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    Drawer Cabinet Under Sander

    I have been working on making a cabinet under my new drum sander , Not done yet, I have to do the drawer fronts and little shelf insert on one end. But here is what I have right now. I am going to the lumber store tomorrow and pick up some wood for the fronts. Herb
  2. 6 points

    Soon to be retired guy

    Was digging around the ol internet today looking for some ideas and what do I find. This place. Well I’m a guy getting back into the wood working after a little break while in the Navy. Come February 2019 I will be officially retired after 21 years of Naval service. So hopefully I will find inspiration and good people here. Just built a Cnc and learning the way around this beast. Who knows maybe I can make a living making stuff and never have to go back to the real world jobs where I can get fired. Hahahah we can all dream.
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    Thoughts on a TPW gathering?

    You mean there is still a bench warrant out for me in Niagara Falls? I swear to God I didn't pass out and fall into the flower clock in the Botanical Gardens, I tripped. Just because it was hot and I took off some clothes to cool off...
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    Glue for box making

    Ah, makes perfect sense now...that's when it became "Elmer's" glue!
  5. 5 points

    Glue for box making

    I suspect Elsie went into the glue vat when she stopped giving milk. Well, that or with a box of hamburger helper.
  6. 4 points

    vacuum sysstem in up and running

    some gozillion years ago I was given a twin state Sgt Welsh rotary vein vacuum pump that fell of a truck. No really it fell off the truck & got damaged ( just the belt shroud) but there was an insurance claim and this one was unclaimed so the shipper gave it to me. And a decade or so later I'm finally trying to put it to use. I got a small air tank and welded bungs to it so I can run 1" piping to it. It is the vacuum reservoir in case of power failure. Then mounted it and the pump together around a corner on the other side of a wall and ran 1" copper to the lathe with a parker needle valve and a vacuum gauge and LOOKY MA I can hold a great vacuum and even lower the hold to what ever HG I want with the needle valve . AND When I shut it off it holds the vacuum for a good long time. The reason for the large piping is over a long run ya gotta have a big pipe a small one just doesn't work well
  7. 4 points

    Now, that's a catalog!

    Just got the Festool cat in the mail. Mymymymymy what a work of art! Seems a shame to toss it. But I did. Recycle barrel is right on the path from mailbox to house.
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    Yeah, that too, but I want pictures of you moving the top. Barring an injured back, that could be entertaining.
  9. 4 points

    Thoughts on a TPW gathering?

    And then you get arrested! Just saying. John
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    We finished this afternoon gluing the last of the sections for the Maple Island top. When we square it up it will be 48” wise x 8’3” long and 1 1/2” thick. Over the weekend I got the mortises and tennis cut for this screen door. It is just over 7’ y’all and 39” wide. This was a dry fit. Should get it glued tomorrow when we get the island out of the clamps.
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    Next Project?

    That would definitely make that drawer front stand out and give the overall unit a warm glow. Take 2 or 3 ibuprofen and call it a day. Praying for good MRI results.
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    steven newman

    Next Project?

    MRI today....ruined a Monday afternoon...still have a huge headache...waiting for word on how the scan went... A few toys were used.. Clamped the drawer in the vise, and trimmed the dovetails. Laid the drawer on it's top..marked a line to show the middle of the back board. Used a large square to mark this...then a few screws.. One in the center, and one halfway to each side....groove will hold the edges. I don't trust nails... Ok, how do you make a knot...vanish? Well, I drilled a hole, right through the center of the knot...then a bolt and some glue.. Right before this knob was installed..I transferred the location to the other end of the drawer, so both knobs are the same.. Starting to think a coat of Golden Oak, and a couple coats of shellac...might dress this up.. Need to take this over to the drill press.. THIS one. Not much good for anything else..might as well make the plugs from this.. Cuts a 3/8" tapered plug. Maybe tomorrow, if the head feels better...I can cut a bunch of plugs, and install them. Stay tuned..
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    That lathe looks like it would be a workout just to do one item. Got a busy week ahead. Put lacquer on several items I have been working on. Tomorrow will go to Stew Pot to serve lunch and then in PM to see dentist to get crown installed. Wednesday will go to set up boot at artisan marketplace an in PM security duty at church. Work at drugstore Thursday and I am already tired just typing it in.
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    The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

