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  1. Christopher That is a beautifull old machine. My advice is to show this to the guys on OWWM. You will get all the Crescent information available on that site. Just google OWWM. Go to OWWM.org. Â Theo
  2. That lathe is Beautiful! Hope mine will be half that good looking. Theo
  3. Here are some off them. I will upload some more. Theo
  4. Thanks Richard. I will try to upload some pictures of the other machines.
  5. Hi Gents I am an amateur woodworker. I love the old machines. In South Africa woodworking machines are really expensive so I started buying old ones and restoring them. At first I refurbished a few old eastern machines and then got to know the old European machines that is definitely of a much better quality. The furniture industry in South Africa moved from solid wood to MDF board over the past three decades. A lot of the older machines became available in the market, especially Wadkin machines. The bandsaw is a Rapid from Italy. The spindle shaper is a Fromia from Germany. B
  6. "Back From The Archives" Good day gents. Please forgive me if I have some problems understanding how this works. I am new here although I have been involved with OWWM for three years.
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