier to do so. My father started off on the old diesel subs then went to the nuclear subs later and made it to chief missal tech and retired after 20 plus years. He also was sent to Great Britain to help train with nuclear tech.
  3. WOW, those tables are stunning. Absolutely beautiful and very well done.
  4. That is very well built and should last for years. I'm sure he will have a lot of fun with that little bench. I like the way it can be taken apart, nice job.
  5. Thank you John. A remark from you like that I appreciate very much. Also it is very nice to be around again, sorry I've been gone so long. Working on a business plan to get a grant to jump start my wood working business. I know I still have much to learn. Still watching videos and do trial and error but I feel I'm getting there. Still self taught and moving forward.
  6. Took some time and yes plenty of light butt not to much. The room is located on the north side of the house so the sun does not stream onto the room and blind you. Thanks again Lew hope you've been well and keeping busy like me.
  7. Beautiful job John. Can not say much more than that.
  8. charles schmitz


    Very nice little chair. looks comfy and has interesting look and lines.
  9. Thank you Lew. I'm glad you like them. My friend Russ is bringing me a load of rough saw white oak and I'm also making him a coffee table from the live edge cherry also. When I get done I will post pictures of that also. Just got done putting the apron together yesterday. The legs will be made from the scabs from when the log was canted. Hope you like that as well. Nice hearing from you. Charles aka wood chuck wood working
  10. 2 small lap top tables or end tables I made for a close friend that has brought me a lot or rough sawn cherry. They are solid cherry with 1/4 sawn cherry center panels. Tungoil oil finish the tops also have 2 coats of wipe on poly for added protection. The small kitchen table is made of live edge cherry. The top is only 48 inches long and is 25 1/2 inches at its widest point and 30 inches tall. Again tungoil followed by 2 coats of wipe on poly. Took a bit of looking through my stock to find the right looking pcs for the leg shape I wanted.
  11. Trimmed out new family room with self made trim made from pine and live edge cherry behind woodstove.
  12. Hello to all .

      Sorry I have not been around much as I have been in the middle of a big home project. This has been quite difficult for me because of my back injury. I want to do so much more but when I try I pay dearly for it. My son has had to do most of the work , however he has never done any construction type of work. So I have to play teacher and jump in at times to show him something I may have forgot to tell him about. Point is it has been quite frustrating for me as I would do the entire thing myself. Soon I will add pictures of what was a screened

    back porch and is now going to be a family room.

       The worst part of the job was the previous owner of the house built the screened porch and , I found he or they had no idea what square or plum was, or safe or proper framing was. If I was to tell you all the problems we ran into I would be writing a book , LOL.  So it has been very interesting and challenging to say the least. I have to give my son an A+ for his work and his hang in there spirit. Soon I will post pictures of how far we have gotten so far.



                                                                                                                              Thanks for reminding me to stay in touch with a great bunch.

                                                                                                                     Charlie Schmitz from Wood Chuck Wood Working.


  13. A very well taken care of old treasure, Beautiful old house.
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