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  1. John1.. Larry Jenkins here. Ever build that cabin? I still have the original plans and the revisions on my Canvas draw program.
  2. That's nice. Would like to see the video.. Wine is so good for old farts.. Larry
  3. Because you asked.. Many of you know I design houses. I am building a 1/2" = 1 foot model of my latest one. Over 3000 square feet, but quite unusual. it's a home with a captive inner yard that opens to the sky. There is a 5 foot perimeter inside hallway all around the outside area. I'm making it out of Balsa wood. Had to make many jigs to ensure parts are consistent. Will try to post images when I get it done. Not bad for an 87 year old fart.. Larry
  4. Both. I bought the Niagara kit and soon discovered that it was a little over my head. Sold the started kit to Al Berube. He has brought it along very nicely. Email him on this site. Larry
  5. Happy Birthday ol timer! Hope you had a great day Larry!

  6. Absolutely fantastic, Al.. Way beyond my capabilities. Don't give up. Ever.. I like the glass enclosure idea. Keep posting images as you go. We like progress status images. Larry
  7. Sorry John1. Read it the wrong way. Didn't know your intent. Larry Jenkins
  8. WIN 10 and XP are not even in the same world. Win 10 is not user friendly anymore. Question still stands.. Any way to improve XP? In simple terms an 86 year old can understand? Thank you! Larry Jenkins
  9. Al.. I have a very old large steel square. 2' x 3'. (Maybe smaller.. Too lazy to look.) Besides a fine power wire wheel, what do you use to make 'em shiny again? Larry Jenkins (Niagara?)
  10. No.. But I still use XP for all my Home design drawings. Wish there were a way to speed it up. I also have WIN 10. Any suggestions to improve XP most welcome. Larry Jenkins
  11. I made two new glass covers from Red Oak scrap today. I thought I had some 150 sandpaper to smooth out the surface. Could not find any. Here's the discovery.. I an redoing a half bath and went to the store and bought some of the screen that is used on a pole to sand drywall mud. Why not? Picked up a piece of the sanding screen and used it to finish sand the lids. I was amazed at how easy the screen cut and how smooth the surface was. Holey, so easy to clean. Try it! Larry Jenkins
  12. Over a hundred busks a pop. Had one sharpened by them a long time ago. Nice job.
  13. Larry Jenkins


    Carnauba wax is the hardest organic wax known to man. It grows as a powder on the leaves of the Carnauba tress in Brazil. It is then processed into 100% Carnauba wax, both paste and liquid, known for it's deep shine and longevity. TreWax manufactures probably the finest grade known. That is all I use while "finishing the finish." No, I did not open the long link above. Larry Jenkins
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