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    "Like" Stinks; it kills conversation

    Too late! Healthy conversation died when the cell phone was born! John
  2. 4 points
    Gene Howe

    Wife's surgery

    Thank you all for you well wishes. They must’ve done the trick because Phyl’s surgery went exceptionally well. The doc’s verbal orders post op are far less restrictive than the written ones he gave her a few weeks ago. He says she should not lift more than 10 lbs for the next month. Otherwise, resume her normal activities … within reason. She has occasional twinges of pain but in a different area. Possibly caused by the slight trauma of the procedure. Doc says that as she heals, that bit of pain should gradually diminish to nothing. I’ll still be doing the washing, house cleaning and some cooking for a while. I’ll bet she does the Thanksgiving meal, though. We're home now and, the 3 hour ride caused her no pain. All seems to be well. Again, thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
  3. 4 points
    Ron Altier

    Grandmother clock

    It was a Bi(n)g Mess
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    I almost didn't get to vote today. I asked for a paper ballot and the guy put the card into the machine and they had to end up calling the local board to figure out how to fix it. Actual voting only took a few minutes with a nice paper ballot.
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    Ron Altier

    Grandmother clock

    I built a large grandfather clock for my daughter years ago (picture below) and it would not longer than a year and I tried all I knew. I got a pro in and he said I did everything right, but there was a binding in the mechanism from the factory. He fixed it, cleaned oiled and adjusted the chimes. As we talked I asked how it looked, as I had been cleaning and oiling. He said I was doing a good job and all looked great. He said that he has seen clocks that were sprayed with WD40 and other cleaners. he said"Don't ever do that" At some point it will nearly impossible to clean the gunk out without a sonic cleaner. He said the dust and particles adhere to the WD40 and make a big mess. He also said something that surprised me. The new synthetic oils they make allow a clock to go as long as 8 years, depending on how much dust/dirt it is exposed to. As for the grandmother clock I am working on, I think I finally got it adjusted correctly, it took hours of cleaning, oiling, bending, adjusting and cussing
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    One of the Indy TV channels announced on their Noon News broadcast their last political ad for 2018 would air today at 3 PM. Maybe You-Tube will return to only it's normal antics after polls close too. Mailbox was devoid of mailers today also. Amazing the hundred of millions even billions of $$'s spent to retain/obtain positions that only pay fractions of those $$'s Just proves the old adage, "Money is power" I guess it does stimulate the economy among other things, every two years... I'll go to my room for time-out now...do I still get cookies and milk? coffee?
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    Still an improvement.
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    Tabs on the Weather...

    choice... 2 feet of snow.. 10:1 ratio = 2.4'' of water... or two feet of water... = 2' of water...
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    Larry Buskirk

    Tabs on the Weather...

    When it gets that bad here... I might just go back into hibernation...
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    Tabs on the Weather...

    ................................................................................................................................. 50 degrees, Cloudy and windy. Enjoying this great voting day!!!! Not looking forward to this weekend. Calling for alittle bit of snow rain mix and colder.
  11. 3 points
    John Morris

    Tormek knockoff...

    It's not that hard really, just a few basic rules, and you're on your way. I sense a tutorial coming up, let me work on it.
  12. 3 points
    Larry Buskirk

    Latest in Chopsaw Development

    But, the rider is on the cycle!
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    Monkey Paws

    Christmas Project For a Friend

    With a 6" reflector telescope you should be able to clearly see the rings of Saturn, The Great Red spot of Jupiter and four of it's biggest moons. Some of the classic messier objects like the Orion Nebula, Ring Nebula and the Andromeda galaxy to just to name a few and of course the moon. This telescope will be a table top model. For the budding astronomer, it should take a while before you want a bigger telescope. Believe or not small scopes like this are generally used more that the larger instruments mainly because of the setup time. It would be easier to grab this scope and go outside than lug a three piece, 60 lb scope to the same area. Here is what you should be able to see.
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    It Was Al B

    Lowes Announces Store Closures

    I have a Lowes and a HD store less than 2 miles from home. They are almost diagonally across the street from each other. No Menard's stores in this area. Both stores do well, though I think HD does do more business. There is still a family operated hardware store that is about 5 miles from here and it also seems to be doing well. The only issue there is the store occupies 3 floors and there is no elevator.
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    Grandmother clock

    You should have asked Stick, WD 40 ranks right along with Harbor Freight in his little black book. Herb
  16. 2 points

    Grandmother clock

    Oooopppsss! You clock looks a lot like mine except mine is in red oak.
  17. 2 points
    Michael Thuman

    Tub Replaced By Shower

    Al B, I believe we around under 1/2 of that now. I will let you know once done what the cost was. Also I will have to give you all the finalized pictures.
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  19. 2 points

    Tabs on the Weather...

    if you can't go through it... go over it...
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    Steve Krumanaker

    Tormek knockoff...

    I will say up front that I'm a big believer in buying quality the first time. That comes from learning the hard way and spending money twice. To my way of thinking, if a reputable company is making a product and charging what they need to make a quality product, remain in business, and realize a reasonable profit so be it. If another company pirates the design and brings the product to market for substantially less, there is a reason the copy is cheaper, it's that simple. If you haven't seen it there is a comparison between the Tormek and the Jet version, which is likely a Grizzly clone on JoeWoodworker.com He had a tormek, bought the jet and ended up selling the tormek, but, read the whole review. Steve
  21. 2 points

    Tormek knockoff...

    for you and I... but there are others that can't repetitiously sharpen free hand to save their souls...
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    Tabs on the Weather...

  23. 2 points

    Grandmother clock

    You might try what worked for me on my grand paw clock..I hung a bunch of plastic sheets all inside the cabinet and used a 1/4 of a roll of hand tissue to catch the excess down in the bottom and then spent a few minutes shooting WD 40 on every thing that turns and where the bearing would be if the movements had bearings..about a half a can later it started running..This clock was in storage for about 5 years and when brother in law went and got it it never would run so he gave it to me and it has run for the last four or five years with no stopping.. It did have a little smell for a few days but either we got use to the smell or it dried up. Your post reminded me to go and set the time back an hour and it is still running.
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    BTW I'm the evil twin.
  25. 2 points
    I think that happened when they were less particular about who joined....

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