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  1. Just came upon this topic from years ago as I was purging our forums. She's still our hero in our home. And the Taliban are coming back today.
  2. This last week is full of many symbolical events for our family. This morning we are about ready to head out to the last Sunday Mass as a whole family before she ships out. She his leaving our town early Sunday morning next week, so today is our last Mass, I know we may be getting overly sentimental through all of this, but hey, mama and dad just can't help ourselves.
  3. Correct, just click once, and the program is active.
  4. toolbar or taskbar? I put mine on the taskbar, the bar that appears at the bottom in Windows.
  5. Duh, thanks Gene! But, what about if I needed to use a dado set, do they sell arbors for that too?
  6. That was a very meaningful encouraging statement Gunny, whether you meant it or not, I took peace in what you just stated. Thanks man.
  7. Just did a little search for a 5/8" Shopsmith arbor adaptor, they have them but not for dado sets, only single blade set ups. Hmmmm
  8. That is very frustrating to see as well. Contacted Shopsmith a year ago and asked them bout that, they stated their website was going to go through a revamp and they are going to have a new and improved web viewer experience up and running shortly, as you know, it has not happened yet.
  9. @Larry Buskirk, is that flat cut out of the wheel the balancing act?
  10. Larry, the three knife sets make more sense to me, that one knife system, man, just seems awkward.
  11. Actually, the "score" terminology came from the original tipster, I would have used "scribe", in my mind score is to break surface, to scribe is to use a marking pen or pencil. Here we go again, tenon or tendon?
  12. Just seems like one cutter flying around at high rpm is a disaster waiting. Seems material could kick back easily or? I don't know. If I do test it out, I'll wear a Kevlar helmet, goggles and use a 24" push-stick.
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