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    I have a presentation at our local WW club for May or June, so I am starting to make some wooden planes like this one and do tutorial on how to make them. I will make 18-20 of them and give them away to the members that come to the meeting. I plan on using different woods, so they are not all the same. Herb
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    The lady who cuts my hair said she has a bunch of wood that her father was saving to turn bowls. She is going to give it to me. Looks like I’ll be making some more bowls
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    Made this one for my daughter. Her boyfriend proposed to her on Christmas Eve at my house. He used the ring that my hubby gave me before we both deployed. Amazingly, I didn't cry.
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    Finally get to deliver this today and exchange it for an older model!
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    So, I finally have a jig saw, an angle grinder, some mica powder (for epoxy resin), I found a local wood shop for things I need done that I can't do myself (planing an uneven slab, etc)... I feel like a kid turned loose in a candy store LOL I ordered the wood carving bits for the angle grinder (not the $145 Arbortech that I had been looking at), more jig blades... I feel like I'm about to get myself into LOTS of trouble LOL I'm probably going to go get the 2x4's that I need to make that wavy flag, get the shop to plane them to the same width (on the 4" side), and to level one side (2" side) to have a squared bottom edge to start with. OMG I am so excited and ready to start tearing into some wood LOL Granted, getting them sold will be another issue until the fest season begins around here again. So... What are your woodworking plans for the new year? (I can't promise I won't borrow your inspirations lol)
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    My works are works of Art also, (but only because that’s my name LOLOLOL)
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    Very ni...Oh look a squirrel...what was I going to say?
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    I have a similar old Craftsman belt sander and made this “table” to do what I think you talking about. The photos are not in any particular order. I didn’t have any plans but if you have questions I’ll try to answer them
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    Had a bit of Holiday Cash to spend.....headed to an Antique Mall in Springfield, OH.....called the "Heart of OHIO".....and spent a few hours walking around....turned down a Stanley 45, type 2/3....was "only" $200 + tax..... Spent about $15 + tax for two items... $8 for the Keen Kutter No. 104, 10" sweep brace...handle had a dab of black paint.. Wood is Walnut. The two metal bands are Pewter....fancy chuck.. Able to use even normal twist drill bits...gives me two such chucks....Millers Falls also had this chuck...for the 1050-1054 series.. The other half of the pickings? Turned down an all-metal one, because it was missing the bolt in it's handle....the bolt on this one? Interesting....Compared to the one I have been using... Methinks the lever one is a Stanley...the newest one is a smaller version of.. At least these look better than the others in the til... "Plastic Fantastic.." I'll stick with the wood ones. There are at least 8 bays in the place...along with display cases down the middle of the aisles...plan for at least 1/2 a day just to walk around in the place... Was a nice day....
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    No one has failed to do so thus far LOL
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    Shop upgrades, it happens to be that time of year. Projects start in March. 12 volt power box drawer mounted mini router table 10 drawers, (refurbing drawer space once used for something else New cabinet top for sink, probably a new sink as well (in shop) Upgrade shop lights to LED Drill Press drawer for bits to go under bench drill press and whatever else I happen to see to get some more space for more tools / supplies / convenience
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    Oh I remember now...Very nice...amazing detail on the tail (no pun initially intended, but now that I think about it) and fur...even the color is spot on. Congrats on the SIL in waiting too... Thanks for sharing "Ma"
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    I went to AQ school there iN late ‘63 and early ‘64
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    Having been gone for 3 years and little contact with home and such, as in no visits, I sent and email to my Father informing him I was engaged with a picture. Here is pic, his response? How much did you pay for the girl to sit with you and get a photo.Few months later he informs my Mother he will pay me a visit in Ukraine and look into this. Then slips this comment in, "Might do some shopping and upgrade you for two younger models." Oddly he never could find his passport application after that. This is what I imagine my mother doing when he said that.
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    Well, I guess I'll tell you about them until I can figure this out... I have two smaller ones... one says ;IGY6 - I am my brothers keeper with the silhouette of 4 soldiers another small one where I engraved the ;IGY6 (more irritation that it was worth for such a small piece lol) with soldier silhouettes. One larger flag (22"x14' ish?) with "America - Home of the Brave" at the bottom.
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    You talked about being tired. I am also tired, just looking at all the work you did. Thanks for posting this build, it was a lot of fun watching.
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    Shop is closed till next week. In the queue is a mantle, a California king bed and 2 cherry bookcases. At some point I need to begin to work on stock for next year.
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    LOL My favorite saying is "I have ADDOLIAS" (Attention Deficit Dis....Oh Look Its A Squirrel)
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    @MaDeuce. Could you do me a favor, if you have the time, can you please email those images to administrator@thepatriotwoodworker.com that you could not upload. Just attach them to your email, and I'll look into why they did not upload, and I may even try to upload them here on my end. This will help us out a lot, we are always trying to tweak our community to be user friendly, or at a minimum, user frenemy. Thanks Ma!
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    I can't wait to follow this along. Not only are your projects very usable, they always are works of art.
