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    My wife is off all this week so we will be doing a number of things like seeing doctors and getting x-rays. Yesterday we went to the Huntington Library in San Marino which is near Los Angeles. There are a number of museums and exhibits and beautiful grounds with different gardens. I have done photography for many years as a hobby and love taking photos at the Huntington Library. So here are a few pics of our time there yesterday.
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    Weekend: Not much...maintained bird feeders, whacked a opossum over the head with a 12" square nose shovel...toted carcass across road and heaved over the fence into corn field. Red-tail hawks gotta' eat too. Coming week: Choir concert tonight, haircut mid-week, then PU step-dad, meet up with my brother for lunch. Fri. nite, Cub Scout Awards banquet; Remaining time TBD
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    Wife and I took a trip over to Gold Beach on the coast Saturday, stayed the night and came back on Sunday. While we were there, we stopped by a Myrtlewood store and picked up some pieces of live edge boards for some shelves she wants to make. I will have to edge join some other boards to these to make them wide enough to a practical shelf. On the way back, we took a detour and drove through Jedediah Smith State Park along the Smith River looking at all of the redwoods there. It was nice get away, although short.
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    shot a pistol match yesterday (5th of 20), gave away my pine bowl and my heart shaped oak bandsaw box (filled with chocolates, of course). now headed down to the shop to figure out a holder for clay targets so you can shoot the targets with a pistol without misses destroying the holder. stay tuned. monday, monday.....
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    Ron Altier

    Long Prairie, Minnesota.

    Just got off the phone with a friend who lives in Long Prairie, Minnesota. She said that since early this morning the snow has been nearly waist high and is still falling.. The temperature is 32 below zero and the north wind is increasing to near gale force. Wind chill is -59.Her husband has done nothing but look through the kitchen window and just stare. She says that if it gets much worse, she may have to let the drunken fool in.
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    Not a lot of woodwork got done over the weekend. Bunch of traveling, though. Plans for the week are to finish sand the river table and get it routed to receive the glass, get the legs assembled and do the first of five coats of wipe on finish. Got a date with Phyl on Valentine's day. Lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. So, Wednesday afternoon is shot. I know a nap will be in order. Friday is another travel day. Headed to the Yuma area (7 hr. Drive) for a meet up with several AZ woodworkers.
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    I've been working on mess control for my lathe. I built a trough with a dust collection hose attached to the bottom, to go under the bed to catch the dust and shavings falling through the slot in the bed. Now, I am cutting down and modifying a shower curtain to hang in front of the lathe to control the mess from getting on the tool and accessories shelf under the bed. I'll post some pictures when I get it all done.
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    Gene Howe

    New from Irwin

    New to me, anyway. Lowes carries them.
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    Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! What's It Our February "What's It" is live and well, go see our current months project at Featured image of the week A master woodworker in his own right and profession, Antonio Stradivari. Antonio Stradivari Italian pronunciation: [anˈtɔːnjo stradiˈvaːri]; (1644 – December 18, 1737) was an Italian luthier and a crafter of string instruments such as violins, cellos, guitars, violas and harps. Stradivari is generally considered the most significant and greatest artisan in this field. The Latinized form of his surname, Stradivarius, as well as the colloquial "Strad" are terms often used to refer to his instruments. It is estimated that Stradivari produced 1,116 instruments, 960 of which were violins. Around 650 instruments survived, including 450 to 512 violins. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Stradivari
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    First box

    @Jim from Easy Wood Tools...Rusty was very innovative & creative making his tool holders as I recall. Maybe he'll re-post a picture or two. He did make them specifically for EWT cutters though.
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    Pressure Wahsers

    Honda w/ a non Asian pump...
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    MWTCA February 2018 "What's It" Project

    So, at John's urging I reached out to several business that do caning, upholstery, weaving type work. I sent them the photo with a request for their opinion on the tools. Here is what I have, so far. I am still waiting on a couple of more replies and I had one request for better photographs of the tips from one of the professionals. John is attempting to obtain them for me/us. Although not super compelling, I got, what I feel are positive replies as to the tools. Here is what I have gathered so far... Dear Bill, It is possible, I would need to see a picture of each turned 1/4 turn to no more. The tips of the tools are all I need to see. All Best, Jeremy The Caning Shoppe 99 Albion St. Studio 2 Somerville, MA 02144 (617) 776-0100 www.caningshoppe.com ------------ Hi Bill, I don't recognize them,and can't really imagine how they would be used based on how I work, but it's possible. Seat weaving is something that everyone who does it, does a little differently than the others...so it may be that these tools were hand-made by someone for a specific task, such as seat weaving. Karen Karen Curcio <nh.chaircaner@gmail.com> --------------- Hi William, These do look to be canning tools. Thank You, Adam Thomson Classic Furniture 508-528-6747 adam@classic-furniture.com ----------- I the interest of FULL disclosure. This professional doesn't think that they are caning tools, but may have been used for another type of seat weaving operation(s). Bill, After looking at your attachment photo of tools, I do not know exactly what they are!!?! I feel certain they are not tools used in hand caning....the only tool besides a small tapered awl; a side cutter; and wooden pegs could be a caning needle. A caning needle has a long fine shaft (similar to a "0" knitting needle) but with a slotted flat head so cane can be pulled, after the needle is inserted between other strands, to weave in steps 4, 5, and 6. In weaving a porch rocker, these tools might?? have been used to align the ash splints; flat reeds; or half round reeds instead of using one's fingers... Sorry I was not able to identify your tools....let me know if you find verification of what they are... Dennis mainecaning.com
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    Shellac Flakes old?

    I keep my flakes (now 10+ years?) in the freezer, taking them out only when I want to make a batch. Never had a problem.
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    Has anyone used this technique?

    Dang it, Gene! Now I have to stop what I'm working on and give that a try. How am I ever to achieve perfection when you keep raising the bar? You guys are the best!!
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    Wood clamps

    When I get new clamps, they will probably be parallel clamps, Bessey some other quality brand. Although, with respect for @Stick486, and usually agree with him, I do have a good handful of HF clamps, and I have had pretty good luck with them. I don't use them for any heavy duty jobs, though, I use pipe clamps for that. Thus my desire to someday get some parallel clamps.
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    Herb (dadio) has a new stash...

    found your saw ...
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    New from Irwin

    they do work and work well...
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    Gene Howe

    New from Irwin

    Ticks me off that I've been without them for this long.
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  20. 2 points
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    Tabs on the Weather...

    4 Degrees by the truck temp today. Windshield was frosty. Just a little bit of a wind to make it down right cold. Got alittle bit of ice Sunday instead of snow. Down to zero tonight and then the start of a little bit of a warm up this week. Come on 70's!!!!! 36 Days 4 Hours 12 Minutes 40 Seconds until SPRING!!!!!!
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    Wood clamps

    I never seen the need to have separate light duty clamps on hand... light duty can't do do heavy work/jobs but heavy duty clamps can do light work...
  23. 1 point

    George Carlin and Gallagher on English

    Worse than that is said or implied on today's TV shows.
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    Really important,,, money wise

    Pay the lawyer now or the heirs pay him after. Either way the lawyer gets paid.
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    Shellac Flakes old?

    Fred I tried a twist on your idea. First tried a heat gun.....too hot shrunk the plastic bottle. Then tried hot water and that seems to be working as the stuff in the bottle is thinner than it was this afternoon. Will update on my results.
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