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    Five Tools

    I don't disagree in that regard Al, but for the average home woodworker speed or accuracy to .001" is typically not a factor unless you're mass producing parts that consistently need to be replicated. Any measuring device, square etc. technically is only as accurate as it is initially calibrated and verified to the next higher level and so on eventually traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Buying high dollar combo squares doesn't guarantee it's accuracy any more so than a less expensive one unless it's purchased accurate certifiable traceable back to NIST. A simple example of this is to purchase 3 standard 12' tape measures and layout marks as various points. If the tapes are from the same manufacturer and lot numbers, likely they'll be very close; if from different manufactures, unlikely they'll match from 0-12'. I'm not bashing Starrett (or others)...in fact, I own some of their combo squares with center & angle finder (one was my grand-dads), micrometers and dial indicators from my previous work lives...all good...none have been calibrated nor re-certified for some time, so are they accurate? Maybe? However, for my work, they are satisfactory...my 0-1" mic measures the same as my $9.99 H-F digital calipers...I do have a 1" "plug" which came with the mic to "adjust" the mic when needed. However if the 1" plug is not certified then is it really 1"? Even then, that only ensures its accurate at 1"...not the full range. Personally, I'll never be good enough in the wood-shop to need wood dimensions to .001"; well truthfully probably not even 0.01" or maybe even 0.10." Shucks, somebody's gotta' keep the wood glue & filler manufacturers in business.
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    Gene Howe

    Five Tools

    I rarely use any measuring device beyond the rough cutting stage. Well, I guess key way stock and 1,2,3 blocks plus a set open end wrenches are devices of a sort. Heck, wood moves. Often a lot more than 00.1".
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    Lidded Basket

    Lidded basket. Almost done; needs a little sanding, stain and pegs.
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    Gene Howe

    Inspiration for John Morris.

    That firewood rocks....
  5. 3 points
    I've purchased it in 100-150-220 grits... Find a full blown Norton distributor, i.e. Automotive Body Shop Supplier, Industrial Manufacturing Supplier, Building Maintenance Supplier, etc. for Screen Bak sheets...Not good for every application, but works for many, i.e. metal, (ferrous, non-ferrous), wood, and of course drywall. https://www.nortonabrasives.com/en-us/screen-sheets I've been using Norton Screen Bak, roll form for 30+ years as an abrasive to clean rust, paint, etc. shafts and other parts on the Automotive, Farm, Heavy Equipment applications. Works great to clean copper pipe & fittings before soldering and lasts a long time. https://www.nortonabrasives.com/en-us/screen-rolls
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    It Was Al B

    Five Tools

    It was achieved Dave, but in today's world, if you want to make a living at it, accurate tools and power tools are needed to keep you competative. Speed is definitely a factor today.
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    Five Tools

    Amazing any furniture pieces made by the Shakers and other 18th century craftsman even survived w/o use of these tools or electricity...just sayin
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    steven newman

    Next Project?

    Been on a vacation from woodworking...last one was a LOT of work. Daughter looked at the new cabinet, and hinted she would like one for her place.... One thing, though....she WILL paint things... Sooo....thinking of building a "Paint-grade" one out of Pine......with a couple changes. She also wanted a "Dresser" so maybe instead of the large door in the base cabinet...maybe a few more drawers ( to hold "drawers"?) instead of shelves? About another week or so..I can go over to Menard's, and sort through the 1x pine boards....might take all afternoon....and come home with the supplies needed...will have to buy a 1/4" sheet of Luann...for backs and bottoms....Trying to figure out the sizes of the 1xs....1x6s? 1x8s? Couple of 1 x10s? ( for the bookcase) Lengths? Last project used up about 45 bf of Ash.... Just a start-up.....Single Brain Cell Sketch Up is working on the "details" might take all of next week....moving at the speed of smell? Will post updates, as they happen...
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    Gene Howe

    Inspiration for John Morris.

    And you aspiring chair makers. First a picture. Then the website....in case your REALLY want to try one. https://inhabitat.com/the-waste-less-chair-by-architecture-uncomfortable-workshop-turns-log-offcuts-into-a-rockin-chair/
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    Inspiration for John Morris.

    bucksaw it..
  11. 2 points
    It Was Al B

    Inspiration for John Morris.

    That "WOOD" require a pretty big bandsaw to cut .
  12. 2 points

    Inspiration for John Morris.

    Certainly is rustic isn't it?
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    Wood clamps

    As I said...works for me as an occasional user. Small dot of silicone keeps the pads on...I've had to do that with the Irwins too... Never had an issue with H-F F-clamps... YMMV...
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    Five Tools

    I have 2 protractor head Staretts (inherited) 2 regular staretts all 12 inch 1 6 inch Starett 1 4 inch Starett 1 palm router 2 pull saws both from LV Does that make me the winner?
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    Great Price On An Airbrush From Woodcraft

    This is more of what I was looking for on airbrush and dye, but was not on the phone.
  16. 2 points

    Wood clamps

    let the neighbor know That I busted his clamps... he said to toss them that they weren't the effort to replace.. he also said he bought them at a garage sale.. 30 clamps for 5$ and hadn't gotten his money's worth out of them.. I'll give him a pair of Irwin clamps for replacements...
  17. 1 point

    Five Tools

    Well, I have two of them. https://www.wwgoa.com/article/5-expensive-but-worth-every-penny-woodworking-tools/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=A5439&vsoid=A5439
  18. 1 point

    Five Tools

    any square that is accurate will do that...
  19. 1 point

    Woodworker II saw blade

    I sent about 25 blades to my local saw shop about a year ago, the same shop my company used before I retired. They sharpen any kind of tools including hand tools and I never had a complaint on their work. also if they think a blade is not worth sharpening they reject it. They don't sharpen small band saw blades, will make up any length though. They do sharpen chain saw and band mill blades. I had a chain saw blade reground from cross cut to rip one time and they a good job. Even band saw blades they will weld broken ones back together if they are not junk. For anyone locally they are: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Eastside+Saw+Shop+Bellevue+WA&t=ffsb&atb=v80-5&ia=web Herb
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    I have been using the Abranet sanding products on my turnings since I discovered them. I am pleased with the results.
  21. 1 point

    Discovered this quite by accident today..

    I really like the Abranet screen sanding products. I think it is similar to the drywall screen sanding sheets.
  22. 1 point

    First box

    We built our kitchen out of wormy maple, aka ambrosia maple.
  23. 1 point
    Still drives me nuts folks want help to identify something but unwilling to give more than one picture. You would think he might have separated the two, placed them side by side, used some type of scale to indicate dimensions... Seems they want to know as long as they don't have to put forth any effort and that 1/1,000,000,000 shot somebody is still using a set of these. Bottom tool has "US????" on handle...maybe nothing more than USA...who knows what markings if any upper tool may have. Guess we'll never know... End of...
  24. 1 point

    Wood turning clubs.

    How very cool. What a way to think outside of the box 'er bowl. Thanks for sharing your 'er the new guy's work Steve.
  25. 1 point

    Herb (dadio) has a new stash...

    but how did you get it down there to start w/???? we need to conference w/ Gibbs...
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