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    Still in the shop reorganization phase. First project will be a coping sled. Next is getting the laser up and running. Then the carving station. We have relatives coming in next week for 5 days. Phyl has ordered me to be available. Then, another couple will be arriving on the 21st for two months. But, they'll be in Tucson. Naturally, we'll be down there a few times and they'll be up here once or twice. I MIGHT get 5 consecutive days in the shop during the next couple months.
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    I already have a "craft-crap" stash (that's what my husband calls all my crafting supplies). Everything from jewelry making, fabric, yarn, and now my wood working/burning stuff.
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    When my time is up I want people coming into the shop looking around going, how many projects did he have going on?
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    We all were at some point or still are in some aspect or area... Yep, that seems to be our nature & a common thread we all have no matter what skill level we're at. That's what sets this Forum apart from many others...non-judgmental, willingness to help, share and learn from each other. No matter how good (or not) any of us are in a given discipline, eventually someone will come along and exceed that. The day I stop learning will be the day they pry the tool out of my cold dead rigor-mortised hands...and when they do, they better put it back where it belongs.
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    We are our own worst critics. That said we also have some extremely talented people here. I am always amazed at what they come up with.
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    Thanks Dave, Boy did that bring back some memories, I loved "Animal Stories" when I was in my early teens. I'm going for the 1920's-30's style of radio look. I keep finding bits and pieces of stuff that was salvaged and stashed from junk picking, pile diving, etc. The trim pieces I'm using came from salvage furniture that my neighbor throws out from time to time. The object I'll be introducing today came from my neighbors stash of lamp parts. I had a hard time talking him out of it, but when he asked me what I was going to do with it he tossed it to me. So follow along, and you'll see what I answered him. Start with one 1920's-30's style of lamp finial. Step ONE: Add a few parts by threading the 1/8" IPS to 1/4" 28? Threads per inch adaptor, and the finial together (flange of adaptor to base of finial) using the stud. The adapter will go through the original top of Silver Box brass tag which will be going back on the box top, but in a slightly different location from original. Well you're at it throw in one, maybe two? Blue LED's Which leaves you with something like this. Now wait a minute...We just saw you put the adaptor, and the finial together with a steel stud!! ….You Did!!!.... As to the new location... Getting the power cable from the computer motherboard required making another harness that would get there. Which required drilling a couple of holes. One in the box lid. You can still see the original brass tag holes and the hole at the back edge of the lid. And the other in the back edge of the upper case. The harness the gets passed through the above hole. The plug end stays inside the case. I'll be making an Oak chase for running the wires through, and the finished finial assembly will get mounted to it. The two original brass tag holes will get covered by the wire chase. At that point the lighted knob for the computer case lid will be ready to lift the lid. But I've got two Blue LED's...What should I do with the second one? Until tomorrow.
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    You could simply use one of these to switch it too. Less expensive. Use a zip tye to hold the sander switch closed.
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    Still won't let me upload the other two pictures that I got done. Been busy this week... well, more like - I needed the sanity breaks lol
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    I use one of these. No one has ever regretted getting one as far as I know.
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    Nooooo not even any CNC machines close to my shop and I don't hire any outside help. If you own a scroll saw and a cheap Dremel with better bits than dremel sells then you are ready. Even if you don't have all these machines that will resaw, plane, and a few bottles of glue to make the wood wide enough to work with, then go the next route and buy Baltic Birch plywood and borrow a few patterns off the internet and you are ready to be a full fledged carver... and this excuse of well I don't have enough patience to do things like that is hog wash...Sitting in a chair and getting a hair cut takes more patience so get your head straight and think it over...You don't even have to be a good scroll saw driver for crooked lines actually helps when carving. I actually show the pictures I started with just to prove not any of my work I copied the pictures. And none of this kind of work is so bad that if a person has a slip here or there will cause someone to have to sit in a wheel chair the rest of his life. So not being that dangerous you can actually relax and have fun..... As I am working on a picture I always have thoughts as to what if this is changed or that is made bigger or just some dumb thought comes along so hey ,,,,,,,, just go ahead and try those dumb things. Look at this picture closely. To start with, it was off balance and crooked..I'm sure the person who made the clock thought it was great but I didn't so look how I changed it... Granted, other folks thought I might have screwed up but as long as the builder is happy, that is all that counts.. I would also think Picasso was the only person who thought his work was great was the reason he continued making those dumb paintings but he couldn't sell anything until he died??? or until people thought he died??? Actually I got carried away with adding things as I went and it ended up twice as tall as the original picture. Plus I made it where the little flowers will un screw and the face and carvings can be removed to get to the dial for when I went to glue the dial on it ended up with a big crease from top to the bottom of the paper dial...I had found this dial on Pinterest and since I had never used one that looked like that I copied the picture of the dial to my computer then sent it to Rapid Resizer so I could make it the right size to go in this bigger clock ...So some day I will get interested in fixing my screw up and I already have another dial ready to exchange. Also there are no flowers in the original picture so I thought why not and made some square headed screws and built things close to what a flower looks like to tap holes somewhere around the clock that might look like they belong and that was that...When I put the flowers up next to the original picture one can see the difference in the size of things... Now in comparison,,,,, If I was to try and copy the picture exactly is when a persons ability shows up...Its very hard to copy someone else's work exactly so why not do your own thing and start with anything and add your own thoughts as you go... Great if you turn out something you are very pleased with...If not, no one will know when it is thrown away... My dumpster might have more screw ups that no one will ever see.... Again, I think Picasso did the best he could so that is what he did day after day for the extra large shop was over flowing with ugly paintings... And the man might not be dead right now?
