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    Ron Altier

    Tiny Canary Wood Box

    I had just enough canary wood to make 4 sides of this box. It has so many different colors in it that I just had to do something with it. I put hinges on it, wish now I hadn't, should have made a lit to fit. I know a certain little girl that will love it.
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    Hope you and the family had an enjoyable week of Spring vacation @John Morris Friday had lunch with my brother, stopped by a couple Flea Markets & H4H Restore...slim pickings; spent a grand total of $1.39 w/tax. Did pick up a few items at H-F...had a gift card from Christmas I planned to use until I stumbled upon one in my billfold. I have no idea how long it had been there...turns out it still had $25 on it so Christmas gift card for another time. Later in the evening oldest grandson's Pine Wood Derby race (results below). SA watching my oldest grand-daughter transformed from the little girl she'll always be to a young lady going to her Junior Prom. Coming week attractions: Beside normal duties, finish tax returns, youngest grand-daughter choral concert & choir contest TU/SA; oldest grand-daughter tennis meets TU/WE/TH, youngest grandson (he'll be four) Birthday TH, step-father to eye doc TH; might possibly get some outside work done a couple days???? The batteries were the "freebie." Have to reload all those free flashlights. He had a 1st, Two 2nds & a 4th in the heats. OA 2nd place by 0.039 seconds. He was The digital scales I bought a couple of weeks ago for the pinewood cars the only car to have a sub 2 second time though. His mom's car, well it was consistent. Finished 4th in all four heats...there's always next year.
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    Fred Wilson

    Lighted Fisherman - Bragging

    Just got this one finished for our upcoming show this weekend. Cut from 1/4" Walnut, Cherry and Maple. Light kit from ScrollerOnline Lights Off - what ya see is what you get (maybe) Lights ON - surprise - the light kit has several different modes, battery operated and remote controlled (would be difficult to turn lights on and off with this hanging on a wall.
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    It Was Al B

    Late Introduction

    Smitty10101, Now that the wolves have introduced themselves, just ask a woodworking question so that they can get their minds on something other than food.
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    all the letters and numbers of any sizes right there on your computer, that is if you are running microsoft. I think each version of microsoft used different names but they use WORD in the title somewhere.. I use microsoft 10 and it is WordPad on my computer... You do have to have a printer but the 20-30 dollar ranges is all you need if it is an all in one printer.. I use it for all my letters and numbers and when I need to cut out a clock dial I find a dial that looks good on the internet, take a picture of it, print it , then send it to Rapid Resizer on my computer, resize it to fit the clock I am building, cut the dial out, glue the pattern on the wood, scroll saw the numbers an hey , a free wood dial..This dial was round when I printed it out but I used Rapid Resizer to make it oblong shape to fit the area on front of the clock. My wife paid for the Rapid Resizer program for her stained glass makings and have no idea how much it cost. This is what I use to enlarge or reduce a pattern I print out from the internet.... I just noticed something in the middle picture.. Notice the lines under Jeff and Sherri........ This is what I do to keep all the letters of a name all together for it is way easier to glue a name on the wood than each little letter... I'll see if I can find a name completely cut out to show the total of what I do. I always try to have at least two pieces of wood of each letter connecting to the brown log to make things more sturdy. Then mix up a little epoxy and you got a name thingy.....Too bad the clock in the last picture got burned up along with everything but the clothes on their back about three years ago. If you make small letters like these you will need a set of small drill bits.. The set of #'s 60 to 80 is about 11 or 12 bucks
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    Late Introduction

    Four pages in two days -- dog pile on the new guy??? (Welcome!)
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    Late Introduction

    Hey Guys--- I got a couple of questions!!!! #1 With ALL the talk of pie/cake & IC when do ANY of you do any woodworking?? OH-wait you're all retired right?? But I thought (my mistake) that you retired from work not WOODwork!?!? #2 with all the BOLOs & warrants & pics in the post offices with your name & pics on them how do you justify leaving the house & wife/grandkids to go shopping for all the ingredients to cook/bake with?? #3 I must apologize for the late intro---I didn't realize that me being tardy would cause all this. Do you issue demerits or must I do KP? #4 Pls save me some IC & cake---even though I'm late for the party #5 Pls it's just "smitty"--- "Mr" smitty was my dad. If I break the rules then you can call me "Mr."---to get my attention smitty
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    EDIT Note: Internet is back, allowing me to upload a couple of photos. I got hardware into the bins in the hardware cabinet. I will wait on labels till I see how things work. For my new work bench, i got the feet and rails cut, planed, split mortises cut and glued up. I have leg parts cut and planed ready to glue them together. Not sure how much shop time this week, but definitely hit it hard next weekend
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    Subject Matter Fits

