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  1. Dragon! Do a search for the Tennessee "Tail of the Dragon" Bunch of us Son's of Liberty riders are burning it up. Modern day patriotic cowboy's, or guys who refuse to grow up.
  2. That would do nicely, very much appreciated. Now just to get that on Plexiglas. Who's the captain btw?
  3. This is the style I'm thinking of, price isn't bad but I'd rather make it. http://www.amazon.com/The-Bullzeye-Woodturners-Center-Finder/dp/B004TK0JOO/ref=sr_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1403913637&sr=8-23&keywords=center+finder
  4. You know it. I'd rather lean toward something that isn't adjustable, my smaller one from Germany is a tri-square with a rule in the center, they're attached and do not move, but that design doesn't work well on odd shapes.
  5. Salutations Gents, I'm thinking of making a 12" center finder from Plexiglas. I've got a smaller one that came with one of my lathes, works great, nice German engineering. What I've been doing for years is using measuring tools and a rule. What I'd like to create is something that works great on irregularly shaped tree parts. Say for example egg shaped Holly, where I want to find the best center overall. Any tips before I build one on my own thoughts? Concept: Thinking of just scribing circles out from the center at intervals then ink them in. Then I'll just hold it over the end grain and with a tiny hole in the center I'll pop an impression. Thanks
  6. Back in the 70's, during High School, we had to watch the Saw kickback video several times. That being said, I have always kept out of the aim.
  7. It's Red Oak bro. Remember ever hearing you can make a straw and drink through it? The end grain never changes and always has the ability to do this.
  8. Salute from Tennessee. My background is in Electronics, used to create things for the U.S. Military and FoMoCo but now I hide in an underground workshop where I enjoy doing things by hand. Blessed with a lovely Brazilian wife and three marvelous children. God's blessings
  9. They are moving to more than one Youtube channel, the recycling of videos our tax dollars already paid for is kind of upsetting and I've already contacted some of the woodworking sites that are doing this, i.e. Roy's public vids.
  10. John Heitz, sp, has a video on YouTube on how he makes them with wood, and they appear to work great.
  11. Have you seen HF carries the bits for under $20? You could build one of these with an old press, some leaf springs and a new bit.
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