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Jennie Alexander, aka JA (1930-2018) passed away on July 12, 2018 after a long and full life.  Her passions for greenwoodworking came through very clearly in her writing, teaching and collaborations with other woodworkers.  She cherished the connections she made through woodworking, and kept in contact with both old and new friends right up to the end.

Her iconic post-and-rung ladderback chair is her legacy.  It started long before the 1978 publication of Make a Chair from a Tree:  An Introduction to Green Woodworking.  Years of study of old tools and old chairs led Jennie step-by-step along her path.  Decades of teaching workshops about the chair resulted in great refinements in the process.  Alexander was always looking for ways to make the chair better, and to make it easier to build.  Even after her health prevented her from regular shop work; students, colleagues, friends, and professionals in related fields were all well-accustomed to hearing from Jennie on a regular basis about fine details related to improving the chair-making process.



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