    Since this is a forum with a heavy emphasis on patriotism I figured we should have something for those who served in the military. These are the first two I tried. Was also thinking of possibly combining something like this with a bottom "tail" that could be carved with someone's name, dates of service, places of service, or anything one would want. These are cut from 15" blanks. Sizes can be increased to 18 or even 24 inch I would think.
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    Fairy Tree Or Gnome Home In Your Forest

    Basically you find a scarred tree in your yard of forest. Take a picture of the scar and measure the high point and width. Move the picture into Aspire or your software of choice. Trace the outside shape, and drag it to the correct scale from your prior measurements. Create a simple little Dr. Zeus type castle, door, window to fit in the scar shape. CNC it out. And install it..
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    1. Beautify Finishing, including any coloring, beautifies the wood over a raw wood surface. It adds sheen level, accentuates grain and figure, can unify coloring variances, and can add chatoyance (glimmering like a cat's eye) It can give cheap woods appearance of a more expensive one (e.g., poplar into walnut or cherry, ebonized wood). 2. Protect Finish can protect wood from incidental damage such as liquids (water), scuffs, soiling, bacteria and in some cases UV damage. Look at what happens to wood when left outdoors in the rain or sun. Think of the molding around a door from the garage to the house that's never been finished -- it will be full of dirt and oils. 3. Provide a cleanable surface Again think of the garage door molding. Ever have one of those you have to clean? The dirt, body, and engine oils are deeply embedded and almost impossible to get rid of without some deep sanding. I've had to work on some farm tables with minimal to no finish on them. I always say that they're just one spilled glass of red wine or errant meatball from getting a permanent stain.
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  13. 4 points

    Late Introduction

    Absolutely not! We need your full name, that way we can use all three names like it was intended. You'll know you messed up when someone says, John Robert Smith what do you think your doing?
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    Monday was consumed with dismantling a walnut dining table. Got a few nice pieces. Today will see them ripped, planed and sanded. Some of them will make the bottom to the rifle box. The rest will become various other boxes. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope it's not a train. Soon, the shop will be organized exclusively for efficient box making. NO MORE FURNITURE! Nothing bigger than a bread box. It's time to switch gears.
  15. 3 points
    Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! New members Please welcome the following members to our community. @LisaPerez, @wilfredfontenot To our new members, thank you for joining us! To our existing members, please click on their names above and shoot them a welcome message. Featured Gallery @Scottart installed some images of his work in a wonderful album featuring his CNC creations. Featured Image of the Week British Army on the Western Front, 1914-1918 British soldiers working with the new saw mill and cutting the first log. Amiens-Albert road, November 1916. Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:British_Army_on_the_Western_Front,_1914-1918_Q4607.jpg Attribution: John Warwick Brooke [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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    Ron Altier

    Tiny Canary Wood Box

    Here is a closer picture and you can see some of the red streaking. The picture don't show all the coloring. It is a soft wood, I like it.
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    Fred Wilson

    Sakura Sks 21' Scroll Saw

    I'll third that one
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    Late Introduction

    he didn't bring the donuts...
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    Late Introduction

    a lot of us are retired and work has been removed from our vocabulary.. replaced w/by naps, fishing, do little, relax and so on but WOOD is still in our blood... as you saw we do have our priorities still... BTW.. it was you that was suppose to have brought the donuts, and P&I... mistaken identities, home delivery or if it's really important the FX department... and we have you to be the fall guy... you wern't here and we had a party w/o ya??... will wonders never cease.. don't let it happen again or KP will be something to look forward to... see Schnooge's reply...
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    Late Introduction

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    Hmmm, someone is "renting" out one on the south end of town.... They added a roof to an old HUGE stump. Orange windows, and has a bright blue door....rumour has it, it also has a root cellar
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    Gene Howe

    New Modern Turning Apron

    Ron, I think you're new outfit looks just swell. Really, I do.
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    Fairy Tree Or Gnome Home In Your Forest

    What you CNC guys been snorting, Your going too far now, messen with nature like that, that little gnome is going to be knocking on that door all night long thinking one of his buddies lives there. How great minds work...................good job tho. Herb
  24. 2 points

    New Modern Turning Apron

    Yup you are right ,I had to go back and look, should have got the maroon one. Herb
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    @Smallpatch, I know where every bush is on our property and, how long it takes me to get to one. Bushes save water.

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