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    I just wanted to update folks on the status of Kieth Mealy as our Finishing Forum Host. At last contact it sounded like Keith was up to his eyeballs with life and business and he is just having a heck of a time getting back here with us. Believe me, I know how he feels, sometimes just to squeeze in a few minutes can be a daunting task, and it stays in the back of your head as something you know you need to do, but just can't, then ya start to feel bad about not being able to get it done, and then the task just becomes a pain in the rear to have lurking in the back of your brain, yep, we all been there! We have not had contact with Keith for a little while now so that means he is being driven hard elsewhere, and we should respect that and wish him the best in his business and his family. As you can see in the image of Keith and kids, he is performing a much more important task, sharing his knowledge with the younger generation, and he is teaching the kids how to extract honey! Hey he has other hobbies ya know! I want to personally thank Keith for the time he spent here, his weekly finishing topics and his interaction in forum topics and posts, were and still are highly valued here on TPW, and are now a permanent part of our information structure, and that my friends is priceless. You can't buy information like Keith shared with us, the information that Keith dispersed here in the Finishing Forum can only be gotten from a man in the business, and with years of experience behind him, and you cannot put a value on that my friends. Like our Scrolling Forum Host Fred Wilson, Keith is moving on to being a laid back low key member of The Patriot Woodworker, where the stresses of meeting deadlines with the weekly topic are no more, and the contentious meetings on The Patriot Woodworker corporate jet are no more, and also his six figure salary as well that he earned as host, is no more. But one thing for sure, a legacy of wonderful information and knowledge in the sometimes mysterious field of finishing, has been left behind by our friend Keith Mealy. We wish him the best in all he does, and we hope someday he'll drop on by and just say howdy, we do miss him. If anyone has a direct "Bat Line" to Kieth, please let him know he is thought of highly here, and we are forever grateful for the time he spent here. Cheers folks!
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    Today was more about road trip in the new van, picking up the GrandBRATS...and paying the bills. Somehow managed to get the last end panel out of the clamps, cleaned up, squared up....and then the fun could commence... hammer to adjust the 45....went from not cutting to barely cutting...lots of candle wax...had to keep checking with the other end panel, to make sure they would match...right down to the feet.... Like my drumsander? Too skinny on the feet? Not really... Finished the groove for the bottom panel to sit in...decided to try a dry fit of all four sides...at once....yeah.... Shortest bar clamps I have are the 24" ones....and I am going to need a few c clamps for the feet.. Hopefully, the feet will LOOK the same size, either on the ends, or From the front or back. Maybe tomorrow, I can cut a plywood panel for the bottom of the box...and cobble a lid? Getting close to the final glue-up...IF I can find enough clamps....and hands.. Stay tuned...
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    Here is what the drawers look like before applying bench finish. It was a Steve Mickey formula and I use it for most shop drawer units. Inside the drawers for tools I made some wooden dividers by routing a slot for tools to lay in.
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    Thanks for everything Fred. Don't know how you can afford to give up that extra 6 figure income. Now you can sit back and just enjoy the forums,like the rest of us.
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    I didn't know Fred but I gather he is a great guy. I have been looking at his website and it is very nice and well thought out. I bet that keeps him busy.
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    Thanks Fred for being the forum host!! Good luck on your retirement from here. Come back when you can. What's a retirement without a cake???
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    Thanks Fred for all your help and wisdom. Enjoy!!! And remember Fred, Santa is watching!
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    Remember all the hours you spent making Zero Clearance inserts for the table Saw? Probably all of you guys know this, but for the ones that don't there is a Zero Clearance tape out on the market, sold at most Big Box Stores, that you just tape over the slot in your existing tablesaw and raise the blade to cut the slot. Fast Cap has some good video's of it at this web site: https://www.fastcap.com/product/zero-clearance-tape You start the tape back far enough so the material lays on the tape, this will prevent the tape from rolling up from catching the edge. Herb
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    Thanks for your contributions to the site Fred, please continue in your new capacity as a "regular".
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    Road trip for the van...oil change for the van....trying to get a box made....and then get some lumber to build an End the Boss wants....
