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    Sitting here by the pool in east central Indiana watching the hummingbirds feed. This morning is cool, crisp and damp and the coffee is hot. We finally got some much needed rain last night so all is right with the world. This has been a laid back week with just a little shop time even though my to do list is long. I am retired after all! On Wednesday, Dorothy and I took our two youngest granddaughters to Shipshewana Indiana to attend a large flea market and see the sights. Shipshewana is Amish country filled with shops and amazing food. If you're ever in northern Indiana, it is a great place to spend the day. I did manage to make some progress on a few gun display cases this week and will finish them today. The oak one is sold already and since I was building, I made a cherry and walnut one for stock. The oak case will also have the owner's ID and badges from his lifetime as an arson investigator. On a side note, the pistol laying in the case is the least favorite gun I own. It is a Ruger P95 and shoots fine but it has an odd feel to m y hand. It does make a stellar demo for the case. No big plans for the weekend so far but what's on your Patriot Woodworker agenda for this weekend?
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    Here is the desktop clock and a wall clock I just finished. Herb
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    I put one of those in a box with side filters, once. Even on low speed it was too much for my basement shop. I ended up mounting it in the basement window. I had a smaller version that I tried to use as an overhead circulator. It moved a lot of air but again it was almost too powerful. I replaced the overhead one with a WEN filter system.
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    I think I'm on to something. I have an overhead dust collector, window box fan and several box fans scattered around the shop. I have an overhead 2 car garage door and a regular door. All the fans blowing the same way moves a lot of dust but seems like never enough. I got a fan from a home furnace. Put it on wheels, hooked up electrically, covered the places where your fingers might get caught. I use a wheel chuck to keep it from driving around the shop. I placed it behind me and plugged it in. WOW WHAT A WIND STORM. I felt like I was dust free and it was all blowing out the 2 car garage door. I have a couple pictures. Preston
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    Speaking of Norm, and sorta of what @Gerald said- These hand holds are comfortable and are created with a jig like you did. I made a couple of these butler tables. The hinges cost more than the wood. The first table was solid Pennsylvania walnut and was a gift to my brother. They sold it at a yard sale
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    Make sure it is up-to-date! https://www.techsupportalert.com/content/using-google-chrome-browser-update-now.htm
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    Most excellent Herb...you did "Holly-wood" proud.
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    Soon you'll be rolling in green stuff; be able to ransom your truck; hire a driver for the kids; and get back in the shop (or back shopping - i don't know which?).
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    I was faced with cutting hand-holds in a number of boxes. While the typical approach is to drill two holes and connect them with a jig saw, I never had much luck with that and dreaded the task of drilling, sawing, sanding and routing 72 holes. I used a jig similar to ones I've used before. I simply cut a strip out of a piece of 1/2"plywood that determined the height of the hand-hold. Then I glued the plywood back together to create the width I wanted. I added a stop to set the distance between the top of the box and the top of the hand-hold. Since the boxes were of a couple of different widths and I must use it again in the future, I did not put a stop on the other side, but simply marked the center line of the box and lined it up with the center line of the jig and clamped in place. Then using a plunge router with a bushing and mortising bit routed out what amounts to a large through mortise. Use a roundover bit on inside and outside of hand-hold You could also use a top-piloted bearing bit if you wish. I don't mind the square-ish ends, but if you prefer the more traditional rounded ends, just round over the inserts before you glue them back up.
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    and you need more router bits to bring out the potential of said machine, there is not much to do except brace yourself, grit your teeth and order some router bits to help make that machine more productive... Brace yourself for sure... Its really easy to sit here and push the order button but wait, someone has to pay. Just a hair less than 300 so I will tell wife these will be Christmas presents for the year 2032 as I have already used up all the previous years with something for the shop..Its strange for I keep the plastic pouches with the numbers of the bits so I won't order more of the same number cause I can't keep up with the receipts... that take up way less room.... I did notice since I bought the Legacy Mill all the prices have doubled in price but it also has been about 18 or 19 years..
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    I just got them in yesterday. Maybe I typed it in my sleep. I did use to walk in my sleep.
