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  1. Thank you John Morris for mentioning me and all that everyone has done to help me out!!!
  2. I moved to Columbia Mo , now my shop is in my basement/ under 2 car garage and my shop dimensions are: 1st Room 17 FT 10 IN Wide 17 FT 4 IN Long Staircase Closet 4 FT 1 1/2 IN Wide 7 FT 6 IN Long 103 Inches Tall (8 FT 7 Inches) 2nd Room 20 FT 8 Inches Wide 20 FT 8 Inches Long 105 1/2 inches Tall (8 FT 9 1/2 Inches)
  3. Forgot about doing this the other day. Did it last winter with mainly scraps I had laying around my shop. Only thing I actually bought for especially for it was the gray paint.
  4. Not yet on business side. Hopefully soon. Still having surgeries and other things going on. Getting ready to go back to Hines in February for a month for refresher course. Then in next few months I’ll start the fun of surgeries to hopefully implant teeth back in my mouth. It’s kind of argument between doctors one it can be done other says no. I say let’s stop arguing and find out. And I’m going sling again in March at Winter Sports Clinic in Colorado. Other than that just going back forth to doctors and spending time with my soon to be teenage daughter.
  5. I looked up on internet said you can purchase them though the National Federation for the Blind online store. website is https://www.nfb.org/programs-services/independence-Shop Email is independencemarket@nfb.org Phone is410-659-9314 ext 2216 But I receive mine though the VA and have never purchased one on my own. Hopefully this information helps you all. Mark Wilson
  6. Happy Birthday Mark!

  7. Court land I live in a small town of 2900. My mom lives with me at the time. I have 10% vision left in my right eye only. The rest of my family have their lives going on. My brothers have kids they wanna have me watch all the time . So I think after all my surgeries I'm going to move to somewhere further away . My mom will probably come with me because she is worrisome. But eventually she get her own place. Not that I don't enjoy having my other family around but I'm not a free baby sitter. I just want to do some woodworking in my own shop at my own pace and enjoy what I do. I've been thinking Cape Coral Florida because it's near ft Myers. It supposedly a good va but I'll have to do some more research. I thought about Colorado but the prices of wood their is really high. So I'm still looking around but it will be 1 or 2 years or so until my surgeries are complete from my injury.
  8. Ron I may be able to make it 20 inches but it will be a tight squeeze though one doorway. I also may make a little site as well. We we thinking about Cape Coral Florda or somwhere abouts . May just end up being somewhere else in a larger city in Missouri but I'm pushing for elsewhere.
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