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    I think I surprised myself Fred. Dave I was glad to make the delivery, it gave me a chance to spend some time with Dan and tour his shop. I believe he has mastered the art of tool making. I was surprised by how small his metal lathes were and what he has made to adapt to his wood turning needs. Awesome. He also gifted my wife with some beautiful pens & a cherry candle holder. Thanks Dan.
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    Did you leave your ear buds in again John?!?
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    An Ark! Just waiting on the rains, you all think I'm crazy selling everything off, I may know something you all don't know, been hearing voices in my head.
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    Nice surprise for me today. @Grandpadave52 sent some wood back to town with @DuckSoup for me. I was hoping for a few logs since Bob had to put it in his trunk. Turns out there was enough Mulberry, a few pieces of Apple and Plum to fill the dump bet on my buggy. Bob also gifted me a couple of 18" long drill bits he had extras of. I'll be good to go when I want to drill some lamp blanks for the wire. As if that weren't enough, @Ron Dudelston sent me a swag bag with Bob also. You guys are the greatest. Thanks to all of you, I will enjoy these things immensely. Dan
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    Did someone say "METAL LATHES"?? Maybe Dan can tutor me on using the 9 inch South Bend I received from my uncle - going to be looking into classes or something once I retire.
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    Many, many years ago, I once saw a pink one crossing the interstate about 2 AM...if I recall correctly, about the same time the last beer was consumed...Odd coincidence.
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    My wife won't put anything in her little car unless she can close the trunk lid, so no need for tie-downs. However, I have about a half dozen of them in the pickup, as well as an equal number of the heavy-duty 2" ones. Hey, you never know. You might find a free elephant or something! John
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    Small tokens of appreciation Dan for all the gifts you provided. Enjoy the Mulberry..hope it turns out well...no pun (oh alright there is) intended. ...and yes, Bob is a great all around guy plus being the "runner"
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    Since moving out here to the stix, can't drink beer in the car. Roads are too rough.
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    No I have not Gene, but I had my share of Guava wine when I was a youngster. Had a guava tree, dad made wine out of it by the gallons, as a matter of fact he had at least 3 or 4, 5gal Sparkletts water bottles simmering at any given time, right under his woodworking bench. I remember the foam resting at the top of the bottles like it was yesterday, keep in mind I was only in my mid teens, and what does any Red Blooded American mid teen boy, and his friends do when presented with an opportunity to skim a little wine from each bottle? Well, me and my buddies made a habit from it for one summer, the danged stuff was more like high octane fruit juice, perhaps along the lines of a liqueur than a wine, lets just say we had a hard time keeping our balance at the summer beach bon fires for a whole summer! Woke up in the wrong place a few times too! How'd Dad handle that summer? We won't go into that, it twasn't pretty.
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    Checked out inside of eyelids in the morning. PM moved some old junk out of the garage so i had room to move in some new junk.
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    cork coaster goes underneath the ash bin by the fireplace, so the metal doesn't mark up the painted hearth. pic? BRB.... pin wheel pattern. 12x12 and 6x6 porcelain tiles from Lowes. haze in distance is the area i just grouted today, will de-haze tomorrow. about 320 SF of this fun over the last few weeks. doing about 20 SF a day.
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    I have used these ratchet clamps for ten years or so but first I had to cut off the hooks and cut the end of the roll off to where it is not lapped, thread that end in to the lever and sew it back and forth a few times and you got four ratchet clamps worth hundreds I got this sale book today in the mail. These worked great when I made these clocks. They worked good enough to close up the cracks where it looked the table saw was in tip top shape..Like even someone else made them!!!....Aw yea, it was Harbor Freight that should take the credit???? Even if you don't know how to sew they're still work it....
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    Made a rusty find at a flea market. He asked 10and I offered 6. No sign of wear but some nice rust. Yes it is Starett. Reminds me we saw a aluminum body Cobra and the tag was YESITIS.
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    Have the drawing whenever you want, as far as I’m concerned. I bought the tickets to support this website, not out of any desire to win. I will buy ones for the Christmas too, too good a cause to ignore.
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    I'm willing to help but I am self taught. I bet @Cliff has more experience than I have and can help too.