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    Many years ago, when I was a smoker, I kept a can of lighter fluid in the shop. It made a great fire starter. Today, I use my MAPP gas torch as a starter.
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    Congrats on the new additions...let us know how else we can help you spend your $$'s. "Shop" remains closed due to the less than favorable weather. If & when it ever warms up and doesn't rain every other day a complete and thorough clean-up and reorg is in order. Several back-logged mechanical projects are in the queue. WW'ing wise, I have three projects my oldest grand-daughter & I started and need to finish before she heads off to college. LOTS of Past Picks finds to restore and make usable again.
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    No, that's not me. And, yes I do still have the sander and jig.
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    just in case you need to know who's doing what to whom... JIGSAW BLADE GUIDE.pdf
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    I think Patch is using the same kind I am, that can be used in the old fixtures with or without ballasts. I wired some around the ballast because the ballast was bad, and also have some just replaced with the ballast still in place because I didn't want to take the fixture down and rewire around the ballast. I can't tell the difference between the two as far as output goes, maybe it burns more power leaving the ballast in, I don't know. I have (58) 4' tubes in my shop, so there are no shadows. Herb
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    Really?! I'll have to check that out! It's a 30 minute drive, but that would beat a $60/hr ($30 minimum).
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    Ma, I am so happy for you. I hope to see some of your products pictured here. BTW, is there still a wood shop at Millington? Of course there was one in 1968, but time has moved on since then. As a retiree, you should be able to use the facilities and tools. I know it is aggravating to drive out there, but may be some help to you.
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    Yea... I'd have lost it. I'm not known for having a very long fuse (hence the handle lol). Stuff like this is the reason I live 10 hours away from my family. I couldn't even bring myself to go home for my grandparents funerals because I knew I'd have to interact with them. At this point, other than to support my sister, I'm not sure I could even go to my own mothers funeral. I firmly believe in karma... ugliness, hatefulness, abuse, etc. will be revisited x3.
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    I was thinking of that switch. Great idea. You gave me something else to work on. Thanks all. I hope this thread will help someone else.
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    Lew, that is a nice piece of what people tell me all the time, Garage Engineering. On my to do list is to make this a sign and put in shop. You could mount one of these paddle switches and use that to turn on and off. This way you can mount where it will work best for you. If the paddle is not to your liking they are removeable. My belt sander switch is on the back. I really think the engineers were into SM because the only way you turn it off is if some hide is removed. Put the switch on the front and works much better.
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    Chocolate cake??? It has eggs, wheat, flour, magnesium, iron, sugar, potassium, etc. etc. Everything you need to get the morning going. Kids love it!!! My kids sang songs about it when they went back home to my ex.
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    Grandpa Dave, I will be very happy and satisfied the day I consider myself a competent WW’er. I have zero artistic vision. There’s a reason there was no close-ups of those mangers. BUT I learned, and had lots of fun, all I’m trying to accomplish right now.
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    Well, I hope everyone is recuperating from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday and that you all got at least one thing you had on Santa's List. Our Patriot Turners- @Steve Krumanaker posted a couple of bowls he recently completed. As always, Steve's design, choice of woods and finishes are impeccable . Steve's post has more images and descriptions of what he has done. Please head on over there check out the post in its' entirety- A couple of weeks ago, @hawkeye10 asked us how he could hold work pieces to make legs for a small table. He finished up the legs (and table) and it is gorgeous. There is so much great woodworking going on in his project, you just have to check it out for yourself- Here's the complete post including images of the table build- What’s Coming Up- 111 W. General Cavazos Blvd. Kingsville, Texas 78363 Click on the image for more details. For The Newbies- Big shout out to @HandyDan for the heads up on this video from Ernie Conover. It's all about drilling on the lathe. In many instances this is faster, easier and more accurate than trying to drill with a drill press. Expand Your Horizons- Back in October, @Steve Krumanaker spent a week enjoying a woodturning class from Glenn Lucas. One of the important aspects Steve mentioned was the shape of a bowl. Here's a video discussing bowl shapes. Steve stressed the importance of pleasing bowl shapes. This video is more about reading the wood and the eventual bowl shape. New Turning Items- Not exactly new but the Easy Wood Tools negative rake cutters are now available for all of the Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools). Craft Supplies USA has a short video demonstrating these cutters on man made materials. The finish is awesome! If your lathe doesn't have a built in indexing device, Mike Peace has a video illustrating how he built a really nice addition to his (or any) lathe. The index wheel (and a complete kit) is available from- https://www.chefwarekits.com/basket-weave-illusion-wood-burning-carving-tools/ez-index-wheel-steel-12in-dia-for-woodturning.html Everything Else- A two part video from Tim Yoder creating a hollow vessel, well sorta. Part 2 is linked from Tim's YouTube site. Safe turning
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