    Artie, here are the magnifiers I use sometimes and they are very good. The nice part about them they come with 4 different lenses, just snap out and snap another in. If you need a little light it also has a light mounted right in the center. https://www.amazon.com/Carson-MagniVisor-Head-Worn-Magnifier-CP-60/dp/B007CDJKM2/ref=sr_1_4/138-8092519-3078146?ie=UTF8&qid=1520900696&sr=8-4&keywords=carson+magnifier Herb
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    I want to show what I started with

    I do use the picture for my first thoughts then my mind starts changing things. Not on purpose though. I did want it to look old so the reason for a few different colors...It would hard to match it . I tell my wife, when you see the second hand on then I consider it finished.. But wait.,,I have those 11 flowers to mount somewhere... The first few coats were gloss then the last coat was semi-gloss . I do like my finishes to be smooth for everyone who walks up to it touches it and I like that smile that forms on their face.. I did learn about the paper dial I printed on from the internet.....It will wrinkle up when spraying around the edges of the wood it is glued to...Next time I will wait till all the finishing is complete before attaching the dial . I will also check to see if my printer will work with a white bendable plastic for I do know it has to bend around the rollers in the printer.. I think the water stain was the culpert that caused the wrinkle but some of it disappeared as it dried..
  16. 3 points

    Glue for box making

    Ever ponder if the milk & the glue came out of the same vat? ----
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    Thoughts on a TPW gathering?

    You got yourself a deal. Cold didn't bother me so much when I was younger; previous career worked outside a lot during the cold. Nothing woke you up like cold diesel fuel running down your arm while trying to clean out a gelled fuel system. Even the snow wasn't bad (in moderation) when out cutting firewood all weekend. I always knew there would be a hot shower, hot bowl of chili, hot coffee and the warmth from the wood stove...Of course that was then, when I was younger. The sub-zero temps along with the 40-60% humidity and the wind penetrates deep into old bones & joints from all the abuse they took when I was young. Yeah the 90o+ & 90%+ humidity can be brutal too, but I don't have to have on 4 layers of clothes, gloves, hats to endure it. Plus ya' can stick your tongue on a flag-pole if ya' want to do that also.
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    The tag on the old motor should show the direction of rotation, rpm's, hp,. Be sure to measure the shaft with calipers in both Metric and Imperial, the motor base size is usually called out on the tag for the bolt hole arrangement. Might want to take a picture on your phone of the name plate to show to the guy behind the counter. Herb
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    No the screen door is out of Poplar.
  20. 2 points
    Tall right? Not to be confused with y'all Gonna' take two men and a boy to move that island top. That devil is gonna' be heavy. Of course we want pictures when that's installed.
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    It Was Al B

    The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

    It's looking great Artie. I'm not into a lot of scroll saw work but have played with it a little. Just follow the instructions given by those who have posted. Remember that scroll saw blades are stamped out, so you want to try to make your finished side of the cut on the smooth side of the blade. Don't try to rush it. Let the saw do the work. Hope you don't have any problems with the storm tonight and tomorrow. The beaches have been taking a beating.
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    Glue for box making

    I use Elmer's, I'm partial to the cow. Been using it for many years.
  23. 2 points

    Happy Birthday Artie!

    All the best on your big day, Artie! John
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    The Art of Violin Making

    I think I saw a video with all 4 of them playing! It was for a fundraiser for Christopher Columbus to find a quicker route to the West Indies! Of course I believe it was Abe Lincoln that said you can’t believe everything you see on the internet. LOL On a serious note I would love to follow the progress of the violin if you choose to accept the challenge. To my inexperienced eyes, this would seem a project that transcends woodworking.
  25. 2 points

    The Art of Violin Making

    You have a way with words, Gene. HErb

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