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Journal of the American Revolution is the brainchild of Reporting the Revolutionary War author Todd Andrlik. It was just a napkin sketch in August 2012 but following a few months of consultation with fellow enthusiast and historian Hugh T. Harrington the website quickly took shape and began publishing content in January 2013. Almost overnight, the online magazine exploded in popularity and historian Don N. Hagist was enlisted to co-edit the publication. In time, more historians — J. L. Bell, Jim Piecuch, and Ray Raphael — were added as associate editors to enhance the leadership and subject matter expertise of the editorial board. Expanding our product line beyond the online magazine, Journal of the American Revolution also produces annual hardcover volumes that give prominence and permanence to our authors’ most resourceful articles of each calendar year. In 2015, a new book series with Westholme Publishing was launched. In December 2017, Westholme’s publisher, Bruce H. Franklin, assumed responsibility for ownership and management of the journal and named Don N. Hagist as managing editor. Katie Turner Getty became the journal’s social media manager. In January 2019, Dispatches: The Podcast of the Journal of the American Revolution, hosted by historian Brady J. Crytzer, debuted and now has tens of thousands of listeners. The journal remains the go-to source for premium content about the American Revolution and Founding eras.

We do not charge for access. Our valued authors donate their time and talents to educate and entertain our readers, who, in return, often leave the thoughtful, engaging and helpful commentary to continue the conversation after each article. Without our authors and readers, the Journal of the American Revolution isn’t possible. Thank you!

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