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    I'd have to chain her down. We're thinking that she'll be nearly fully recovered by Thanksgiving. To be on the safe side, somebody will need to lift the turkey in and out of the oven, probably.
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    I made more progress on my project this week. Once again I have changed my mind about the finish I am using on the telescope and went with good old fashioned spar varnish. True, spar varnish shows defects in your work that other finishes would hide but I like the warm tone of the varnish. I brushed on the first two coats and then worked on my primary or main mirror holder and secondary mirror holders. Both mirror holders need to be adjustable in order for the telescope to work properly. The aluminum hoop will be attached near the eyepiece holder and it will serve as a mount for the secondary mirror and the round light shade. I still need to make a dust cover for the primary and secondary mirror plus make a mount for the secondary mirror. I am happy with my work so far and hope to do a mirror test next week sometime.
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    Too late! Healthy conversation died when the cell phone was born! John
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    Nice to see old guys having fun and being productive...
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    After much cajoling, I think she's decided to wait a while on the 4 wheeler ride. Two of her most endearing qualities are impatience and stubbornness. The pains have almost ceased so, she thinks she's good to go. She can't see the incision, so when I change the dressing, I can exaggerate the lack of healing a little.
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    Thanks for asking, Jesse. She's doing great. Except for a few twinges, that the doc says will go away, she's pain free. She's planning to go trail riding on the Polaris Ranger this Saturday. She wouldn't even have considered that, a week ago.
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    Welcome to The Patriot Woodworkers discussion forum section for "Old Metalworking Machines" Post your finds, restorations, discuss, request information anything about old metalworking machines here. The only requirement is that your machine be at least 25 years old, or older
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    It's not that hard really, just a few basic rules, and you're on your way. I sense a tutorial coming up, let me work on it.
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    What a car. If I had one of those I would think I died and gone to heaven. LOL
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    Dave, No need to time out yourself in your room. Come on by, we've got a pot brewing now.
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    Tutorial will assume regular movement and control of body parts. Beyond that, get a Tormek!
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    Hello All, I went ahead and made the changes to my design today so stability will longer be an Issue. I remembered that this scope is going to a 10 year old boy so I think the changes were a good thing. I did a test assembly to see if everything works like it should and was surprised it actually did. Now I have to finish the mirror cell, fabricate a mirror dust cover, build a secondary mirror holder and support. Still I think the project is coming along nicely.
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    Okay so I made some more progress today working on the new scope. I bought some 1/64" plywood sheets for the round light shield that is mounted near the eyepiece. I needed to put a permanent curve in the plywood to make the shield and since I don't have a steam box for bending plywood I did the next best thing. I wrapped up the plywood in a hot wet towel. After I let them soak for a while I applied gorilla glue to all of the surfaces and pressed them together. To get the curve I needed I took rubber bands and attached the wood to a five gallon can. This will sit overnight and it will be ready to go tomorrow have to. I did a test assembly today and noticed a stability issue with the single side bearing on the base. I really like this design but I don't like stability issues. What may end up doing is taking off the side bearing (curved wood thing that looks like a boomerang) and replace it with an upright that matches the other one thus turning it into a fork base. To make it easier to turn I installed the aluminum lazy Susan bearing on the base.
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    Well work on the telescope went well today. I manage to get the curved side bearing attached to the octagon rocker box which hold the main mirror. The rocker box and focusor board alignment checked out good. You can see the beginnings of my mirror cell (Round thing with holes attached to the octagon thing.) The box tubing on the finished scope will only be about 23" long so the scope will be much more compact. The octagon rocker box came out good and should look good with a nice red mahogany stain. More sanding, much much more sanding.
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    I have been showing my progress on scroll saw forum but couldn't wait till this was finished to post over here on the new carving forum.. Thanks John Morris The names and the carving was maple and the back ground board Baltic Birch and the trim was?. After this picture was taken I have applied 100% tung oil on the carving then dried for a few days then started applying a clear finish, but not through yet.The picture of the carving is from Pinterest. The names came off Microsoft 10 from Word Pad which microsoft has been putting on all their different programs and always use the word Word to be easy to find..? Name sizes, the top two names are 130 and the three names are 110? I thought mom and dad should be a tad larger for they are the head of the house hold and do hold the money purse and things like that? Maybe can post a completed picture in a day or two. This picture came from a site, Some Sun on Pinterest and has welcomed people to down load their drawings. I will try to post a completed picture of my finished thing close to the original to show my appreciation for being able to use his drawing. Sorry for the sideways drawing for this is how it loaded..
