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    Here is the start of a simple little project. Seems they had an Anger Management course at work for the Supervisors. Well, from what I hear the instructor made mention that if you get angry, rather than saying you PI$$ED me off, you should say - you tinkled me off. Well I guess one of the Supervisors laughed so hard she almost wet herself - she continued for like 15 minutes laughing hysterically. Her staff asked me if I could carve a simple sign for her office that said: "you tinkled me off". I needed to do just a tad more than that - so I designed this simple plaque and started carving. Thought I would share
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    I worked on some more tissue boxes, for myself. The last ones I made disappeared. Then a knock on the door and there stood the neighbor lady with a brown bag and another sack. The brown bag had a loaf of warm bread she baked this morning. Then she asked if I could do her a favor, how could I say "no? She said that she had this 9X12X 1 5/8" cutting board she made a few years ago and she want it made into two 3/4" cutting boards. Her band saw would only cut 6" hi and she was asking if mine would cut 9" high. So we went to the shop and did that and I gave her a doweling jig, since she is leaving for the winter skiing at Whistler, and won't be here for Christmas. She also wanted to know what I am working on , so we discussed the tissue box build, she already has one of the last batch. Herb
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    John Morris

    Stanley No. 49 Auger Bit Depth Stop

    Now I am excited! Hey, simple mind, simple pleasure. I ordered the Stanley No. 49 Auger Bit Depth Stop, should be here by Saturday. It'll be a very handy addition for my holes! Ya I know I could make some, but I really like these mechanical do-dads and gizmos.
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    steven newman

    Clean out day

    Everyone hates these sort of days....Mom is staying in an assisted living center....her house has been sold....the "kids" and their kids have to go in and clean things out, before the new owners arrive. What we don't want, will go to an estate Auctioneer.... So....Dad was a Mechanic...all his life....had two full sets of about every tools Craftsman, S&K, Proto ever sold...I got the set he used at the house...I also got a ladder or two.. 8 footer. Got a couple lawn chairs.. Not sure how well this will do in gravel... Have spent many an hour on this thing..with these in use.. Anyone know what this big tool was for? There was quite a bit of tools for working on cars.. I'm keeping these two.. Just in case I change my own oil... Or a tire. As to what all of these are sitting on? The wheels are in the house, along with the wrenches, mitre gauge, and blade guard (2) While there was a drill index... There was also this.. Drill Mug? There were a few other power tools.. Weller, B&D, Craftsman. Framing square is an oldie. Tag on the one 2' level says "FURROW"...the one behind it? Port Austin, MICH. USA.....about as old as I am. Then there was this box... Not sure what that is...but what IS inside? Taps..lots of taps..some were a bit BIG... The two bigger ones are both 7/8"....from there on down....regular and Pipe thread ones. Coffee can full of hole saws? Anyone need these yellow plugs? In addition to about every size wrench, screwdriver, socket sets ( all of which in now in my roll-around) and pliers...I haven't even started on this bucket.. Along with quite a few electrical tools and supplies. A "Trouble Light", and a cord in a reel ( needs a plug)...We had a pickup truck and the van loaded...whew. Need to find a decent 8" saw blade..sometime. BTW..what is this "level" Almost like looking through a gunsight....Bonus question.. Says Stanley on it?
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    Got my Stanley Sweet Heart Tapes today, and they are really nice, heavy too. Have a good return spring, and will reach 36" before they break-over. They have the same marks on each side, 1/2"wide tape. (from Highland Hdwre) Herb
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    Larry Buskirk

    Clean out day

    Steve, Man can we relate. BTDT x2
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    John Morris

    Last Job Memories

    Now that one goes where you go! A memory forever!
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  9. 3 points
    Geeze Herb. It's a good thing we got a bread maker. My saw will only cut 6", too. Nice trade, though. Good looking tissue boxes and I really like those shop made camps.
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    Clean out day

    Steve if those are individual pieces on that long shaft and are different diameters inside and out side they are to align a new clutch as it is being installed...as the pressure plate goes over the clutch plate. I have a set but are much smaller... Use to everything had to be bigger to last as the metal and the machining was not much when those first cars started showing up.. The long shaft slid in first then the right size bushing went over the shaft, the clutch plate fit over the bushing and centered it for the transmission to slide in through all those holes..... The standard shift transmission could not go through all the holes if they were not in alignment.....Standard transmissions are still having to be installed that way.
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    don't rush me... still mulling over Friday's TBD.... at least I practiced nap extensions today...
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    Air Compressor Drain Valve Upgrade

