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    The last blue one went very quickly, so I need the rainbow effect back on the wall again.. Yes it will change color when the clear is applied so hang on. But till then, what you see is what ? Oh, and I couldn't put the dial housing bolts in for the demo cause I used water base stain and the holes are still shrunked. Before I get finished I will put a small amount of color on the flowers but probably not enough to show in a picture. And this is the week when hummingbirds show up so I will try to have one of them suspended over the flowers. Hopefully alive but if not
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    use the pages for finish rubbing... then make fire starters out of the used pages... see... not a total waste...
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    Drawer guides ( wooden ones) are installed, top is out of the clamps. The Boss is fighting both SSI and the bank about her checks that didn't show up... Went to the Hospital to take a ride in that oversize dryer thingy..CT Scan. On the way over there... Drove past this brand new Amish Saw Mill They haven't even sided the house, yet... Happens when the log is too big for the saw blade...they haul it out here, and hand split it... Will clean the top of the cupboard, round some corners, and install the top....later. Then maybe work on a drawer...1/2 blind or through dovetails? We'll see. I may find out Monday IF they found anything in the scan....other than cobwebs...
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    Steve Krumanaker

    1st cryptex, rough

    This is my first cryptex and what a learning experience. It's really a pretty simple thing to make but dimensions are critical. I expect it will take two or three more before I get any I can use for gifts. I have to say I am thrilled at how well the rotary engraver worked once I got the pattern and spacing figured out. The rings have the alphabet on them but the code for each grand kid will be their birthday as it corresponds to the letters of the alphabet, won't tell them at first and see if one of them figures it out. I don't think they can guess it out as there are about 3 million combinations possible. I wasn't sure how long to make the barrels so I had to trim them off on the band saw, shouldn't be a problem on the next ones. From what I understand, these devices were used to transport sensitive messages. Supposedly the message would be written on parchment and a glass vial of vinegar was placed in with the message. A person couldn't break into the cryptex without breaking the vial which would dissolve the parchment. I don't know if all that's true but it makes a good story and these are kind of neat I think. FWIW, Carl Jacobson has three videos on making one of these and that's where I got the idea. Steve
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    1st cryptex, rough

    Hey John.. we just hit pay dirt... our well came in... mother lode at our feet... riches beyond our widest dreams...
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    putting up handrails and grab bars everywhere..
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    Took the load of logs to the saw mill this morning and got back a little bit ago with this load of Red Oak. Still got to go back and get some White Oak, Elm, Cherry, Maple and Hickory. Logs to Lumber! Can’t beat it.
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    Steve Krumanaker

    1st cryptex, rough

    LOL, worth the price of admission all by itself!! Steve
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    1st cryptex, rough

    Okay. Stick, you never cease to amaze me.
  10. 3 points
    Sorry to hear that. John
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    Did some bleaching on the flowers I and working on and have to finish that . Then on to more turning. Went to an estate sale this AM and found a kayak my son was interested in for 80 also ski pants for 3 and a heavy hose nozzle for 2. Wife had to go back and go a trash can for 20 and book on Graceland for 10 (too much for that). Have to think what they will do when they have to go thru my stuff.
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    Too much like work for me. I will get to the shop and work on the inside out turnings I've been doing. Friend just brought a dresser drawer over to repair. Won't take much.
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    1st cryptex, rough

    Tom Mix would be green with envy. Great Job, very professional looking. Herb
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    Various transport duties...had the wrong Friday for grandson's Scout meeting it's next Friday; Normal must do daily requirements; remainder TBD...no pictures of that Somber day in our County and throughout Indiana...adjoining County Seat lost a Sheriff's Deputy a week ago today; senselessly shot in the line of duty; he later died from the injuries but continues to live as an organ & tissue donor. Funeral, Procession, 10-42, EOW, call all has been live televised; Procession is still in route to graveside services and final internment at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis. Thank-you for your service and Rest-in-Peace Deputy Jacob Pickett, Boone County, IN Sheriff's Deputy. https://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2018/03/08/what-we-know-shooting-deputy-jacob-pickett/396811002/
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    Patterns? Info?

    Printed out the charts that Schnewj posted (gotta get them laminated), got a notice from UPS that saw is being delivered tomorrow (Yipee), and after work tomorrow, I’m hitting the Woodcraft on the way home. Gotta work Sunday morning, but when I get home I’m hoping to have some play time in the basement Pictures will follow.
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  17. 2 points
    Yes I did , but after they found out the Gettysburg address I was claiming was completely false for I stated I had made the address in Scottdale, New Mexico and not Gettysburg Oregon..Yep, I was counting my money way before they ever started making it.
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    1st cryptex, rough

    Great idea Steve. I am sure the kids will love them. Nice work.
  19. 2 points

    1st cryptex, rough

    Steve, you never cease to amaze me. John
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    1st cryptex, rough

    Well, that's way more sophisticated than a Little Orphan Annie decoder rig! Awesome project!.
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    You getting wobbly? John
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    How I secured the dial housing and dial

    Did you copyright it? If so, you can sue for copyright infringement! John
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    working on a little cherry bandsaw box.
  24. 2 points

    Working with used wood

    DRAGON1, that house being in Neb. you might be correct on that estimation. Them California people are pickey when deciding who gets redwood and who don't.
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    John Moody

    The Art of Violin Making

    I only did a quick Google search John. I am sure your read this link were it says he could have been a woodworker before he word as an apprentice in making the violins. Possibly he decorated them when inlays before he actually started making them. Could be some interesting research. Hey you could always be the first to make one and not play and be in the history books.

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