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    Ours was one long, two short. Farmers north of here still had the old hand crank, and "Hello, Mabel. Can you get me Charlie?" This was from '57 to the early '60s. John Wow...who would have thunk it...we must have been on opposite ends of the same line My great-aunt/uncle lived in the same county but they lived on the farm...small private telephone company...they still had the wall, hand crank, wooden body phone until the late 60's. My grandmother lived in town part of Ma Bell had a desk model similar to the old style rotary dial, but no dial until the mid 60's. I remember both just picking up and talking to the operator at times just to visit and get caught up on "gossip." No doubt others listened in...it was always funny to hear the "click(s)" after you had answered and talked for a while. We were still on a 3 party line until my Senior year of HS (70-71)...that was only because we moved to a different farm. Good 'ole days!
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    Ours was one long, two short. Farmers north of here still had the old hand crank, and "Hello, Mabel. Can you get me Charlie?" This was from '57 to the early '60s. John
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    I thought my dad may have had a couple of larger ones, but this little beauty was at the Restore and was just a-looking for a home. I haven't found his yet.
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    "They will honor ALL lifetime warranties on the Craftsman line (like Sears) and will exchange for the like item." Be interesting to see if they give a new "lifetime" tool or some non-warranted POS. Also would be good to know if they will be re-stocking the ratchet rebuild kits.
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    That explains it (to me), it was looking the same (except for the CNC stuff) when I clicked on the forums button so I was wondering what Michael was seeing.
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    Near me in Michigan City Indiana we have Menards and Lowes next to each other. Lowes is still king of materials and tools but consumer items which is does not carry and Menards does is why Menards is more retail orientated while Lowes is more commerical orientated. Both do well and neither are closing. But as we enter another building bubble we will see a down turn in new buildling. Around here we are built out pretty much so most of the money is spent on maintenance. For example for my home improvement shower replacing a tub all the requried tools for the job came from lowes but the vanity (due to style of spouse preference) came from Menards. Lowes is still best for most all building materials but for example when I went to insulate my rim board the 2" thick insulation at Menards was considerably less than Lowes mainly because Lowes does not carry the "pink cat" brand but Menards does.
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    Let's hope there isn't a screw loose somewhere. http://digg.com/video/cut-wood-motorcycle-saw
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    I really, really wanted to come home with it Larry, BUT...
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    I knew it was tape. I was just razzing Jess a little.
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    Pack up and move North...probably want to pick-up a snow-blower as one of your first purchases though..Menards Locations
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    I've "hearing/seeing" the same to both also Dan. Some positive reports on Starrett BS blades also. Kind of weird how they list the lengths though...feet + inches...like for mine, 80" = 6'8" blade...competitive prices. One outlet is MSC, but I think Woodcraft carries some now too. Not carbide though...
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    They started here better than a month ago! But on another note the polling place at the village hall already had to send out for more ballots, that was before 10:00 AM.
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    I ran across this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCvVNrzGJBk
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    include comping for a palsy type shake and arthritic hands that some of the older sect has... and depth perception
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    I have used a mix similar to this for cutting boards.
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    Bacon-fat biscuits with apple, white cheddar and rosemary Ingredients: 2 cups flour 1½ tablespoons baking powder 1 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon fresh ground black pepper 3 tablespoons bacon fat, cold 3 tablespoons butter, cold 2 teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary (dry works fine too) ¾ cup peeled, super finely chopped apple ¾ cup grated white cheddar cheese 1 cup cream, plus more to brush on biscuits Directions: Preheat the oven to 400°. Whisk together the flour, baking powder, sugar, pepper and salt. Using your hands, work the fats into the flour mixture to form a coarse meal (you can also do this in the food processor). Add the cheese, apple and rosemary to combine. Pour in the cream and mix until the dough comes together. Turn it out onto a floured surface and knead it gently until it comes together. Roll it out to about a half-inch thick and cut with a cutter or a glass. Put on a parchment-covered baking sheet, brush with cream and bake for 22-25 minutes or until golden on the top. Serve hot.
