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    Was talking to a neighbor this week whose wife is a large animal vet. He said that when his oldest son was in first grade, they got a concerned letter from the teacher that the son had threatened to cut a classmate's head off. Of course, the teacher was concerned. As it turned out, dinner conversation one day talked about how the vet mom had had to do some work that day. If a person is bit by a wild animal, she had to decapitate the head of the animal and send into the state for evaluation for rabies. She'd done three of them one recent day. When the son was questioned, he said the classmate had threatened to bite him. The son told him that if they did that, they'd have to cut off his head. When they called the teacher to explain the context, she was relieved. And probably a big LOL. ----------------- A woman had just moved into a new apartment and was doing some cleaning. As she liked to do, she cleaned in the nude. The doorbell rang and she asked, "Who is it?" "Blind man." came the response from the outside. She thought, well, he's blind, can't tell I'm naked, and I don't want to rush to get dressed. So she opened the door. He walked in and said, "Well, I got two Roman shades and five cellular shades, where do you want them? By the way, nice bod."
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    The Coffee Pot v2

    Well just got back from picking the girls up from evening swim practice...same road but different location and woods...different buck too...little guy...probably a yearling...4 pointer and pretty narrow rack...I came to a complete stop, then had to "herd" him a bit with the truck to get him to decide which side of the road to cross which fence...he finally went back across from where he came, walked down the road a bit 'til he found a spot he felt he could clear...if somebody takes him this fall, pretty desperate to get a buck...I doubt he would field dress 50-60 lbs. Technically, I guess I'm up $Two bucks for the day
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    John Morris

    A Day on the Job (Nov. 2, 2017)

    Same job, another day, different girlfriend. Finding these ladies all over the place! My partner has a good eye for these guys, she can spot them 50 feet away. I wouldn't know if this lady was crawling up my pants! I guess if you are deathly afraid of spiders like my crew member is, you can spot em far.
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    If you like squirrels......

    squirrel the chicken of the trees
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    There are some times when it helps to finish (including stain) before assembling your piece. Just be sure to mask off any areas that are going to be glued because glue won't stick to finish. Tight spots If your piece has lots of tight spots such as spindles that are close together, staining and finishing before assembly will be easier than trying to get your rag and/or brush into those areas. (And I've found it's way faster to spray things like chairs than to rag or brush). Shrinkage When you are doing panels such as raised panels, rabbetted panels, shiplap, car siding, or tongue and groove where the pieces are going to shrink in the dry parts of the year, getting your finish in there before assembly will help avoid those "tan lines." (I've seen plenty of Asian furniture that had this problem.) Concave areas When you have a lot of concave areas (often with 3 corners) that's hard to get a brush or rag in, leaving one part off until finished makes it much easier. This avoids a build-up in those hard to get to areas. Likewise if you're spraying an enclosed area like a bookcase or cabinet, you can avoid a lot of finish "blow back" if you just leave the back off until the finishing is done. So don't always be in a rush to assemble and think about the finish. As a Navy buddy of mine used to say, P^7 (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance). Convenience If you have an awkward piece such as a dining table with legs that remove via hanger bolts simply removing the legs and working on them separately will make the whole process a lot easier. When I do this, I put the top on turntable so I can get all around it and I have a box that I screw the legs onto for staining and finish. Just be sure if you're working on the legs upside down to turn them over to make sure you're getting stain and finishes in the turned areas that will eventually be top side (and vice versa). Likewise, things like attached drawer fronts are easier to finish prior to attaching to the drawer box that won't get stain/finish on it (or will get a separate finish -- shellac is a good finish for inside enclosed areas because it won't smell like oil for ages.) If you are doing two-tone finishes, again separating the pieces avoids slopping the wrong color stain or paint on an adjacent piece. An example of this might be a chair with different legs and spindles than seat, or table with different color legs than top, or doors/drawers than face frame.
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    If you like squirrels......

    Tree rats! John
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    So True. Back many, many years ago, my parents were taking care of the household for a neighbor who had cancer. She had probably a half dozen cats in the house and my mom and dad would be there a couple of times a day to feed, water, clean up, etc. One day my dad had one of my sister's sons over and took him to the house. Next day the kid was in school recounting how he had been to the "cat house". The teacher had a fit and my sister had to get them all straightened out. Eventually that poor lady passed and left the house to my parents with the proviso they took care of the cats (which they did).
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    Shopsmith, and other brands

    Not dissing SS, "Some of my best friends and good craftsmen are SS only users." I visited George Reid in Dayton while he was still alive. He was probably the best craftsman I've ever met, and I've met a bunch. He worked in a dingy basement shared with a washer and dryer, and his "finish room" was a dark corner underneath the steps. All of his equipment was early 1940s old iron and he did not have that much of it. Had a very nice collection of sharp carving tools that he'd purchased from an estate. I heard him say once he did not own a router, "but could see how it might come in handy." I also had a soft spot in my heart for him because he looked enough like my dear grandfather that he could have been one of his ten siblings. https://books.google.com/books?id=1HPnwXyp4OUC&pg=PA31&lpg=PA31&dq=george+reid+cabinetmaker+dayton&source=bl&ots=clhdOxoXF1&sig=b-u_hUPtm2oD2aIZyCFLuAR4_bk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjAo4jFrq3XAhXHQyYKHRD5AZcQ6AEILjAB#v=onepage&q=george reid cabinetmaker dayton&f=false
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    Turkey call

