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The Patriot Woodworker 2022 Community Fundraiser
We are pleased to bring you another great opportunity as presented by our sponsors, and friends at Woodcraft Supply and Easy Wood Tools. We are having a fundraiser! Presented to you are 3 wonderful prizes donated by our sponsors for the purpose of raising funds for our woodworking community.
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I got a little shop time yesterday!
So I thought I'd make a little something for our daughter's violin teacher, she has taken it upon herself to give our daughter lessons pro bono, but we could not have that so I told every now and then I'd get something out of the shop for her. We are starting small at first so I can get an idea of her tastes, once I know what she likes in her home (mountain cabin with cedar walls) then we'll get more extravagant.
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How do you sand your work??
Sanding may sound elemental but to get that good finish it is essential part of the process of turning to a finish. The best way to improve your finish is to first learn to turn to a better finish off your tools. This will take time so lets look at what to do till that happens.
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Bradford Pear plate
Curly bradford pear . Curl in BP showed well in this whole log and this one shows that well
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Walnut Bowl
Walnut bowl with an ogee profile with a fillet, about 10" diamter and 1/4" thick.
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Young Patriot Woodworkers, they are not ready to see this one leave our shop. As with any project that takes time, it becomes part of the family, and the kids always hate to see it leave the shop.
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Restoring an old fiddle
As promised within the Use of an Angle & Taper Calculator in everyday woodworking thread, here's the amateur hobbyist play-by-play of restoring an old violin. This old fiddle came to me in its original or so coffin case and promptly fell apart as soon as I removed the chin rest. The first 20-some images chronicle its condition with attention to tool marks.
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This is it with two different looks on the same side. And then the back side looks like a different butterfly but ain't
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Next Bowl after Chicken Bowls
After making the chicken bowls I wanted to add an accent ring to a bowl and not waste my little supply of black walnut so I figured I'd just use my miter gauge to cut some segments and use that to make a circle. However they didnt' fit very well so I glued up 4 segments and hand sanding to get them flat  then glued them into a circle... not ideal.
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Shaker Furniture
Recently I have taken an interest in building Shaker furnishings, I have always loved it, but I am ready to build it.
This album will contain all the furniture I will build in the Shaker style.
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Intersection Box Shelf
Intersection Box Shelf
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making spoons from flooring strips
For someone with few tools. I had some bamboo left from a job and the light and dark is great to carve all areas as the lines is a good guide to go by so it will turn out like a professional might have did the work.
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Promoting green woodworking and all its associated crafts, so that once again the woodlands of the world are nurtured and valued as a source of employment and enjoyment.
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Walnut Rocker Side
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As the Eagle flys.
I just found this photo that I taken in Stockholm, and I'm thinking about carving /gilding this as my next project. There is a lot of undercutting, which will be interesting. Now, to scale this to a reasonable size!
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Alternate shapes for Ringmaster bowls
A lot of people on different forums talk bad about the Ringmaster and how it only makes straight sided, cone shaped bowls from one board. Complex, compound curves can be achieved using multiple boards but that is something I haven't really gotten into. Instead, I like to explore "What would happen if....?".
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Custom oak sign
Guy is restoring a 54 (or 55) GMC pick up.  Sign was for his company, started by his late father.
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Wood Dust and Health
Ran across this Canadian gov article about the hazards of wood dust exposure.  It's very straight forward in the assessment of the hazards. That said, it seems to lean to the side of gloom and doom.  I've always paid more attention to keeping my fingers attached to my hands.
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Charge by Mahendra
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Rob Penn
An interesting blog and self promotional site about a man who loves to bike, and work in green wood.
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Hell Horse/Demonsteed
Working on a hell horse gentleman,
Greek in origin,..the classical trained/educated horners of the time would have been familiar with the symbol. There are around a dozen attributed to 1 single maker,..but multiple period makers had used this symbol on their horns. Meaning is a little up for interpretation but a couple of theories are it represented the death and disease of war,...or the wish to bring death to an enemy type thing.
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Harvard Shaker Community
Harvard Shaker Community
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Workbench Magazine 1962 Jan-Feb Candle Holders
This is a nice little quick project, with a timeless design that still holds today, modernism is seen in these simple candle holders, very cool indeed.
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Hall Bench
I’ve been working on a hall bench my wife asked for.  It’s going to be painted, so I chose to use pine I got from a local sawmill. Made a few mistakes, and did my best to hide them.  Still in the building stage, but here are a couple of photos.  
comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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Workbench Magazine September-October 1967 Picture Frames (Part 1)

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