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Larry Jenkins

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  1. Larry Jenkins

    Missing Member

    Thank you, John.. Somewhere in the old posts of yours are my old articles. I posted all I had back then. Maybe you can resurrect them and repost them. Would be nice to see the now outdated thinking back then.. Do like the "nylons" part.. Larry
  2. Larry Jenkins

    Missing Member

    Found a way to copy an article from my old XP to my new WIN 10 by emailing it. Now, if someone could tell me in simple terms an old fart can understand, how can I send the email to here? Copy and paste doesn't work because my WIN 10 won't copy such a long article. Will turn only about half blue because of it's length. (copy.) Larry
  3. Larry Jenkins

    Missing Member

    Sorry, Tom.. I fully realize my writing talents are far from the norm on this Forum. Mine are just words describing how I used to do things, which are probably archaic by today's standards. I'll start in a few days.. Got a "honey do" to wrap up first.. Larry
  4. Larry Jenkins

    Missing Member

    All my older articles were written and stored on my second confuser, an XP which is getting old. Like me. All my over 100 home designs are on there too, using a Windows 95 Canvas draw program. I will probably have to rewrite them on this Forum, as I have no clue how to transfer my old articles to WIN 10. Larry
  5. Larry Jenkins

    Missing Member

    Thanks for all the kind words. If you might indulge me, I can re-post some woodworking articles I have written while making chips.. Older ones that have probably been outdated by now, but perhaps a flavor of back then.. Larry
  6. Larry Jenkins

    Missing Member

    Amazing how responses like these makes one humble. Many thanks to ALL of you who wondered where old Dad was. Yes, it's 65 years.. not 75. See how growing old makes your fingers fatter? A little recent history for those who will indulge me.. Before I was a woodworker, I restored two Model As. Decided a few years ago I wanted to do one more Model A. Long story short, my shop is in the lower level of our house. As much as I tried to isolate the dirt and very old "fumes," the smells and bad stuff permeated to the upper level of the house. Mt wife Jane, my Bride of 65 years, has COPD and now on nocturnal oxygen. Due to the nasty stuff, I sold the Model A. Thanks to Al Berube for his tenacity in locating me and my identity. And. thanks to ALL of you once again for caring.. Larry Jenkins larry.jenkins@outlook.com
  7. Larry Jenkins

    Niagara ship model photos

    Absolutely fantastic, Al.. Way beyond my capabilities. Don't give up. Ever.. I like the glass enclosure idea. Keep posting images as you go. We like progress status images. Larry
  8. Larry Jenkins

    Windows Vista

    I got a white and black RS Coco..
  9. Larry Jenkins

    Windows Vista

    Sorry John1. Read it the wrong way. Didn't know your intent. Larry Jenkins
  10. Larry Jenkins

    Windows Vista

    WIN 10 and XP are not even in the same world. Win 10 is not user friendly anymore. Question still stands.. Any way to improve XP? In simple terms an 86 year old can understand? Thank you! Larry Jenkins
  11. Larry Jenkins

    Wednesday Fast Finds

    Al.. I have a very old large steel square. 2' x 3'. (Maybe smaller.. Too lazy to look.) Besides a fine power wire wheel, what do you use to make 'em shiny again? Larry Jenkins (Niagara?)
  12. Larry Jenkins

    Windows Vista

    No.. But I still use XP for all my Home design drawings. Wish there were a way to speed it up. I also have WIN 10. Any suggestions to improve XP most welcome. Larry Jenkins
  13. Larry Jenkins

    Discovered this quite by accident today..

    I live in the dark age.
  14. I made two new glass covers from Red Oak scrap today. I thought I had some 150 sandpaper to smooth out the surface. Could not find any. Here's the discovery.. I an redoing a half bath and went to the store and bought some of the screen that is used on a pole to sand drywall mud. Why not? Picked up a piece of the sanding screen and used it to finish sand the lids. I was amazed at how easy the screen cut and how smooth the surface was. Holey, so easy to clean. Try it! Larry Jenkins
  15. Larry Jenkins

    Woodworker II saw blade

    Over a hundred busks a pop. Had one sharpened by them a long time ago. Nice job.

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