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Preserving the Heritage of the Kentucky Longrifle

The Kentucky Rifle Foundation’s mission is to preserve the heritage of the Kentucky Rifle thru educational programs and exhibits, museum assistance and the publication of books related to the history and significance of the Kentucky Rifle. This history is multi-dimensional and was intimately involved with the trials and tribulations of this nation’s early settlers




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1 minute ago, John Morris said:

I can't believe how quickly I've accumulated books already, this craft is addictive.


Yes,..addictive,..and Deeeeep. The history on this stuff is simply a mess. From all the different "schools" of the long rifle to the evolution of all the artwork on both them and the horns. To be a really small niche in history chronologically,...this subject matter is JAM PACKED. Guys dissect this stuff 9 ways from Sunday. Stock shapes,..carving,..trigger styles,..lock styles,..regional tendencies,..man it goes on forever. I'm not saying any of this to discourage,..but only putting out there that there are guys that devote their lives literally to the study of it...at least their part of it whatever that may be. For me it is encouraging,..for it is a rabbit hole that you will never find the end of, a total journey. 


 It is the small niche of horn making,..but even more specifically scrimshaw that has settled in to be my passion. The political and religious connotations of the time that were scratched on some of these horns were SIGNIFICANT. You could have been hanged for the symbolism of it. I've accumulated almost all of the powder horn books that I can find which exist, only a couple or so left I think. That being said I have a pile of the rifle books as well,....can't go wrong with it :)

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@aaronc, thanks for your view and wether you meant it or not, encouragement for me to delve into this full steam. 

You know what I love about all of it? It's AMERICAN! From the melting pot of makers that came from other countries to the native born, to our contemporary makers of today, like yourself, and all the history in between. 

Thanks for being here man. :cowboy:

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