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A Guild of Contemporary Horn Workers and Collectors

In 1996, Roland Cadle of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, who had long been interested in the historic 18th Century horn trade, conceived the idea of hosting a “Horn Fair” at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA.  The horn fair consisted of a series of seminars and exhibits on the subjects of collecting and making objects from cow horn.  It was such a positive experience for those who attended that eleven workers and collectors met afterwards to form a new organization called the Honourable Company of Horners (HCH).  The founding members decided that the purpose of the organization would be to promote and preserve the knowledge of horn working.  Officers were elected and the members decided to meet each year to hold seminars and conduct business in order to fulfill the mission of the organization.

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HAHA,...yep,....most all of the big names are in that guild. There is for sure a buncha talent there. My buddy Bill has been in it for years,...I think I was a member for a year when I first got introduced to all this but let my membership slide. Most all of their meetings etc,.. are up in Pennsylvania, there really wasn't much I could do with it besides send them $$. 

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12 minutes ago, John Morris said:

That's cool Aaron, thanks for the confirmation regarding the quality of the group. Remember, you can also add links to our directory, feel free! There is a member website category here you can enter you and Bill's website. :)

Oh, for sure the talent in that group is for real,..dem boys iz legit :CowboyPistol:,....have no doubt about that. Some of the best horn makers living are in it. 

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