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The Patriot Woodworker Annual Summer Fundraiser 2022

Winners Announced! Please click on the link above to view the winners drawn.


  • John Morris
    John Morris

    Easy Wood Tools


    Easy Wood Tools manufactures wood turning tools and accessories all right here in The United States of America, it was only natural that a great American owned company like Easy Wood Tools, would team up with a great American woodworking online community such as The Patriot Woodworker's.
    Easy Wood Tools, Made in America, with American Labor, and sold to the world!

    Easy Wood Tools History

    In 2008 Easy Wood Tools began operations in Owensboro, KY as the first manufacturer to offer carbide-tipped woodturning tools. The complicated techniques required when using traditional turning tools and the constant need to sharpen those tools inspired the idea that there must be a better way. Using existing carbide cutters took away much of the frustration of the constant need for sharpening, but they were not designed for woodturning.


    Easy Wood Tools partnered with Total Engineered Products and its owner Chris Caliendo. They were tasked with developing the world’s first carbide insert specifically designed for woodturning. The Genuine EWT carbide inserts have been formulated to combine the perfect grade of carbide, and specialized grinding and sharpening techniques that have never used before.


    Today, the Caliendo family now owns and operates Easy Wood Tools in Lexington Kentucky and carries forward the tradition and commitment of made in U.S.A. craftsmanship and pride in top quality tools. New product development and commitment to quality, Easy Wood Tools offers a full line of turning tools and accessories.1


    Easy Wood Tools is a staunch supporter of our American fighting men and women serving our Armed Forces, and they also have an abundance of compassion, care, and concern for our veterans who have sacrificed much for us. Easy Wood Tools has been with us since the early days of our existence, the founders of this great American Company (Craig and Donna Jackson) were our original contacts for sponsorship of our woodworking community and the projects we perform throughout the year. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson set the foundations between our two entities and started in motion a great relationship that lasts to this day, in partnership with the current owner Chris Caliendo, who took over the company in 2016. The Caliendo's have been instrumental in helping us fundraise for our veterans projects and other activities we perform, and they are always at the ready to jump in and help especially when it comes to a project involving our veterans. Jim Luely, our main contact with Easy Wood Tools is actually a member of The Patriot Woodworker and he jumps in when he can, and shares his own turning adventures with us, and Mr. Luely is our liaison between The Patriot Woodworkers and the very busy Caliendo's. We are very appreciative for the outlay of goods and sponsorship that Easy Wood Tools has provided our community, in order to facilitate and maintain our veterans projects.


    Below is a sample list of just some of our projects in partnership with Easy Wood Tools. EWT either donated tools or supplies to the recipient of our projects, or they donated to The Patriot Woodworker for fund-raising.


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    Easy Wood Tools
    1365 Cahill Drive
    Lexington, Kentucky 40504 USA


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