    I borrowed my neighbor's 33 gal so many times, I decided that he needed a better way to drain his tank. I purchased this assembly from Home depot. Very easy to install, just remove the plug and install the new assembly. Quarter turn for open/closed. Danl
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    I have a whole new respect for Noah after working on this behemoth table. The top is glued, flat and first sand while I mortise and tenon the legs, skirt and stretchers.
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    Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! Latest Wiki Entries Straight from a wonderful book about "American Woods", by Shelley E. Schoonover, published in 1951, we are moving her out of print, out of copyright contents over to our wiki. There will be two categories for the trees of North America, The Softwoods, and The Hardwoods. See the latest entries at the links below. Western Hemlock An excellent choice for architectural designs and interior flooring and wall panelings, with it's warm amber glow, the Western Hemlock has found its way into may homes and office spaces. Read more... Douglas Fir Douglas Fir, the darling of the construction and woodworking industry, used in everything from the framing of structures to temporary supports in bridge construction, to the most modest arts and crafts projects, this wood species has gained a reputation of being both reliable and cost effective. Read more... Grains and Figures in Wood Burls, knots, medullary rays, annual growth rings, grains in the lumber such as wavy grain and cross grain, variations in the coloring matter irregularly distributed in the wood, or other distortion formed in the tree either from injury or the hazards of nature, form different patterns or figures in wood. Read more... New Members Please welcome @Glenn, @pdexter, @Tas to our community, leave a message of welcome on their profile page. And to our new members, welcome to your new community folks! Note: To leave a welcome message, simply click on their names, and at their profile page you can let them know how happy you are they are here! Featured Topic @Smallpatch (Jess) has a wonderful topic up regarding his choices for power carving attachments and tools. Great job Jess! Featured Image of the Week Korean woodworkers
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    John Morris

    Last Job Memories

    Doing more organization in the shop, I ran across the last door installation job I did back in 2009. My old invoice to the prop. mngt. company. My ol business cards. And a couple little cabinet jobs I had sketched up and ready to go. Great memories, I met a lot of good people and customers, I loved being on on the road and working for folks, I got along with em all, a lot of repeat business by word of mouth only, never had to advertise. My wife has been a stay at home wife and Mom since we been married, I always had a regular day job, and my own side business up until 2009 to keep us going. Now my day job is at the point it can support the family on it's own, still always looking for that overtime though! I remember this last door job vividly, wonderful customers. It was a good day too, made about 250 bucks before lunch. My home made business cards that my wife made. This was a little pine cabinet I made for another awesome customer, I installed this in their laundry room. They fed me lunch! I still have all my door installation tools, I'll never give them up, you never know when the bills may get a bit too much, it's always great to have a backup trade. Thanks for following me down memory lane.
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    Last Job Memories

    Cool! I've got notes, receipts, etc. from work I did nearly 30 years ago. I have a scar on my thumb from some table saw work I did 40 years ago! hat
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    Weekend Update: Friday night football Sr. recognition went well and was fun. Actually won a game too 55-6. Got the asparagus bed cleaned, staked and mulched; blackberry and raspberry beds cleaned and ready for straw/ mulch; lot of brush piles cleaned up. Some playing in the garage/ shop. Week to come; Choir concert tonight; need to start mowing again and enjoy last two days of summer...Thursday high temps in mid 50's; Wednesday is my "kid" brother's birthday so taking him to lunch. Friday, the annual Parke County (IN) Covered Bridge Festival begins it's 10 day run. I'm sure there's a treasure or two I absolutely don't need with my name on it.
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    Marv Rall

    Air Compressor Drain Valve Upgrade

    I solved this situation with a drain valve used by truckers for their airbrake tanks-----available at a truck repair place----or maybe google. Spring loaded----pull the wire cable----release after a moment---problem solved. Works for me.
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    Next Project start up

    Nice revision with the use of the walnut latches. Hopefully that appeases the "puppet" until he gets new button eyes sewn on.
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    steven newman

    Next Project start up

    Well, thanks to a sock-puppet on another site...who declared those metal turn buttons "Cheap"....decided to use a bit of walnut scrap.. This was after a coat of Amber Shellac was applied, of course..... A small washer is behind the latch, reused the screws from the "cheap" metal latches.... Walnut scrap was resawn to make two thin sections. Bandsaw to rough shape, sander to smooth things out. Hole for the screw is also counter-sunk. These will work, even IF you turn them the wrong way.. Turn it up or down to open the doors.
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    We had planned a day of 4 wheeling with our son and his family, yesterday. Mother nature intervened. We got around 1 1/2" of mixed rain and snow Saturday and some more, Sunday. So we couldn't get to our trail riding place. The wash that bisects our only road out was running over 3’ deep and fast. Couldn’t get out to trailer the machines to the trail head. But our son and his two kids unloaded their machine and went the other direction…in the rain and 42 temps. They had an hour of fun. Took another hour to clean up and wash their clothes. We reloaded everything and will try to get to the trails again this morning. It’s about 30 miles away. If all goes well, we should get in around four hours of riding before the son has to head back to tucson. He and his wife have jobs. Phyl and I don’t so, we’ll be hosing off the 4 wheelers tomorrow. Then, we'll need to shut down and blow out the irrigation system and the outside water lines. We usually wait until 10/15 but it's been getting pretty cold at night lately. A couple more coats of finish and my last rifle case goes to the upholsterer. Then it's on to a mesquite slab, live edge end table for my son. A power carving station is coming up after that. Then, a router lathe machine that's been awaiting assembly. But that's well beyond a week away. It helps to write about it...keeps it in the forebrain, not in memory, where it gets lost.
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    Didn't think of it until just now but I bet the chips would work good in my smoker.
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    Gene Howe

    Hey Gene Howe

    Not this year, Jesse. Went once a few years ago. Had a blast. Those guys are all about half crazy. But, they've got some neat balloons. No, we didn't go for a ride.
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    So long as they're not "road" apples
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    Jim from Easy Wood Tools


    Beautiful piece.. well done. Hope it "turns" out the way you want.

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