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    If I Could Have Only Found More

    The Restores are all local to their area (usually county) and each Habitat and Restore is independent of all the others. I have (sadly) bought less stuff since i've been volunteering at ours than I used to find and buy before (and yes, i still have a path through the garage; erm, barely ) Some of the stores (like ours) are all volunteer and we're only open to the public on Saturday (8-4) while others in the nearby counties are open multiple days of the week and have some paid personnel. Most of our new stuff is priced around 50% or less of retail and used things are SWAGed out; especially if the person "stocking" doesn't really know what it is or what it's worth. Like every other store, there are things that we take; and things we generally don't take. I'm not in charge of anything: just as SWMBO.
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    Tired Of Facebook?

    I have Facebook. If you don't want to let everyone know what your doing. DON'T POST IT. I don't post where I'm going until after the fact. And then most times I still don't post it. Some people post everything. Where they are going. Where they are eating. What they are doing tomorrow. And the list goes on. There should be some common sense on what you should post and what you shouldn't post. Don't post your whole life on Facebook if you don't want the whole world to know what you are doing.
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    More tax stuff today and then corrections and more tax stuff over the weekend and then send all my remaining money to the government so they can fritter it away (and yes, i was going to use something else for fritter...). Man, oh man, with all those great changes they put in I should be rolling in it next year (kinda like the dog rolls in stuff).
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    Tired Of Facebook?

    Non issue for me, but good post for those who might be considering. Has to learn these steps before he can move into his next phase...politics...
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    Got tired of sanding. Did some gluing. So far, no blood. Day's not over, though.
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    we'll talk about this tomorrow..
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    Hey Ron . Friday the 13th is my lucky day too. Been working on some mini laminated boxes and bowls. It has been a learning process. Had to sand out the blanks to glue up , then glue , ok that is old hat. To mount the less than 3 inch blanks I took a page from Lyle and used thick CA.. Now I have to finish turn the bottoms and that is still in process.
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    Setting up for show in Perry, GA and keeping my black cat in doors.
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    Friday the 13th, meh. I can, and usually do, screw up something everyday. Don't need a special day. But, to be on the safe side, I'll just be sanding all day.
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    Well Patriot Woodworkers it is Friday the 13th. Anyone superstitious folks out there? Personally, Friday the 13th is a "lucky" day for me. I separated the Air Force on Friday, July 13th. This has been a week of construction/destruction. I just finished a utility cabinet for my daughter and we are continuing to de-construct a house that my son bought. Tomorrow, I'm going to an auction to try to snag some wood. We'll see how that goes in the rain. So, what's on your agenda for this spring weekend?
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    Tired Of Facebook?

    he stepping down from dictator???
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    Tabs on the Weather...

    Well the winds came and went and came and went and back...40+ mph... With all that we apparently qualified for bonus points, 3 quick moving thunderstorms from about 11 AM until 3:30 PM EST so far...I say bonus because they weren't in any of the forecasts so... The weather wizards updated their forecast on NOON news to include t-storms for this PM. They must have a new dart board...
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    Ron Altier

    If I Could Have Only Found More

    When I moved here there was a lot of home construction going on. The sales office featured cabinets, counters, etc. As I drove by on a Sunday, I saw that they were in the process of tearing down the office. I looked across the road I could see a huge dumpster with wood sticking out the top. I did some dumpster diving and got lots of counter tops, drawers with hardware, cabinet doors with hardware, etc. I used most of it to make a nice work area for my son in law. It came out real nice with good quality everything.
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    If I Could Have Only Found More

    Besides the tile, grout, cabinets and miscellaneous items when remodeling my daughter's house, like Fred, I've purchased some doors for bench tops, various plumbing or assorted hardware items, and numerous "tool treasures." Depending on location, there sometimes new cabinets that may have been Show Room models donated by some of the local Big Boxes, new but slightly damaged units or maybe wrong special order items. Hardware can be discontinued items, damaged packaging or old packaging but the product is new. One store I was in had modeling, trim, vinyl siding and even roofing material...all new.
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    Well, because it's Friday the 13th, I thought it best to stay away from the sharp tools . Actually, since it's warm I had a problem in the barn I needed to take care of so I've been working on that, my shop cabinets will have to wait a day or 2.
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    Finish up my dust collector for my Dewalt sliding compound miter saw.
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    Herb's New Wood Stash Project.

    I figured out why Lucy left me for you... I never heard anything she was saying and thought I was ignoring her.... and then you happened along...
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    Herb's New Wood Stash Project.

    EH? What you say? I don't have Ear Rings, or did you say are my ears ringing? nope thats the phone ,I think, or is it the door bell? Maybe FedX or UPS or Harbor Freight!! Herb
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    Herb's New Wood Stash Project.

    @Stick486 @Dadio Stick/Herb...don't tell me there were two of you that have hearing problems from the Big Bang...?
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    Gene Howe

    Tabs on the Weather...

    They said winds would hit 60 mph, yesterday. They were right. It was amusing to watch the quail try to walk a straight line. I didn't try. It was 24* overnight. High of 52 today. 63 on the morrow.
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    I better work on Taxes today. Herb
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    As for Friday 13th...received my layoff notice, Friday, Feb 13th, 2009...turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Been a busy week. Choir concerts, tennis matches, driving lessons, birthday party plus normal stuff. Today I hope to clear out and clean some of the garage if I can anchor items from the wind; maybe some clean-up in my tiny work space too. Saturday, several round trips to HS; Might try to get truck washed before winter returns Sunday night. Finalize/mail tax returns
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    Continue to build my workbench is high priority

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