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    you sound thin, here, eat something. 6-5, a bit north of 155...sigh.....
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    You got it! When I was in Detroit for apprenticeship training they had a catering service that provided breakfast and lunch, the first day the guy that ran the catering service made a remark that everybody that ate there gained about 20 lbs. during their 6 week stay. I said your about to have your record destroyed, my wife has been trying to put a few lbs. on me for years. Another guy from the Kenosha group commented "I've seen this guy eat, I gain weight just watching him eat." The caterer said he didn't believe that and would wait and see. The first time I went through the smorgasbord type line I told him that I'll wear the same pants the last day so he could see. I was one of 2 guys that would do 2nd's, and 3rd's the whole time. At the end of the 6 weeks I did, but the other guy couldn't. The caterer was somewhat taken back, but told the one that made the comment about watching me eat "I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it." I shrugged, smiled and walked away. I'm still 6'3" and 155 lbs. my wife gave up long ago.
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    I only eat one meal a day, there's no time for between meal naps! My wife refers to me as her bottomless pit!
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    Working on the shelve to finish the Franken desk. Shopped for the essentials needed for Thursdays dinner, don't want to be around all the crazies in the stores this weekend. Pick up a fresh bird on Tuesday and be ready for 8 hours of prep & cooking and 30 minutes of eating.
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    @Fred Wilson has been our Scroll Saw Forum host for several years now, and he has done a bang up job in keeping folks happy, and helping out as many as he can. Fred's life has gotten pretty busy this last year and he is finding it hard to get over here as often as he'd like, so Fred is going to relinquish the reins to a new host (yet to be determined), and he is and has been focusing on family and life in general. Fred wants to be a regular ol member now, he'll still come aboard and chime in and hassle y'all, but just know that you can no longer beat up on Fred, since he is now officially off The Patriot Woodworker payroll and not bringing home his usual six figure salary from us, yet he is now a regular ol woodworker like the rest of us, just enjoying the view around here, and participating at leisure. Fred, thank you sir, for your service to our forum, and your un-ending patience with those of us who needed the help, and it was a pleasure shared by many I am sure, to know you, and to work with you. Thank you Fred, for your service to our community! If you'd all like to stay connected with Fred, you can also find him at his own website http://www.gopopsshop.com/index.php Hey folks, you can still purchase these exclusive Patriot Woodworker plaques from Fred! Fred made a batch of these back in the day and he gifted them to our sponsors as a thank you for their support. To order one please see at Patriot Woodworker Plaque
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    John Moody is on the road today so I’m filling in. Last weekend, we did a large holiday show on Saturday. It was a 7 hour show with 168 vendors and over 2700 people came through the doors. We did very well at the show AND I was able to get a piece delivered this week that I had been building. Right now I'm building 6” cheese boards since I sold 32 of them last Saturday. Tomorrow we have a charity auction to attend and rest on Sunday. So, what’s on your weekend Agenda?
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    Up from the archives, and I found out what happened to Igor!
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    Larry, I forgot to look today Hopefully tomorrow. It's very kind of you to offer the drill bits to me, I would love them, however I’m sure postage to Australia would be astronomical. Larry, I haven’t retired yet, I’m 50, still have another 17 years to go. I don’t know what the retirement age in the US is? I work indifferent hours, I’m not Monday to Friday, it’s a lot more than that. I utilize my mornings for my hobbies
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    maybe this link will work to fastcap...
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    Specially at those prices! I'll take 50 boxes of chisels!
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    Been more or less stuck with Olson blades....80" fit the 12" Craftsman saw I have ( and just replaced the light bulb in) Olson only goes up to 1/2" width....Menard's doesn't sell 80" ones....Home Depot never heard of a bandsaw.....which leaves...Lowes. right at $10 a blade.
