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Frame & Panel Project
Something a bit different....as a way to use up a pile of scraps?
One such pile.  Have already sliced a couple of these scraps.    I don't think the old 1/2" bandsaw blade will be of much use...

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Command Chief Stripes Plaque
I had a request to make a plaque for a Command Chief and this is what we came up with, an unsteamed Walnut and Maple plaque.  It's pretty large, actually, so I included a shot of it by the guitar I just finished.  The plaque is about 12" x 21" and the Maple inlays are about 1/8" thick.  The finish is Nitrocellulose lacquer.
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Vintage 9 Inch South Bend Lathe
My late uncle had a lot of woodworking and metal working tools.  He knew I had most of the woodworking and his would be duplicates, but while in hospice, he asked if i would please keep his lathe - that was his pride and joy.  The things he could do with that thing were unbelievable.
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1st Acoustic Guitar Build
Ok, I've mentioned this many times and it's finally to a point where I can post photos.  Over the last 30 years or so I have replaced tops, backs, done fret jobs, inlay, glued braces and lining, refinished, made bridges, saddles, and nuts, replaced tuners, and all kinds of repairs, etc. but this is the first guitar I've built from scratch. 
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Hand Tools - Use 'Em
Hi, new to this forum.
Have been working on restoring hand tools and developing skills for a couple of years. Thought you might be interested in a project from last year. These Eleven Grooved Boxes are made, with the exception of preparing the original stock, entirely with hand tools. A big Stanley miter box, planes 4, 5 1/4, 18, two 45s, and a round side 606. Love them all.
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Patriot Woodworker 2018 Community Raffle Fundraiser (Winners Announced)
We are pleased to bring you another great opportunity as presented by our sponsors, and friends at Woodcraft Supply, Easy Wood Tools, and Laguna Tools. We are having a raffle! Presented to you are 4 wonderful prizes donated by our sponsors for the purpose of raising funds for our woodworking community.
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More Old Tools
I posted some of these over on Tool Talk, but thought i might share them here, too.   A few old Kennedy tool boxes and some tools that are currently hiding in them.   Yes, that's a drawknife in the one with the various hammers.   the rules are for scale.   The inside micrometer was in the first box i ever got which had been left in a house we moved into.
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Thirteen Folds of Our Flag
This is what the thirteen folds of a properly folded United States of America Flag stand for. 
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Cutting Dowels in Bulk
I recently made a thread cabinet for a sewing friend of mine.  The spools were to be placed over dowels to keep the thread spools in order.  I needed 168 four inch dowels.  Decided I need 20 four foot dowels to come up with the number needed.  Couldn't see myself making 168 cuts so I came up with a plan to wrap them all together with some plastic stretch wrap and give that a whirl.  Marked off the a dowel every four inches and wrapped the dowels together in between the marks stretching the plastic nice and tight and put them through the table saw.  Worked nicely.  Got them all cut quickly and smoothly.

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Multi Layer Dye
Though I would give a step by step on the dye for this platter. Turn the platter back and finish. Reverse and turn the rim leaving center. Now for the dye use dark color or black and sand that back.
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Box for My Uncle Finished
The box for my uncle is completed. I used tung oil as the finish. 
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Bradford Pear Platter
Beginning on a piece of Bradford pear I almost waited too long. This is a crotch piece so in addition to nice grain has feather . The got natural edge also. My be doing Clewes style dye on the rim.

What do you think?
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Laser Engraver Pieces
Most of my work is highlighted by my laser engraver work, I am selling items like this so I can earn the capital to buy more tools to do fancier stuff.  
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Use for Scraps.
That are too big for the burn pile?   Got three 2 x 10 x 18" scraps.....will try to build a plant stand of some sort out of them.   Will take quite a bit of resaw/rip cutting...we'll see
Single Brain Cell Sketch Up is right now working on the details......waiting on the results.    One of the three will get made into a set of legs.....may be a bit different style than the last batch.....other two MAY be a glue up....maybe.  
Stay tuned.....
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Old Tools
Picked most of these up a long time ago and just took some pictures to share.
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Intarsia - Judy Gale Roberts' Studio
My wife and I found ourselves in Tennessee, so I had to visit Judy Gale Roberts’ studio in Seymour, TN.  Judy is an Intarsia artesian.  Her work is very beautiful.  Unfortunately, Judy was out of town the day I visited, but her office manager was available to answer many questions.  Judy teaches classes, makes guest appearances, makes commissioned work, and puts out approx. four new patterns a year.  She is looking for ways to be less busy, but the demand for work makes it difficult.  I had a great time seeing her studio.  If you plan to see her studio, leave the RV at home.  The roads are narrow, and the driveway is very steep.  Danl
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Building a Bed Frame
Well, time to draw up a "Plan" of some sort..

