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    Happy Valentine's Day

    made this little bandsaw box yesterday, got the last coat of poly on today, so i'm declaring it done. some oak scraps i had laying around. my first bandsaw box, i'm pleased with how it turned out. woot. will give it away sunday at the pistol match. will fill it full of some chocolate candy (Dove and Hershey kisses). someone will go home with some good stuff.
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    Simple wedge tip

    Reminds me of the large theater set build I worked on last fall. We needed to clamp some parts about 4' apart. I think they have two or three clamps in the shop, max about 10". I grabbed some scrap screwed on a couple of blocks, then grabbed some tapered pieces that were sitting in the trash and pounded them in. Obvious to me, but I think I amazed some of the other volunteers.
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    Happy Valentine's Day

    yeah, Mrs. has seen it. she liked it. but i have larger plans for the next one. have a stash of purple heart. won't that look good? sunday....
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    It did cook the things maybe faster than our oven but still tasted the same.. The machine just came up to cooking temp faster than the oven.. Happy to say Maw has spread a new jig saw puzzle out and getting after it... I still can't chase her around the house yet!!!
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    Gene Howe

    Really important,,, money wise

    Where I'm likely to end up, it'll burn or melt. If I'm lucky enough to go the other way, I won't need it.
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    Very Interesting video

    I guess you won't be trying this, then https://blog.lostartpress.com/2018/02/08/could-you-tackle-these-mouldings/#respond I've often wondered why miter gauges and saws have a 90 degree cut labeled 0. Probably, "We've always done it that way." I was a bit surprised when in the first cut, he switched from a left miter to a right miter. No need to do that unless your stock is not symmetric top to bottom as the 2x is. I always snickered at the Shopsmith demos when they cut a compound miter. Then they hold it up and show how perfect a fit it is. Any idiot can make one corner a perfect fit. Let's see it happen with 4 corners.
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    I had great hopes of getting to the basement shop today. We awoke to this- Perfect turning weather! But, as the saying goes- Best laid plans... Ended up shoveling ice and sleet, from neighborhood driveways, for several hours, balancing my Mom's checkbook and getting her taxes done. Anyway, lots happening with our turner since last week. @DAB posted a sweet looking pine bowl he turned. Pine isn't easy to get a nice finish but Doug nailed it perfectly. Read the comments on his work, here- @Gene Howe gave us a link to a site that sells some neat sanding devices for turners (and all woodworkers)- Check the website for more- @Steve Krumanaker won a contest from Robust turning. Congrats, Steve,! @Steve Krumanaker also posted a piece turned by a member of the turner's club to which he belongs. Talk about creativity! Here's a little more on the piece- @Jim from Easy Wood Tools is looking for help in the Chicago area. This would be an excellent opportunity to show off your skills with the fantastic Easy Wood Tools product line. @Cliff posted a picture of using a router bit for a turning tool. Check it out, here- The Woodturning OnLine newsletter is available. As always there is a lot of great information. One thing that caught my attention was an article discussing Carving and Turning by Richard Wright. The article is a PDF document with many examples/pictures. http://www.capecodturners.org/home/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Carving-and-Turning.pdf Tim Yoder has a video up where he turns a Votive Candle Holder. Pay particular attention to the Easy Wood Chuck! If you ever get a chance to test drive this chuck, you will fall in love with it! Over the weekend I made an inertia sander. I bought the sleeve and bearing from Capt. Eddie. If you decide to make your own, be sure to drill the hole for the sleeve/bearing close enough to the handle end so the sanding disc doesn't rub against the end of the handle- don't ask how I know this. From icey southern PA Safe turning
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    Well, first we dropped off Craig at his job, then stopped to check on Mom......not a good time....Call button wasn't working....she needs help to get out of bed....so, somehow she now has a Urinary tract infection, too...along with too many painkillers. Got the nurses motivated, then my sister arrived, and really motivated them.... They were working on mom when we left....with my sister playing strawboss.... On the way back home from there, stopped at a store, for a little rust hunting....$9 +sales tax.. A little 8" sweep brace, with a "Bonus" of sorts.. A VERY minty Craftsman 13/16" bit. Got home, did a wire wheel change, and the cleaned things up.. Almost like new? Wonder IF Craftsman would replace it? As for that brace? The only markings I found, were on the chuck.. A Goodell Pratt, from Greenfield, MASS., USA....PAT. Dec 27, 1892. That "loop" is a gear shift. Flip it to one side, or the other, chuck now will ratchet, center it up, and no ratcheting will happen. I think I know where Millers Falls got the idea about the top attachment.. As Goodell Pratt used the same thing. Was kind of a so-so day....and 1-2" of fresh snow..grrrrr.
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    What!!!!! Let me at em!!! Heck no Lew, your weekly topic is the bomb man!
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    George Carlin and Gallagher on English