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    Bent the base today, three 6" boards resawed on the table saw, gives me 6 boards at 48" plus or minus( enough for the project) milled them down to 1/4" each and spread the glue, and clamped them up. Plenty of clamps on hand, I'll never run out of them clamps. I over bent them at a 47" radius, when they "relax" they'll fit just fine
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    Dan, That's some pretty cool Redneck Ungineering!
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    Gramps, you weren't missing it, after I built it I forgot to open up the permissions to view it! Thanks for the heads up!
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    Wow, that was some project! Thanks for bringing this back to the front.
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    even after i had shingles the first time i got the zostavax and just this year i got my two shingrix shots. the new stuff is supposed to last longer to help prevent another attack. once you had the chickenpox you have the virus forever and i can tell you my outbreaks weren't fun either. hope you're doing better.
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    Very nice pictorial. Your photography skills rival and, certainly compliment, your other considerable abilities.
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    I made my point! Larry didn't know what HF means, And that is why I don't like Acronyms. Herb
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    @Dadio, will you do the honors please?
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    How about BS............. That is what I think of it all. Herb
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    Please do!! Your creativity is outstanding!
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    Cal, Believe it or not, the motor is as I received it! It was an Ebay! find, and I was the 6th person to look at the post. I didn't waste any time hitting the "Buy it Now" button. The seller stated that the motor would not start every time, but would hum when it would not start. Apparently this motor failed early, and was replaced. When I received it I took the end bell with the switch loose and discovered that the centrifugal switch contact was outside of it's mounting cage.!! It was a 5 minute fix!!!
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    Yes we do Stick. I submitted the ip's to EL to clear. EL is the only mail provider that is bouncing our notifications. Believe it or not, as far as I know you are the only active member using EL. Of course it had to be you!
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    I've seen similar reports and like you wondered how. However, the one that opened a few years ago in our county seat seems to be booming. It's also a smaller footprint store especially compared to the one about 30 miles North. There was a cost to it coming to town though. In a twist of irony, the property where the HD store was built (and some other small businesses + Steak-n-Shake) was sold to the property management group of HD by a local, family owned Farm Supply/Hardware Store who had been in the community for over 50 years. Great people, great and VERY knowledgeable employees and very competitive prices. Probably the best of a modern era, old time hardware store in the area. They had even opened three additional stores in surrounding county seats, so if one didn't have what you needed the other probably did and you would have it next day at the latest. My dad had traded with them as I continued. As they grew, they even began their own brand names on some items including Ag, Automotive and L&G batteries...I just replaced the last two of the L&G batteries this past year. The smaller L-post lasted over 4 years. The post type lasted 10 years...unheard of...but they really were that good. I digress... I'm sure the family profited quite well with the property sale based on location...they relocated and leased space in an old Kroger building which had poor traffic flow and visibility. Add Big R (similar to Rural King, Tractor Supply, Farm & Fleet) coming to town directly across the highway from HD, the local business began to suffer. Eventually all of their stores closed. Partly age related maybe as the four kids of the founder all came into their 60's..3 boys, two older than me, one the same age who passed away in Feb this year (A GREAT person!; we had gone to school together, shared the same first & middle names and remained friends), and a daughter probably in her early to mid 50's now who by another twist has become a real estate agent. Anyways, the big(ger) boxes impacted the business along with demographics, changing business models, and location. We are fortunate to have a very strong ACE/Sears Home Store which also has been locally family owned for over 50 years now. Also, great & knowledgeable folks. HD also impacted the local family owned Do-It-Best Building Supply Store. They survive, but IDK how. They were always (& still are) way over-priced especially on building materials and hardware items. I can count on both hands the number of times I've been in there the past ten years. I've always worried the owners would drown in a hard rain storm the way they walk around with their noses up in the air.
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    I heard in the news today that Lowe"s is closing some stores. Hope their not going the route of Sears.
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