Yep, that's it.   Bed is in the next room...involved laying a board on the bed to get heights worked out....checked with the Boss on head board height...Now have the lengths for the sides and the ends..

Needed these...to lay out a few lines on a post..

Ok, need to get 1 foot board post, and one head board post out of this thing..

Stuff like this wasn't included...will be headed towards the FirePit later..

Ditto...laid out a cut line to cut the two posts apart..

Saw kerf sized.   Used a couple other boards to layout for the head board parts..

24" wide?   Not quite..23-7/8" wide.   2x4 will be the top/bottom rail ( bought two).  Once I knew where the bottom rail will be

I could also lay out for the top rail.  "Notch" is just to locate the size of the plywood panel.  

Also laid out where the frame rails will go.  Lay out for this thingy was done...might as well cut  the posts apart...make it easier to layout the other post..
Boss said "NO!" to my cutting the post in place....had to haul it to the shop..

Post was too long to lay ON the bench...laid it across this bench, and rested the end over by the grinder, on it's bench..Took a while, got my Cardio Workout for the morning..

Shorty is for the foot board end...."Jeff" is for the head board end.  Debating on completing all the cuts, then layout the other two, or just lay things out and cut the second set.
Side rails will run past the head and foot boards.   Sliding dovetails to connect all four rails.....then the posts are installed to the outside of the frame...leaves the interior  clear.   Posts will get a few lags to attach them, no glue.  Want as much that can be torn down for any future moves as I can..Head board may stay as a glued up unit..we'll see. 
Well, it is a start....stay tuned...
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Memorial Day, May 28th, 2018
Memorial Day
This is not a day of celebration, this is not a day to say "Happy Memorial Day", as we often see the banners streaming across the door way of a big box store, or your car dealers lot, "Happy Memorial Day!". My friends, there is nothing happy about it. This day is not a happy occasion to celebrate. It is a day of solemn remembrance for those who gave their lives under the banner of our nation. I am taken back by the celebratory mood that surrounds one of the most profound annual holidays in our nations docket of patriotic remembrances. 
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Magnolia Woodturners Inc
Magnolia Woodturners, a Mississippi Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners was chartered July 20, 1996 for individuals interested in woodturning. The primary purpose of the Magnolia Woodturners Inc. is consistent with the fundamental purposes of the American Association of Woodturners, to provide information, education, and organization of those interested in turning wood. In addition, Magnolia Woodturners Inc. purposes are to:
1. Provide a meeting location for woodturners...maps and directions.....
2. Share ideas regarding woodturning, including lathes, tools, turning materials, turning techniques and designing of turned objects
3. Exchange wood and other woodturning materials.
4. Inform members about activities of interest to woodturners.
5. Promote woodturning as an art form and craft.
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Pecan W/ Inlay
Have had the first turn of this bowl on the shelf for 3-4 years and finally getting it done. Got the second turn done on outside and decided to cut a grove and use inlace. Only had a little turcoise so ordered jade. Finished sanding today and went to 3000 with Abralon. This is done nice stuff , it makes the pecan shine.
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I Keep Returning To Mexico!
This wood is just so pretty, it makes me look like I almost know what I am doing.  I am a novice at best but I enjoy it so.....
This is about 3" tall and 5-1/2" wide.
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Hidden latch for rifle display case
I'm building a rifle display case and decided I would incorporate a hidden latch for the door. So I cut the feet, latch, holes, and pocket for the latch on the CNC. Sort of a different project, more just doing a little engineered machining with the most appropriate tool in our shop for that purpose.
So here's a short video of cutting the pocket on the edge of the bottom board -
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Starting To Build A Tea Pot.
Two woods grown here by my wife, Chinese privet, variegated and I thought I was saving some walnut but it turned out to be oak I had stacked there.  
The easiest way to get the log ready for the lathe is first put the log in the Legacy Mill to knock off the bark and kinda get it round then go to the lathe...
   I had to stop and glue up some cracks  was the reason I am doing two at once, let the glue dry on one while I play with the other....
and again, this is what I am shooting for. Don't matter if it will end up close or not, just doing one with some carving and maybe a name?
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Grizzly G0771Z
I finally went and done it. My R4512 finally stopped making good cuts so I got a Grizzly. I am SOOOOOOO impressed with this saw. Came with out a scratch on it. Easy to set up (with help). The hardest part was getting it to my shop. It weighs 300 lbs in the box. Got an appliance dolly and a great big friend to help me move it. Made several cuts with it today. If you are thinking about an up grade, this is a really good deal.
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Greg Pennington builds beautiful Windsors and conducts classes as well.
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