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    Did Your Data Get Shared By Facebook?

    I'm not sharing any information on whether it did or didn't get shared.
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    Our Patriot turners were really active this past week with more projects, questions and ideas! @Ron Altier's wife got him a really nice turner's smock. I'm pretty sure the other turners were jealous considering the ribbing he took. I think it will provide great protection from flying chips (or sparks)! Some of the good natured comments are at- Ron also posted a neat little "chip deflector" that he made. The simple design lends itself to virtually any tool manufacturer. Ron explains how he made this in his post- Ron was having trouble with his lathe tailstock not locking securely. Many of our members offered suggestions and ideas. Ron was able to devise a way to repair the problem. The following two threads discuss the problem and what Ron did to get it fixed- @Cliff lamented about some roadside wood treasures he managed to pickup. Unfortunately, the tree held a few unpleasant surprises. @Gene Howe sent me a link to an article by Mr. Davide Reed Smith. In this particular how-to, Mr. Smith provides detailed instructions on how to make pen turning jaws for a 4 jaw chuck. Follow this link for the complete tutorial- http://davidreedsmith.com/Articles/WoodAuxJaws/WoodAuxJaws.htm @Steve Krumanaker has made a few more of his Cryptex Boxes. Steve's combination of turning and laser engraving produces fantastic results. See Steve's post for more images and information on the engraved symbols- @Gerald posed a question about using "colorply" for handles in kit type projects (i.e. bottle openers). Several of our members offered their thoughts and ideas- Rick Turns posted his March list of YouTube woodturning videos- The Woodturning OnLine newsletter came this week. There are some interesting articles and a video from Mr. Richard Raffan on "Understanding Catches". The newsletter can be found at- http://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php Here's the video- Carl Jacobson turns a resin/burl piece in his mobile shop. Check out the Easy Wood Tools and chuck! ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools) The EWT tools make turning resin a breeze. The curls just fly off of the piece! Safe turning
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    Gene Howe

    Did Your Data Get Shared By Facebook?

    No maybes, It did.
  4. 4 points

    Did Your Data Get Shared By Facebook?

    Face book doesn't have my data. On FB I am a Russian Alt. They tried to check me once demanded a state or Federal ID so I photoshopped one and that was that. Stupid moronic leftists.
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    Did Your Data Get Shared By Facebook?

    that's us.... ummmm.... that didn't come out right.. hmmmm.... maybe it did...
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    Got 'R Home

    it's off the trailer and inside out of the weather Not in it's slated final location but in. That location is down 30 feet one step down turn a corner then up a 6" step down another 25 feet turn a corner and down another 20 or so feet then up against a wall. Come on by, bring your strong sons. Beer Whisky and pretzels. https://photos.smugmug.com/Rockwell-14-x-40-lathe/i-RFDXVMK/0/e66373ff/1920/20180411_141750-1920.mp4
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    Also remember watching the test pattern till broadcasting started
  8. 2 points
    Gene Howe

    Big Scteen Tv 1950

    Dad wouldn't buy a TV until the color ones were affordable. Then he watched old B&W Gunsmoke reruns. We only got 3 channels. Had to rotate the antenna for each one. For a while, only one broadcasted in color.
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    Gene Howe

    I Bet Just Guessing,

    Nah, I just took your 5" and extrapolated. The "give or take" should cover such contingencies.
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    We had a 2 story house with probably a 10/12 pitch so we had a pole that ran down the side of the house...one of us boys had to go out and rotate the pole while someone else yelled out the window "more, more, back OK RIGHT THERE!"...always would forget the limit of the 75 ohm cable slack.
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    or...wait for the tubes to "warm up"? having to use a "rotor" to turn the antennae up on the roof to just the right direction, to pick up a signal? BTDT...
  12. 2 points
    You sure that wasn't "Puny"?
  13. 2 points

    I Bet Just Guessing,

    I went over to my globe and it looks to be about 5".
  14. 1 point
    Go Harbor Freight !!!!!! Herb
  15. 1 point

    Rigid Cordless Tools

    That is all good to know, These also have the lifetime repair and replace, will have to make sure I follow thru. Herb
  16. 1 point

    Got 'R Home

    I think that deserves a great big ol' "You Suck"! Nice score, Cliff. You are gonna end up with the nicest shop in the neighborhood.
  17. 1 point

    I Bet Just Guessing,

    Did you add in for that lead foot Texan spinning the tires in the snow?
  18. 1 point

    Have You Seen 'First Time Flippers'?

    When I read that, I had to look at the date you posted that. I was sure it was an April Fools joke.
  19. 1 point

    Rigid Cordless Tools

    Thanks Artie, based on you unbiased review, I ordered a set, will be here on the 13th sitting on my door step. Fridy 13th HMMMMMMMMMMMMM Herb
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    I detect the channel may be a bit fuzzy now....remember in B&W days when the picture would ghost over itself, then flutter a little bit? Yeah kinda like that now... I guess that's OK though as long as the Test Pattern and long beep tone don't come on and stay on
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    6 loads to the Firepit! found a framing square and another try square in the mess... Didn't have any thing to "roast" over the firepit....or anything to hold the hotdogs with....down to embers now.....tomorrow, I can haul another batch out...weather permitting. Tried a bit of rehab on that OLD plough plane.....made down in Cincinnati, OH back in the 60s......1860s that is. Tote was snapped off, might add a #5 tote for now. Needs a LONG screw to hold it. Going to take quite a bit of rehab.....may wait on it. Maybe I can start cutting finger joints for a box build? Right now? It is Gin & Tonic on ice time....stay tuned
  22. 1 point

    A Bolder Nearly . Took Me Down

    I didn't realize he was stoned! That might explain things. John
  23. 1 point

    A Bolder Nearly . Took Me Down

    You need to inform them of this Tom Foolery. Dangerous it is.
  24. 1 point

    Late Introduction

    looking good Herb...
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    Dungeon Remodel. The Drill Til Project

    since we are showing off storage ideas, some clamps on a mobile base: there were a few in use, so they are not pictured. shop is a dedicated 25x50, 12' ceiling, building designed to my specs. not cheap, but there is no point dying rich. so i don't have the same space constraints as some others. yay.

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