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    i'm holding onto the 1994 south pole marker, as placed by the USGS on new years day (this is mid January when the pic was taken). this was the first year that they used GPS to locate it. about 6 feet behind is the 1994 marker that was placed by the old method. about 10 years prior to this, they had to spend several days with sextants and clocks to locate the pole location. and then they knew the ice moved in a certain direction at a certain rate (about 10 meters per year), so each successive year, they'd measure out 10 meters in the correct direction (very close to the shadow direction in the pic, so 12 hours later the marker's shadow would accurately point the way), place the new marker and go home. so over about 10 years, the accumulated error was about the 6 feet you see. those guys with sextants were pretty talented!
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    If you use 0000 steel wool, as I do on small turnings, first cut a small piece off about the size of you thumb print. Using a large piece can get caught on itself, pull out of your hand and cause a fire because of friction on lathe parts. Not only does it burn fast, but with wood dust in it can cause a big fire. Which brings up part 2..........Keep a fire extinguisher close and easy to get to.
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    There was a law in California in the forties being against the law for any cans of beer, full or empty in a car......and that included the ones flying out the windows as the red lights started blinking... Growing up in a town of 400 sw of Lubbock when going to high school we had to go to the big city to the boot leggers every week end...many many times in my car or whos ever the tell tale signs of driving from one bar ditch to the other always alerted those nice policemen....the very best cops in the world right there in the land of no trees....and no rain either. I never ever remember any of our guys getting a ticket...It was always a talking to and a politely request to get back to our town without killing ourselves or other folks...Boot leg beer was always in quart bottles so it would be hard to hide them under the seats or any where else... I also don't ever remember the police looking through our cars. What we did right after buying the beer we stopped and bought a bag of ice, I think a quarter back then and took the spare tire out of its rack, put a plug in the hole in the bottom of the rack, laid the beer bottles in gently then dumped the ice over them. So in a very short time they were cold and drinkable..... But this was also a tell tale sign as some of the plugs didn't hold all the water in and the police learned to watched for the small line of water coming from the cars. I don't ever remember anyone arguing with the police or either side getting upset...... Well that type of police interaction did have an effect on me for when I turned 44 I quit drinking beer. Wasn't so much what I learned from those guys in my high school days for I had just built and opened a go-cart track and hey someone had to run it.
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    Oh God Yes! Also, this wine was not very good, it was quite harsh. But at that age, the taste wasn't important. Dad was still trying to figure out the right sugar content among other things, he was a wine chemist, not a wine maker When we were toddlers he made beer, kept it under our front wood porch where it was nice and cool, it blew up one day, seriously, it really did.
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    The only chips that are going in me are crinkle cut.
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    I had no idea he got that much wood into his car, should keep you busy for a least a day or two!
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    Both are on my To Do list for tomorrow in the order you listed.
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    cork coaster goes underneath the ash bin by the fireplace, so the metal doesn't mark up the painted hearth. pic? BRB....
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    Some of the Treasures, from last Saturday.... Was already cleaned up, before I got it. You add this to about any other brace-style drill, other than a Fay. Then you can use small twist ( round shank) drill bit, like for pilot holes. Next.. This one will need the handle worked on a bit... When I cleaned the crank handle up a bit...found the Goodell-Pratt logo.....this be a No. 329....might be worth saving? Logo is barely readable on the drive gear...says it is a Goodell-Pratt....stamped into the crank handle, says it is a No. 0477... 2 speeds! Shift the drive shaft from one hole to the other. You do need a drill this size..to power one of these.. Called a chain drill. One end chucks up into a large brace drill, or a breast drill. Chain loops over/around the beam/post/metal I beam. You chuck the required drill bit in it. Adjust the feed rate, and it will maintain pressure against the bit, taking up slack in the chain. Need a project that calls for scroll work, then I can try this one out. Seems there was an "Imported" tool......gears are enclosed on this drill.. "JORDAN" ( or JORDIN??) France...OEM colour seems to have been a dark blue? Cleaned up, and sitting in front of the Millers Falls 120 I already had. Jordan USED to have a ball bearing thrust washer( that ring was in front of it) but the balls were falling out...bearing was shot. May go through those 6 (!!!) block planes, and see IF I can get a few "good" ones made up, and working... May clean up that Defiance handplane.....and see how it does... Unless someone else sees a tool in this mess they want....the extras may go to that Junk-n-the-Box store..as Trade Bait....IF he has something worth trading for... Stay tuned ( already been yelled at, for getting a shirt dirty) May get some of these Treasures back to New In Box Status...
