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  1. I agree Al, it may seem that way, but we have a history here, every time this subject comes up, my friend Woodie makes that exact same statement into the topic, and it's getting old. We all know how Woodie feels about new planes, and we are just simply a couple guys trying to discuss the differences between a bronze and iron plane, the topic is not about if older planes are better or if newer planes are a waste of money, Woodies post is his opinion, but Woodie inserted his criticism into the wrong topic. Honestly I don't understand why anyone would deride a man for spending his own money how he see's fit. Are we going to tell a man that he wasted his money buying his 2019 Pickup Truck when after all he should of purchased that 1972 Pickup Truck, because it does the same thing, it'll get you from point A to point B, that man must of purchased that 2019 for bragging rights, since he spent so much money on it. If I seemed defensive I apologize to all and to Woodie especially, it was not my intention to sound so gruff, Woodie is a wonderful contributor to our community, Woodie made his point on this subject in the past, and now it's time to just lets folks enjoy their new tool purchase topics for the decision making process, that's all.
  2. ouch!
  3. I guess there really isn't a reason to purchase a new table saw, ever, because the table saws made 80 yrs ago are just as good, after all, it's only a motor with an arbor that holds a blade, why spend all that money on a new one? Heck, why would anyone buy anything new, ever.
  4. I like it Gene. Hey, if it works, and good for mother earth, that's 100% as far as I'm concerned!
  5. They are most certainly safe, "cloudfare" will disappear shortly, it's related to software we don't use anymore, but it's just lingering is all.
  6. Woodie, every time this subject pops up you show up with the same statement, we been down this road with you at least 2 or three times. We get it, you don't like the new planes, ok, you made your point, here, again. We enjoy our new planes, they are not expensive, we been down that road too, taking inflation into account, I did the numbers for you in a similar topic, the cost of a new plane today, is almost down to the penny the same as a new plane cost in the late 1800's and early 1900's. This topic is about a couple guys who are chatting about their hand planes, that they enjoy, and yes they are new. Bragging? Who is bragging, show me an example of where anyone on this board, period, is bragging about their new hand plane? Thanks Woodie
  7. Man gunny, those are a pain, literally! Do they work relatively well?
  8. What a bear Steve, so I am guessing it was a cortisone shot? With the big long needle. My wife had to get that done now and then, in her hand, and a few years ago her neck was really bad and they stuck that long needle in her neck, she was a champ! I squirmed. I hope your feeling better Steve, you got a ton of miles on those stumps ground pounder!
  9. Thanks @Jim from Easy Wood Tools, I also submitted the event in our calendar. And you can view the event at the right column of our Forums page under upcoming events.
  10. until
  11. And a beautiful aesthetic they are!
  12. Nice hatchet work Aaron, after the refinish, what do you use them for? Bushmastering, carving, general work? Beautiful hatchets.
  13. Most definitely, it's mainly innocent ignorance on the new users part, I like well tuned older Stanley's Gerald, they hum along just fine. At this point though they feel really light to me after using the LN or Veritas, when I pick up a Stanley and run it across a board, the dang thing nearly flies out of my hands!
  14. For marquetry I have read it's a must Gene, you can use the liquid as well. The liquid hide glue and pot glue is pretty much the same glue, but the glue that is brought out of the pot just takes a few times and experience to get the right dilution for the open time you desire. The open time can be from a couple minutes, basically undiluted, and several hours to infinite depending on how diluted. One of the wonderful things about liquid hide or pot glue from what I have read, is that they are reversible, you screw up, you just heat up the joint, or the veneer, and you can separate it. I guess perhaps the attraction of the liquid hide, besides not having to invest in a glue pot, would be that it's a consistent mix, with consistent results. Someone like your highly talented marquetry man would not need to worry about that, cuz they got it down pretty good I would imagine. I would imagine you can use it for anything you want (not exterior though), just keep in mind that it is a bit slippery, it acts a lubricant from what I read, so if you were trying to glue two boards together, face to face, that may be a bit crazy. Seems like the glue excels at joinery and marquetry.
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