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    Bob she makes 7 and 10 piece sets. When she is feeling good she works all day in her shop. I did have part of my shop for her glass workings but then we bought a 53 foot refer trailer since it has more insulation than a regular trailer and put refrigerated air and a little heat and a good exhaust for the solder fumes and she is a happy camper.... She has a tread mill in there also so she stays lean and mean. Someone requested an ole dark brown for the stands and I thought hey this is for Christmas so I am giving them something to liven up the place...be happy!!!! You can see the difference after I rubbed some out. I like my things smooth to the touch. I like to see the people eyes open a little wider when they feel the smooth... I have read where guys are finding steel wool pieces trapped between coats....It sounds to me they are not even trying to clean the surface before the next coat .. I use a blo gun and a wide soft brush plus my bare hands to make sure nothing is laying on the surface before I spray the next coat of finish... I would think careless work for sure on someones part. And then they add the things are rusted, what, are they using water with the steel wool???? Hard to figure somes comments......
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    Shortly after we were married the wife thought something was wrong, so she made an appointment with a nutritionist. The nutritionist asked what I had eaten so far that day. I told her what I had eaten, and she told me to stop by the time I was finished getting through lunch. She said he's already eaten the caloric intake for the average adult, and also told the wife he's got a very rapid metabolism he's burning it up faster than it can be put in. The wife asked what could she do? To which she replied "Get a bigger shovel".
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    Thank you, for all your contributions! Now you can speak your mind, and not worry about the company line! LOL.
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    continuing work on drawer cabinets (3 cabinets, 4 drawers each). need to cut the drawer bottom dados to fit the 3/16" masonite i just got. then edge band the tops of all the drawer parts (ugh), then cut the bottom pieces to size, pocket hole drill the fronts and backs, assemble the drawers, wait for the glides to arrive, then mount the drawers in the cabinets, then make the drawer fronts and edge band them too (ugh #2), wait for the pulls, mount the pulls, and then transport the whole mess up to the house and install it. sounds like work to me. and then do the top to the whole mess - 6x24 ceramic tiles on concrete board (need one sheet, have some in hand), and lastly, grout it. boss says it has to be done by Dec. 1, so she can place Christmas decorations all over it. yay.
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    Fred, thanks for your hard work here at TPW. Are you and Judy going to survive without the TPW six figure salary?
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    Please use this topic to test your content entry skills. As the title of this topic suggests, you may use this discussion for testing purposes. Try the text editor tool bar and all its functions. Upload images and display videos. Once images are uploaded and in your editing area, double click the image to see the formatting options available. Drag and drop images or files into the paper clip area. See how you can use the "Insert other media" drop down menu. Use at will, use without risk. This is your area to test, try, figure out, and use.
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    With those circumstances it might pay to call ahead.
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    That was an amazing restoration of that piece and should be an inspiration to anyone restoring old M&E.
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    The dog seems unimpressed, but I'm not! Nice job on the thumb as well.
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    G’daY John Can you actually buy more hours? Ive searched Ebay haha Its Saturday and I’m at work again, and work again tomorrow. However next weekend I have off 😉
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    When I saw the cover I thought it was a Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Co. So I set it aside . Just kidding................ Herb
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    The carbide blade wasn't available for mine either. The PRO Force and Shear Force are available in the 72" length
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    Thanks for all that you have done Fred.
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    Kind of like Roebuck, just disappeared.
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    Sorry to see you go, Fred.... I'm not a scroll sawyer either but I have always enjoyed your work and knowledge that you have posted and I will miss that.
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    Thanks Fred for your generosity and time as TPW Scroll-saw Forum Host. You have certainly kept that forum rolling and assisted many in the fine art of scrolling. Enjoy the "retirement" but not so much we don't see you at the annual company picnic. No doubt, you received a great retirement package including use of the Hawaiian condo, the yacht and free flights on the company jet. Don't be a stranger. That would make me the only strange one here then.
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    Hey Al, please let us know how you like it.
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    Another recipe for Zucchini Bread, a little fancier. The cream cheese topping is good................. We don't add the nuts when I'm going to eat some. Carrot Apple Zucchini Bread.pdf
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    Cal, Check the linked topic post at the top of this. Clicking on it will take you to his restoration of this machine. I emailed Shane awhile back, but have not heard back from him.
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