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    I got some Snap-on heavy duty ones from Costco IIRC - $20 for 4. pulled the pin on the short end and had the wife sew together the other end away from the clip. I can revert to a tie-down should I ever need it.
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    Sadly, since the authorities are cracking down on beer in cars, the pink ones are now considered "endangered". There's a down side to everything! John
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    Guava wine sounds really good. Sounds like your dad's was pretty potent. Wine hangovers are excruciatingly unpleasant, aren't they?
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    Folks, thanks so much for keeping this alive. I'd like to put an idea out to you all. The drawing is scheduled to happen on Sept 29. I was thinking about pulling it back to Sept 15, for one reason only. Sept 29 is pretty danged close to when we start (again passing the hat) for our Christmas Family. We will have another raffle soon after this drawing, and I am afraid you all may be getting "raffled out". And I am concerned the funding for our "Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for Christmas" may not be so grand as it's grand opening is so close to this raffle final draw. I don't want you all to feel like we are trying to "soak" ya for money, that's not what this community is about. As you all know, our admins, hosts, nor I, receive any monetary compensation for our time here, period, there is no payroll. On a personal level, I also do not accept any gifts from our sponsors either, I have been approached and asked if I would like this or that, but I have a commitment to only run this community from my heart and love of woodworking and our veterans and families, so I have politely rejected goods offered to me by sponsors and other vendors alike. I only bring this up to make you aware, that we are truly an all volunteer community, so when we have these raffles, they are purely in the spirit of either providing for a warrior cause, or for paying the bills incurred by this community. So I kind of messed up by having the close of this raffle align so closely with the opening of our Wounded Warrior adoption for Christmas raffle. So, how would you all feel if we sped up the close of this raffle? Thanks
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    as long as you spelled your name correctly.. identification should be easy...
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    John you planning on building log cabins??
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    Does that fill the hole back up again? Herb
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    That is a good tip lew. I have done that and it does come out the best. I would like to get a good countersink. I have a half dozen of them and not happy with any of them on wood. Some work great on metal, not all metals, but have never found a good one just for wood. The ones that are intregal with a drill bit for screws are kind of iffy when it comes to countersinking. Herb
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    Finished up my version of some long reach C-Clamps like this picture. This is for the 2X4 challenge @ our WW club. I will post a pictorial of the build later this week. Herb
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    Bob, aka DuckSoup, is stopping by this morning to drop off some Mulberry logs GrandpaDave sent back with him from the picnic Saturday. Hopefully he has time sit and have a coffee and chew the fat a little. Hot and humid lately. Will have to spend some time in the shop where it is cool. Have plans to make a small table for the patio using some composite decking material I have on hand.
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    Working on some lid lift designs incorporating the buttons/rosettes at the head end of of deer antlers. I had forgotten how bad they smell when they get sanded. Yuck.
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    Weekend...didn't get any better than being in attendance for this... What a fantastic group of people to spend the day with! Just got everybody out the door to start another week. Headed out in a bit to transport my step-dad for his monthly eye injection...#139...we'll probably catch lunch afterwards. With all the rain, heat & humidity, hard to tell the grass was mowed less than a week ago, so time to start over...several brush piles to attend to after a "farm fresh" wood transfer. Same 'ole, same 'ole transport stuff, add in a couple volleyball matches...my allocated garage space needs a major clean/reorganize/tool put away to wrap up the week.