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    Tami and I have been plugging away at getting all of our stuff ready for our move to Bowling Green, KY. It has been slower than we planned as Tami's left knee replacement surgery has been more difficult than planned. Tami was born with Cerebral Palsy which causes issues in her coordination. Her left leg is the weak side so it will take close to twice as long get full strength. So we are behind our original schedule by 2 weeks. Today we will get the storage unit dropped off to our driveway so I can start loading up all of the packed boxes of the family heirlooms, photographs, decor and other non-essential stuff that can be stored locally. When we get ready to go they will transport it back to their Nashville, TN storage facility until we get our new home squared away and then they will deliver it there. The company is https://www.1800packrat.com/containers . When we do head out of California we will get a Uhaul trailer one way to Kentucky to take our minimal day-to-day stuff that we will need. I have to do some exterior work on our patio cover to replace some boards and paint. 2 days ago I had 2 of the youth boys from church scrape off all the weeds from our slope and planters. I was very happy to have them do it instead of me and they were happy to get $100 each for their work. Money very well spent from my end. Yesterday was the last day of school for Tami's K-1 Moderate-Severe Autism class. Tami has been off since her knee replacement surgery and had not seen her kids since then. She still had to make up all of the lesson plans and do the IEP's for the kids, but I would have to drop them off to the Substitute Teacher as School District Policy says that she cannot go into the class while on disability. So since it was the last day when all the kids get to have a party and graduate up to the next level, I took Tami to her classroom and pushed her in with her wheelchair so the kids would not knock her over. Also to make sure that no one from School District would see her and complain. She was able to give gifts to all of her kids and then for lunch had a pizza party at the park next to the school for the kids and parents. Today she will go to her classroom and clear out the last of her personal stuff that she wants to keep and then leave everything else for whoever the new teacher will be for next year. So we are moving forward to Kentucky. We will meet up with our good friend Jill who we have known for 35 years and is a Realtor this next week to get a photographer to come in and shoot pics to go on the MLS and get the house officially on the market.
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    I thinks that this is WAY past the reality stage...
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    Of course, there's a story behind the stiff horse. We ate lunch at the Blue Gate Restaurant and there was an Amish gentleman giving carriage rides. Val, the older of the two, tried to touch the bridle of the horse and it turned its head to see her and scared the daylights out of her. This stiff horse was in a fake stall just around the corner. She said, "This is safer."
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    beautiful... the wall clock wants/begs weather gauges...
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    Got an email early this AM...ground floor opportunity it sounds like...all, y'all want in? Let me know... Hello, My name is David Gledhill, I am an accountant by profession I work with Development bank of Singapore (DBS) i have a business proposition for you. Provide me with your details so we can discuss. Full name: Cell phone number: Occupation: I will be expecting to hear from you. Regards, David Gledhill
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    That kid needs a new "hat man", and a dose of reality.
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    https://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/closets/beverly-hills-teen-gets-54k-custom-closet?ss=closets&utm_source=Real_Magnet&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=180607_CC&utm_content=CABINETS %26 CLOSETS&utm_campaign=Beverly Hills teen gets %2454K custom closet Geez, the house I grew up in wasn't worth $54,000. I shared a 30" wide closet with my brother and had three pair or shoes -- one for working in the barn and fields, one for school, and one for church.
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    A few years back I semi-retired from building custom commercial and residential cabinets. To keep my hand in(our out) I started to build log furniture. Going from custom cabinets to log furniture has been a learning experience indeed. Turning tenons on a log is much different than turning dimension lumber spindles. I have a Record 48" woodworking lathe that is almost useless for spinning an unbalanced log.(to get 200-400 rpm's on an unbalanced log sets up so much vibration that it will yank a chisel right out of your hand, plus you are limited to 48" length. I looked at the pencil sharpener type tenon cutters that you mount on a drill. They are limited to a narrow range of diameters, and there is no provision for the tenon at one end to be parallel with the other end. With not much else on the market in the way of log furniture making tools other than ridiculously expensive metal cutting machine lathes, I decided I needed to build an inexpensive homemade lathe that would cut a round, parallel tenon of any size on either end of a 10" dia. x 8' log.(for bed frames, handrail, ect. I would use live tooling(router) instead of a chisel for the cutter. That would allow me to use a much slower rpm(40-60 rpm) than with a traditional woodworking lathe. It would also allow a much deeper cut and provide more accuracy than with a handheld chisel. I experimented with some wooden mockups of a benchtop lathe. I used 3-D solid modeling software to build virtual mockups and designs. I decided to build out of steel rather than wood. I used "off the shelf" bearings, shafts and gears, and standard size steel tubing and angles to simplify construction. While designing the lathe I realized that by combining a drill I could also have a giant drill press. I further realized that I could use the router as a giant mortise machine. To top it off I added a chainsaw so I could use it as a sawmill also. Sound like a tall order for a cabinetmaker? Maybe so, but I was going to give it a shot. I spent a year of Sundays drawing, building mockups, measuring tool lengths and strokes necessary for the different functions before I cut a piece of metal one. I used the old SHOPSMITH as inspiration for the design. It took several more months of Sundays to build. I am really pleased with the results and would like to hear your comments and opinions on how I did. Go to attached dropbox links for more detailed pics and info on how you can build your own from my prints. machine: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nr4yw91iv2hgdl0/AACv5-Unq_KSGyYK-2YHwWIBa?dl=0 furniture it can build: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pq9hfk8rqr7l416/AADQZxeku_HGeIBLpz4MeasIa?dl=0
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    Back from a great trip. Unfortunately, Phyl and I came down with food poisoning two days before our scheduled flight out of Fairbanks. Delta put us up in a a nice motel for the duration. We made the delayed flight with no recurrences of the nasties. Left us both dehydrated and weak, though. Resting up and hydrating today in Tucson. Heading out for the Mesa tomorrow. Got some pics to share later.
