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  1. It is with deep regret to say that our friend Ralph Jones has passed away. His grand daughter contacted me with the news. We will update this sad news as the information becomes available. We love ya Ralph! Obituary for Ralph A Jones | Eberle Fisher Funeral Home & Crematory WWW.EBERLEFISHERFUNERALHOME.COM Obituary for Ralph A Jones | JONES Ralph Allen Jones, 85, of London, Ohio went home to the waiting arms of the Lord and...
  2. Thanks Lew, another important feature that is hard to find on scanner software that Naps2 has, is OCR, the ability to on the fly turn PDF text into readable and editable text that I can copy and paste into a wiki page. Our current project at: Wiki | The American Woods Project THEPATRIOTWOODWIKI.ORG Wiki Every page of that project I have scanned from one book, and copy pasted the contents of the scan to a wiki page, all because of the OCR feature in Naps2. I just started a page this morning for Quaking Aspen:
  3. This is the version I downloaded late last night, in desperation, I thought I'd give it another try and see if anything changed in the last year, between Win upgrades and Naps, perhaps they jive now?
  4. It works Lew, but it is very lacking in features. It's very basic.
  5. My use is, scanning docs to Pdf, text, image, then have the editing capabilities to fix skew, rotate, flip, crop, adjust color, save as a book, or single docs. I need this for our Patriot Woodwiki, the project has been at a standstill because my favorite scanning software NAPS2 conflicted with Windows 10 and completely slowed down the entire OS just by having it installed. It's been a year since I've added to our wiki. I have tried a few "Open Source" projects and they seem fine at first, but when it gets down to using the features I need, they direct me to purchase a pro edition,
  6. Thanks Steven, my HP Envy did too but it's lacking in the features I need.
  7. Does anyone have any experience with open source windows scanning software? If so, which one do you use? Thanks!
  8. Understanding your question I think DanL, if you are going to add another box at the patio, feeding off your main, then you are concerned about the extra load the additional box may draw? It might not be as easy as "if it aint broke don't fix it " all due respect Jess. But the man is asking if he should upgrade the old wires to accommodate the additional box in the patio, I am not an electrician, but I just wanted to get your question cleared up so when a legit sparky @Artie gets on here, we can be clear. Thanks for posting DanL!
  9. Now I like that terminology, wooden nails! Cool Andrew, I got a new one now.
  10. Nice work Paul! And so sorry about your wife! That sucks! Got a question, would you be against putting cleats below each step in addition to the dowels? The cleats would not be seen unless you got down there looked under each step. I just see if you get some good weight on those steps, you may be looking at splitting at the ends unless you have some support underneath? I don't know, perhaps this is common on boats, that type of joinery.
  11. This cabinet is not mine, I found it on the Shopsmith Facebook Group page, a gent by the name of James P. Wright built this for his, I just wanted to share it because I thought it was a really nice example of a storage cabinet for our SS supplies and tools. Perhaps it'll lend a little inspiration too when you go to build your under storage cabinet. Enjoy!
  12. A wonderful blade IMHO, Forest has a good solid market following, but I think they are overpriced.
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