    "....not to be confused with a Mexican high"
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    @Steve Krumanaker Thank you. I am hoping folks don't get fed up with the recaps. I think it is important to give our turners the recognition they deserve. A long time ago, before Easy Wood Tools was sold to Pony, some of the turners here had the opportunity to test drive many of the Easy Wood Tools- including their chuck. It has the fit and finish of a fine swiss watch. I think it has to be the best chuck on the market. @Gerald Thanks! @HandyDan Thank You! I think those candle holders would make nice Christmas presents. @Gene Howe Thanks! I tried the sander today on a small holly bowl. It works pretty good. BTW, I got my order of Manzanita today- ordered it Monday!
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    Really important,,, money wise

    I'm working on a plan for that...
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    Tabs on the Weather...

    As of February 8 @ 12:30 p.m. it is 17 degrees and partly cloudy. Now we are just waiting for the next snow storm We are under a winter weather advisory. They are calling for anywhere 5" to 9" of that white terrible stuff tonight into Friday. Then Saturday into Sunday they are calling for another 3" to 5" of more snow. I'm beginning to think I did something wrong with all of this crap weather that we are getting. Time to move on WINTER!!!! 39 Days 23 Hours 26 Minutes 10 Seconds until SPRING!!!!
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    Well it has been a week now and wife finished the 1000 piece puzzle yesterday she had started some time ago. Now this morning she is dusting the wood furniture so.. After the first couple of days she said no it was not worth that operation..... I bet she has changed her mind on that 100 %... No sharp pains in her hip and leg and she says the back is feeling better each day. The women at the church set things up for a hot meal was delivered each afternoon for the days since then.. Got lots of extra bowls sitting around and there are lots of sweets, like cakes and puddings, and all kinds of things to eat...I been gaining weight like it was Christmas again. She mentioned she appreciated the response from the woodworking guys.... Yesterday she said Wed was the days she gets her hair fixed so she wanted me to drive her down there, but I convinced her the hair would still be on her head next week and not rush the, getting well, part of the operation.
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    Saw Blade

    I turn mostly and a blade last a long time for me. I like to have a good one around for those occasions when I do flat work. If I buy a blade every 10 years I am good with that. The Forest would have lasted longer but I got lazy at changing it out for crappy wood.
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    Sure glad I read the review first.
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    Happy Valentine's Day

    Betcha' can't make just one...just sayin' Wife seen it yet? Somebody's gonna' be happy they showed up at the range Saturday.
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    Very Interesting video

    Thanks Gene! Now if I can just remember I saw (no pun intended) this or at least the video.
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    Simple wedge tip

    Glad to help! If you have more of that beautiful walnut, it would be an awesome case. There's going to be a lucky recipient of a an awesome walnut display case too. Very befitting of a Henry especially a .45... Just the same, like a little kid, you've given me a sugar OD here, so you're obligated to keep feeding (me) us with this project...I foresee a gallery project display in your (our) future.
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    I saw Carlin in person 3 times. Every time, I left with my sides hurting from laughing. He was really good.
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    Really important,,, money wise

    What a legal mess. In Pennsylvania, if there is no will, the current legal spouse gets everything. Just as a side note, even if you don't have a will, please make sure you have a legal Power of Attorney who can make both legal and medical decisions for you if you are incapacitated.
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    Saw Blade

    Maybe it needs a trip to the saw shop,might be $15.00 well spent and sane you a bunch on a new blade. Herb
  23. 1 point

    Saw Blade

    Explains the cloud in your Avatar...
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    Steve, you are correct, it would be great. We do have some demonstrators that will travel, but we are actually a very small company, travel costs and expenses add up very quickly. Does it make sense for us to spend $1,000.00 or more for somebody to demonstrate for 45 minutes to a turning club? It's hard to justify. We would love to do it much more than we do, but it is just not economically feasible. What I am trying to do is establish EWT qualified demonstrators in more major metro areas. The best way to sell our tools is to get them into peoples hands and let them try it.
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    US Armed Forces Assn.

    One of the few stories that my father told, was after that after a very cold Christmas in a little town called Bastogne, they broke out of Belgium in January 1945 and his squad came across a Red Cross tent. Not having had a hot meal in almost a week they decided to try and get a hot meal. The Red Cross wanted to charge them for the hot food. Not having been payed in weeks, they didn't have the money. However, between all of them they scraped up enough pocket change so that they all got a hot cup of coffee and ONE doughnut. He never had any use for them after that incident.
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