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    I spent the day bouncing from project to project. The most important project was to "carve" a plaque for the front of our communion table at church. The table had, "Do this in Remembrance" on the front but our Senior Pastor wanted to add the words, "UNTIL HE COMES ..." on the back of the table. The table has a 5" skirt around the top and is part of the table. None of the woodworkers in the church had a router template acceptable to rout the letters so I put the Carvewright to the test. I laminated a piece of white oak over a piece of walnut and planed the oak to about 1/8" while planing the whole piece to 1/2" The letters are carved in to a depth of 1/4" so there is a shadowing effect. After I do a trial fit, I'll rout the edge with a 5/32" Roman Ogee bit which will add to the 3D effect. The skirt is 54" long so I'll cut the plaque to 34" and enter it on the table and screw it on from the back of the skirt. Oh yeah, I glued up 11 cutting boards and put three folding wine tables together also. Good day!
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    SuperMax 16-32

    Thanks to John Morris, Laguna, the patriot raffle and some luck, I used the Laguna certificate to buy a SuperMax 16-32 Drum Sander. today I assembled it and now I am studying the Operator Manual. I even got a free beat up pallet I can give away to someone to nail up on their living room wall. Here are the pictures. Herb
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    Drill Press Depth stop

    I have a small HF drill press that had a plastic collar to hold the depth stop. It was too flexible to be accurate, so I made a new one out of a piece of 1/4" thick aluminum. Herb
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    some of us shopping.. PHOTOS OF MEN SHOPPING.pdf
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    Images From the Day Job

    So ummm your job is to make tire tracks and that other guy's job is to smooth them away. I guess the money comes from volume.
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    thanks a bunch Larry...
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    \ John
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    It Was Al B


    This is the fun when shopping with the MRS., unless there is a tool store nearby.
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    A chunk of pine, a pile of dust, and thou!

    turned this today. will give it away.
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    Shop heater

    If anybody is interested Rural King has heaters for sale. They are 240 volt, with a switch for 3,000w, 4,000w or 5,000w and a thermostat. I payed $74 including tax and they are giving a 12% rebate. Works very well. Is very quiet and heats the shop well.
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    John again
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    Not for the winner M&M's with peanuts have to be kept under lock & key around here.
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    Done almost all of those at one time or another (well, except the phone thing; I don't have a phone to play with).
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    medium sized pine bowl. finish is beeswax/mineral oil (food safe). the blank was chopped off a large beam that has been sitting outside for at least the last 7+ years. that's our kitchen in the background. i designed and built it a few years ago. it only has 44 drawers, 13 lazy susans, and the island is 10 feet long, with 30" deep cabinets and counter. great for baking.
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    Took a few trips...needed help with the base unit. Added plugs to the top of the bookcase...and a couple coats of shellac...then added latches to the two doors. Sooo.. Plugged and shellaced (nad a little work with a handplane...) Sitting in it's new home..
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    Since the coyotes moved in "en masse", we have no more groundhogs around here. No groundhog, no shadow. No shadow, EARLY SPRING!!! Yeah, RIGHT! John
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    SuperMax 16-32

    Nice choice Herb. Enjoy!
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    Looks good! Anyone who can work pine and make it look good has my respect!! Steve
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    A chunk of pine, a pile of dust, and thou!

    it's about yea wide and about that tall.... oh, like numbers, perhaps inches and fractions thereof? 8-11/16 diameter 2-3/4 tall 1-7/8 deep (inside) give or take a scootch (no spell check, i don't want to type "scotch").
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    knife handle

    if it was me, i'd fix up that old knife, maybe with waterproof scales of some type, and also pick out a kit for a proper chef knife and make that too as a present. a twofer!
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    A couple of CASES??? John
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    knife handle

    While you can certainly epoxy the scales onto the tang, the best and sturdiest way is to make a one piece handle and epoxy the tang into the handle. If you are going to attach two piece handles generally they are attached with rivets (DO NOT use Sex Bolts, sorry Dan). Some makers will use a Hidden Nut which doesn't enclose the threads like a Corby Head (sex bolt) does. Typically, the scales are riveted on. Once seated the rivet head will stick proud of the surface and then the entire handle is "Hafted" or contour sanded. This flushes the rivet head to the wood surface and shapes the final handle. In any case, NEVER, put a wooden handled knife into the dishwasher. Constant exposure to the water will eventually, swell the wood or cause rot to start under the scale at the tang. Several of my wooden handled Case Cutlery kitchen knives show signs of swelling, after four decades of use, just from hand washing. Dishwashers accelerate this process exponentially. Every piece of flatware that was shipped out of the Case factory had a blanket warning not to put them into a dishwasher (I believe all quality cutlery companies provide the same warning). However, we were constantly replacing handles under warranty, even though we knew that the instructions had been ignored by the owner. With the advent of cheap, imported, throw-a-way kitchen knives most of the domestic knife companies no longer make "flatware" (kitchen knives). Even back it the 70's it was a low margin profit product. Fewer people were willing to pay the price for premium, quality knives. It was starting to become a profit loser. Case no longer makes flatware. They have turned to pocket knives exclusively and cater to the collector with boutique offerings. I cringe when I look at a new case pocket knife and see all of the defects that would have never made it past final inspection. In any event, look to a quality supplier, like Jantz, to find your fasteners. Put some nice wood scales back onto that knife and use it for the rest of your lives.
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    Help!! Facia Board Angles

    Chapter 1 in my book, "Plumbing." I always say if I have a board that's too thick or too thin, too wide or too narrow, or too long or too short, I can generally either fix it, or find another in the pile. If you need a copper 3/4" to 1/2" 90 degree elbow and don't have one, you're headed to the hardware store. Three rules of plumbing that I know Hot on the left; cold on the right Stink goes up, poop goes down Don't chew your fingernails on the job
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    Cheap track saw

    Keith since you jumped in there bad mouthing Grizzly I will say I have a 16"drum sander, an 18" band saw, an 8" jointer, a 10 " table saw, a 2 hp dust collector, a universal knife sharpening machine, a dust collector remote control unit and a few other things I bought in early 2000. Everything is Grizzly. We drove to Springfield, Mo with a big trailer and as of today I have never had to contact them one time for anything gone bad.... Kinda bad when you don't say any one thing on what happened or give any kind of explanation.. What was it, did you not know where the switches were??? There was another guy on another wood working site some years ago who was cussing Grizzly for their sorry bandsaw. Really bad mouthing the company. I got with him and explained if I could help him set his bandsaw up so it would resaw would he give a correction online for his hate for a company that really didn't do anything....Thank goodness I had just watched the guy who sets band saws up the best I had ever seen so I kinda stuck my foot in my mouth not knowing if I could help him or not..... Yes he did apologize to me and said he would tell the world to learn about something before he tried to ruin company from his inexperience..... Keith did you know the company would make right any tool you or anyone else had bought by contacting them If there was actually something wrong with the tools...No not five or ten years later but in a reasonable time..... No they don't try to stick it to their customers like you are suggesting ....
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