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  1. Also because of the height of the tape off the surface with the red one, the hook would come off the edge frequently, very frequently.
  2. I had a tape similar to that Milwakee, "Had" is the operative word here, I round filed it a month later (threw it in the can). What I hated about it, was that the metal hook sat flush with the bottom of the housing, as you see in the Milwaukee, the hooks position means you have to pull the tape out each time to use it, meaning you must have two hands to use this tape. I know it sounds trivial, but I like to just set my tape on the surface, let the hook rest over the edge and pull it back, it's a one hand operation like that,as it is with the Stanley below. I guess the red tape design is supposed to protect the hook perhaps? Because after long use, the Stanley hook can start to bend back. But I'd rather purchase a Stanley now and then with the convenience of the exposed hook, rather than purchase the red tape that pisses me off all the time. Just my own little gripe about the red tape and others like it, other users may not care.
  3. Reading Geralds blog on photography got me onto this. Although Gerald is able to use household items and rolled paper to create fantastic images, I opted to purchase a kit, I'm lazy like that.
  4. Taking pictures of my work, hopefully nice professional pictures. Here is what I ordered from Amazon Gunny. Brand new they are 129 bucks, I purchased a used one from Amazon, used meaning the box is damaged and returned, I pulled the trigger for 66 bucks. I hope to learn how to use this and take pro images of my chairs and other items, so I can eventually have a nice inventory of work images, and put them on a website for sale. My best laid plans, though. Last about as long as a battlefield plan, 3.5 seconds.
  5. Now I get to purchase a photography lighting kit! And some material for a pole lathe and a shave horse! Yipeee!
  6. Gerald, CFL is a good thing?
  7. I guess after looking at the two closer, one had a boom light, and the other does not. So I would guess the boom light would be advantageous in some scenarios? Both the same price, so why not I guess.
  8. Gerald, I am coming back to this now, man time sure does fly, but I need to start photographing my work before it leaves my home to other hands. Starting with my latest chair project. You had mentioned the UL9004 as a good kit for me. Can you please back track to this link and tell me which UL9004? There are a couple of them. UL9004 Kits Thanks so much Gerald.
  9. Now that's a good one Kevin. Could a diamond it the tool suggest also a tool for working on stones? I am going to move this to the "Member What's It" forum, thanks for the entry Kevin!
  10. Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker Dexter!

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