    Wonder where they go? Must have a winter retreat somewhere... I suspect he turned out to be the guest of honor seated at the head of the table too?
  10. 2 points

    Turkey call

    I swear, that, they all used to get on a bus and go on vacation for the first week of the season. I would watch a flock all summer, have their movements and schedule down pat, get them used to the blind, and me coming and going. First day of the season shows up and they are NOWHERE to be found. I finally gave up and just watched out the window at the yard. When a big Tom showed up he ended up being invited to dinner.
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    Here ya go, Stick! Thought I'd beat ya to it! John
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    Assumptions can be dangerous! On the first day of school, the children brought gifts for their teacher. The supermarket manager's daughter brought the teacher a basket of assorted fruit. The florist's son brought the teacher a bouquet of flowers. The candy-store owner's daughter gave the teacher a pretty box of candy. Then the liquor-store owner's son brought up a big, heavy box. The teacher lifted it up and noticed that it was leaking a little bit… She touched a drop of the liquid with her finger and tasted it. "Is it wine?" she guessed. "No," the boy replied. She tasted another drop and asked, "Champagne ?" "No," said the little boy........... "It's a puppy!"....
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    Turkey call

    Same here...coupled with all of the "corporate" type farmers anymore who have bulldozed fence rows and wooded areas away plus even farming through waterways so they can farm roadside to roadside. Lack of cover crops and hay fields too have significantly contributed to their decline...About every other summer we manage to attract a cock pheasant who hangs around in the yard even eating with the birds. Usually we'll see a hen and some chicks those same years. Typically see one or two small covey of quail each year and a few singles or pairs but years ago out here they were as common as robins during the summer and fall. I think the increase of coyote/coy dog packs have also contributed to their demise although the rabbit population seems to remain stable.
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    The Coffee Pot v2

    Work real well on turkeys! Calls them in from a good distance. John
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    It was the tightening of the all thread or cord that would cause the stress on that tenon joint, wouldn't it? I guess that when the blade is installed, that would limit the movement somewhat.
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    Only 83.333333333333333333333 to go. C'mon guys. Jump in. The more the merrier.
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    The Coffee Pot v2

    Good scores Gene. The parallel plates should come in handy for table saw, router table set-ups and who knows where else. On trip back from HS dropping the girls off for swim practice this AM I sent stuff flying inside the truck cab. I had to lock the brakes for a LARGE 8 pt buck who leaped out of the woods and stood at the edge of the road...then I saw the doe on the opposite side just out of the ditch. The woods comes nearly to the road edge with a woven wire fence...I guess what caught my lights was him clearing the fence. He froze long enough to get a good count on the rack...pretty good spread on the rack too. Rut season turns them crazy...Second buck I've locked 'em up for in less than 10 days on that road. I've got to get a set of deer whistles put back on this truck.
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    The Coffee Pot v2

    Glad her recovery has sustained... I'll keep what little is left of the once great empire for now if for no other reason to hold some heat in...had to break out the sock hats last week...hate those things. Ball caps in the summer are OK to keep the burn off.
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    Stick is Offline

    thanks for the donuts... I'll share... sleep well....
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    Thank you for taking the time, every year, to do this, John. There is no better place, in my mind, then to do my part at Christmas, then for something like this.
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    It Was Al B

    Closing In

    You mean that what we are getting isn't alien?
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    Pat Meeuwissen

    corner cabinet layout

    Here is the final product b4 the Mrs. adds the chalk paint. I will post the final after it's painted and hung a little down the road.
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    steven newman

    A project in Poplar

    Roh-Kay....cleaned the corners up.. Then planed the top and bottom edges. Laid out a bead line... Need to mill two beads below this line, all the way around the box. First, I need to change a few parts out, on the Stanley 45 #13 cutter was removed, as was the short rods.....added the long rods and a #23 bead cutter.. As these has a bit more reach to them...got things all set up.. Then set the fence. And away we go... Was trying out the depth stop, to keep from going to deep on the end.. I cut the beads on the ends first, then the long sides. Once I went all the way around with a single bead, I could reset the fence to cut a second bead... Once the second bead was done, time to get out a saw.. Just to the top of the bead. Cut at a 45 degree.....on two corners. Fun part was connecting the two saw cuts.. Made a plunge cut. Sabre saw comes in rather handy for that. Hand saw to finish the cuts.. Then, I could size the lid's panel, and cut the rebates all the way around. Once the panel was able to slide in and out easy enough, I glued the "handle " on... Soooo, while watching glue dry..I figured I could clean the floor, again.. Messy floor.....but, welcome to my world.. Just a small workshop... Need to figure out what finish for the box....maybe a handle or two? Stay tuned, almost done.
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    Pat Meeuwissen

    corner cabinet layout

    Guys, I have put in another day (1/2) and here is where I'm at. The Mrs. said she will be painting this with chalk paint so used some primed crown I had on hand.
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    Whaaaaaat! You mean your not supposed to be busier when you retire...I'm doing something wrong! I traded one full time job for another one that doesn't even pay.

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