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    Glad to hear you guys are OK. Don't push it though. Dehydration and weakness could leave you susceptible to a secondary infection. Take time to recover. We want to see those pictures.
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    @kmealy I just realized, you had a closet! I didn't even have that, just a bunch of door covered shelves where the gable roof sloped and met the floor. I shared the room with my seven year older sister until my father closed in a sun porch, split that in half and made her a bedroom of her own. That room became a den (TV room) when she graduated from high school and moved out. I didn't even have any heat to my room, and it got just a little chilly when it hit -20°+ in January with the ice build-up on the inside of the single pane windows. I finally got an electric blanket one Christmas. Like you my shoes were limited. A pair of good sneakers for gym (the old pair for daily wear), a pair of work boots, and a pair of dress shoes, oh, and I finally got a pair of Sorrel Felt Pacs for winter, again, as a Christmas present. I considered myself lucky I had that. No shelf full of sneakers costing several hundred dollars like this kid. My father threw a fit when I went and got a pair of $13 Pro Keds for HS gym class. They lasted me for the entire four years and went to college with me.
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    who will be doing that for him???
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    I drove a number of years for Coca Cola. So packing is not a problem. The 16' container unit will be picked up next week. We will be getting a U-haul trailer to take the personal items. The U-haul trailer that we will pull to Kentucky with my Ford F150 will be a breeze.
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    Then another six months arranging and rearranging his hats and shoes to get them juuuust where he wanted them!
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    Currently 89o factoring in dew point feels like 93o; wind from WSW <4 mph; high expected of 92o with moderate risk of severe t-storms later this afternoon. Perfect afternoon to bale hay...sure glad I don't own a hay-field, baler or livestock any more.
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    "Believe I'll have another iced tea, sit over here in front of the computer, and enjoy the breeze from the AC." John
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    Poor kid had to suffer since it took 6 months to do
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    Fantastic! Both are winners in my book!
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    Back from Trip 1 to H.S. Just filled three of the four hummingbird feeders...seems they target the ones which are lowest. We received about 5 drops of the rain Ron...A few miles East significant rain and wind damage; The H.S. had a roof removed from one of the softball field dugouts and deposited it in the middle school parking lot. Odd, the front came from NW; the parking lot is North of the softball field and a good 150' from the dugout. There had to be some rotation to do that. Also a few small trees down on properties near the school and I noticed a couple of large signs also down/MIA in the FFA plot. The gun cases are awesome. The Rugar looks mighty fine modeling for the photo shoot. Fine looking family too. Shipshewana is a great place to spend a day or two...lots to see, do and eat. The horse does appear a tad "stiff" however. Finish mowing today...possibility the truck will be released from the hospital late today if all the transfusions go as planned. A lot of other running around today...remainder of weekend TBD depending on weather.
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    "Believe I'll have another sweet tea, sit over here in the shade and enjoy the breeze" BTDT on several occasions already...haven't had to scrape ice off the windows since early April...haven't missed it.
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    let's see what you guys say when the temps go high double digit or into triple digit w/ matching humidity...
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    nice job... now to protect the electrical connections..
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    Glad to say that the book will soon find its new home. Hope you enjoy it.
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    @Gerald Thank You! @Steve Krumanaker Thanks! @HandyDan Thank You! I think that would work great for a kite! @PostalTom Thanks!
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    I think it speaks well of the reputation your business acumen, it has obviously spread around the world. You should be proud of having such a reputation and the amazing offers it provides.
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    Wow! I just may be envious! You can still walk briskly? Show off!
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    Umm, probably not....a really brisk walk will have to do.
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    he'd be better off bank w/ us...
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    Run, Gramps! Singapore has some really strange banking/investment laws...stick with the Nigerians.
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    Darn. I just invested with Awkmood from SBT. Savings Bank of Tehran.
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    Perfect weather past two days is history...back to low 90's heat & humidity...late afternoon t-storms possible next couple of days.
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    Wowzers. There was a second site that wrapped up yesterday. Similar unit, and it had all the boxes, but did not include anything else. Went for $118!
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    Old thread I know, but awhile back Probotix teased a tool changer as a potential option for their CNCs. I'm not sure how they could implement one with their current design, but that doesn't mean they aren't working on a solution. I've been contemplating strategies to swap out the whole router (trim routers are cheaper than some tool changer assemblies) with different bits installed. But then I look at how much trouble it is (isn't?) to separate toolpath files by bit used, change bits for each file, zero the new bit before loading and running the new file, etc.. I've concluded it is a welcome break in the process, where some quiet is regained and some different muscles can be used. It also eliminates worry in letting the CNC travel over to pick up a tool where it might crash though clamps on the way. Yes, some time might be saved in a repetitive production setting, but fortunately my little shop is far from that. 4D
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    Seeing "your kids" for the last time is a bitter sweet emotion- especially when you know you will not be returning. Missing my kids after retirement was the worst part of leaving.
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