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    Characteristics summary. Remember, pick the characteristics you want and live with the rest of what you get. Product Application Curing Odor Protection Repairability Oil Cloth Slow Some Low 1 Moderate Oil-varnish Cloth Slow Some Some 3 Moderate Varnish Cloth, brush Slow Some High 9 Low Wax Cloth Fast Low Low 0 Moderate Shellac Cloth, brush, Fast Some Moderate 6 High or Spray Lacquer Brush, spray Fast High Moderately high 8 High Waterborne Brush, spray Fast Low Moderately high 8 Moderate -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stain Cloth, brush, Fast to Moderate* n/a n/a or spray* slow* Glaze Cloth, brush Slow Low 0 n/a Toner Spray Fast* Some to high* 5-8 * moderate * depending upon medium
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    On Saturday, August 25th, Patriot Woodworker Fred Hargis hosted a meet and greet in his new shop in Wapakoneta, Ohio. These are pictures from that day. In attendance were Our host Fred Hargis, Ducksoup (Bob Prochak), Michael Thuman, The Bandit (Steve Newman), GrandpaDave (Dave Zimmerman), kmealy (Keith Mealy), Irish Woodcarver and his wife (Bob and Louann Phelan) and Patriot Woodworker Administrator Ron Dudelston. HandyDan (Dan Hunkele) was there in spirit and donated gifts and TPW Administrator John Moody joined via FaceTime. We would like to thank our sponsors Woodcraft, Laguna Tools, and Easy Wood Tools for their generous donations of door prizes and take home gifts.
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    From the album: 2018 TPW Gathering

    Site Admin Ron Dudelston preps the tickets for the big drawing. The first name draw got their choice of either a #62 Wood River plane donated by HandyDan or a mid size detailing tool donated by Easy Wood Tools and being held by the IrishWoodCarver.
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    Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! Community News As you all know @Fred W. Hargis Jr hosted the first get together for Patriot Woodworkers in his home in the great state of Ohio. From the looks of it and the action reports, it was a good time by attendees. To see images of the get together, please see the topic at Still on Schedule. Right now the images and videos are kind of all over the place as they come in, soon we'll have a gallery dedicated to Fred's meeting, and our own Admin @Ron Dudelston has volunteered to move all the event images to the specified gallery, and add captions to the images as well. This way you all can view the happenings in one location. Thanks Ron! And again, thank you Fred for hosting a wonderful meet and greet! And we'd like to thank Woodcraft, Laguna Tools, and Easy Wood Tools for supplying some fun and wonderful swag items and gifts. New Members No new members folks, but you can help change that, get the word out to your friends, invite your email contacts list, invite your postman, your local high school shop teacher, invite em all! Featured Gallery By now you all should be aware of @Big B gallery for his turnings, he recently uploaded some wonderful images of his work, and can you believe it, he's been turning for only 4 years! Great job Big! Featured Image of the Week Kevin Watt, Wood Craft Center manager, and the wood-working camp participants pose for a photo after making their cutting boards at Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, Aug. 11, 2017. The Youth Center partnered with the Wood Craft Center to host a total of two, week-long wood working camps to offer the classes to more kids. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Janelle Patiño) Source: https://www.fairchild.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1278242/youth-center-hosts-first-ever-woodworking-camp/
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    Trip back from NC Sunday. Stopped at a flea market and found a Starrett square with a good bit of rust. He wanted 10 I offered 6 and he said ok ,maybe since the wife was spending 26 on a Guardian cook ware.I cannot resist a Starrett. Not sure what the project is tomorrow but will have to hit the ground running.
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    From the album: 2018 TPW Gathering

    Ron Dudelston, have you no shame?
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    From the album: 2018 TPW Gathering

    GrandpaDave and Michael Thuman watch the Bandit’s lesson.
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    back then, the navy still ran about 1/2 the operations, the others being run by a private contractor, and the navy was slowing turning things over. in mid-winter, McMurdo got 2 air drops of supplies, needed machinery, parts, mail, fresh food (the last supply ship had left in February), so station staff (me) had to go out to the air field to observe and recover all the pallets of stuff. fresh food pallets got recovered first, stuff that could freeze was last on the priority (all done in one day, but it takes time to drive over with the fork lift, and load the pallet onto a truck). i worked for a contractor and was assigned to help the NSF (national science foundation, they ran the whole place for the govt) with construction inspection. so that day i was assigned to help the surveyors mark and map the locations of the pallets, so the national guard folks would have some feed back on where their loads ended up compared to where they were aiming. several years after this, they stopped the mid-winter airdrops for cost reasons. one parachute didn't deploy. that pallet sunk about 4 feet into the ice. lots of digging ensued. spent a year down there, including going to South Pole for a weekend.
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