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    steven newman

    A Project in Maple..

    Picked up a thing of chain, today. Had to use the bolt cutters to cut 16' down to what I needed. Couple of screws to hold the ends. Time for a brace.. Basically cut from a single piece of scrap wood. Hole for the pivot. bevel cut on the other end. Keeper came from what was left over. Bandsaw to make the cut. Chain is slack here......tip the lid back.. Once the chain is tight, I can release the keeper.... And fold the keeper down, out of the way. It also makes sure the chain stays inside of the chest. Will try to apply the finish tomorrow.....just about done....
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    OK, if you are a roofer or plumber working in obscure places without power, sure. But does the world's DIYer really need all these cordless tools -- routers, table saws, chain saws, jig saws, recip saws? What does a new 32V battery replacement cost? And what happens when it gives out two cuts before you are done? I have a drill-driver because I'm often working in someone's home and don't want to have to string extension cords all over the place. And most of the time I'm driving screws that don't work all that well with a corded drill. But in the shop, I'm rarely more than 6' from an outlet. A number of years ago, there was a trim carpenter working in the home where I was. He had a battery powered brad nailer. I have a compressor that weighs about 25 lb and hoses are no problem when I'm working in one or two adjacent rooms. Even if I have to unplug it, I can do a door frame on the tank. And I don't have to wait for the "bam, whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, click, ..." (onomatopoeia) http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/tools/reviews/g1358/12-great-tool-gifts-for-diyers/?slide=1&src=socialflowFB
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    steven newman

    Little Giant

    Dug out this little plane, and decided to clean it up. . It came with that little paper wrapper to hold the cutter/iron.. Yep, a razor blade. Might be a little rough doing any sort of "back bevel" I cleaned up the sole.. Was a bit hard to tell IF I got it flat....cleaned up the cap iron, as well.. Didn't find any rust, though. Might be a little hard make sure both it and the bed for the cutter mate up. Not a lot of parts It did make a few shaving. Has two openings, but not much to hold onto, I can also cut like a scraper plane.. Hardest part is NOT slicing a fingertip, trying to use this "Little Giant" plane. I hear there was another type of these planes, too....just haven't found one, yet.. Maybe L-N will make one out of Bronze?
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    Three days of subbing at the local Vo-Tech, visiting relatives and trips to the vet have pretty much accounted for all of my shop time. I have a manzanita root blank mounted on the lathe just begging to be hollowed out. I hope tomorrow will have a little spare time. Member @Jim from Easy Wood Tools posted a question/survey about which drive spur the Patriot turners prefered. Jump on over to this post and add your thoughts to or other members input- Some videos this week. Member @JariKilpi sent me a link to an Australian turner- Guilio Marcolongo. He does some beautiful work! A while back, Craft Supplies USA posted a Glenn Lucas video on turning a platter. It is not so much a tutorial but it does show some really nice design aspects that can enhance a turning. The Woodturning OnLine newsletter came. Several nice turning projects. This one might make a nice Christmas present- The pictorial article by Bob Hamilton can be found here- http://bobhamswwing.com/Articles/Roundpotpourri/Turning a Round Potpourri.htm The newsletter often has new available items or good deals. This seemed like a pretty good Amazon deal for this face shield- Click on the image to go to the Amazon deal. The entire newsletter can be read here- http://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php I promise I'll have some turning pictures next week. Safe turning
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    OK, it's painted....

    Nice Fred. When are the Cavs and Mavs scheduled to play?
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    OK for most of the past 5 or 6 days, I've been switching from the Light Theme to the default setting for the Custom Theme. Each day a little longer on the Custom. My preference is still the Light theme mainly from a familiarity to the page before the major upgrade, BUT I am open to the Custom Theme as the only option. I'll learn to adapt as needed in the same manner I initially adapted as a newbie to this site. As @Chips N Dust says in his signature line..."Change is good as long as everything stays the same." If the best option is only one theme from a maintenance and especially cost standpoint, then the Captain at the helm should do what's needed to minimize cost and double effort. I'm not going to take a knee over the colors of the life boats especially in the middle of the sea.
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    I'm 5'17'' tall/big/??.. my old cabinet builder FRIEND was a good 5 & half' tall, so was'ez helper. They always had cords strung all over the shop. One day I arrived with little small/tiny cable,4 small cable clamps, SEVERAL BATHROOM CURTAIN ??HOOKS??, two screw in eye bolts, many little cable ties, male & female electrical plug in for 110 volts.went to futher in/side of shop. Screwed eye bolt in near wall receptacle, went to where they worked/moved around working, above their heads bout 5 -6' screwed in other eye bolt. Back to other side, clamped cable into eyebolt. Strung cable to OTHER EYEBOLT, pulled it tight, clamped it to it's self. Went back to other end, with his longest electrical cord & DONE THE DIRTY WORK. Put enuff cord to reach recepital and used couple llittle cable ties!! LET CORD SAG & BACK UP TO A bathroom curtain hooks,(already on cable) USED CABLE TIE to tighten the cord to hook. Let cord sag 5-6' bak up to hook. DID THIS ALL THE WAY UP/ACROSS/?? TO WHERE THEY WORKED. ASK'M HOW HIGH did they want PLUG IN ABOVE THEIR HEAD. SUPPOSE YALL CAN FIGUER OUT REST, I'M TIRED.
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    My makita drill/driver is the only cordless tool in the shop...unless were counting me and the flash lights. Of course, there are the planes, hammers and screw divers. Not to mention chisles, saws and mallets. Air tools don't count. Well, maybe there is a cordless 80 gallon compressor out there.
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    Work gloves recommendation

    I just assumed everybody did this since that's what I do...worse thing about having mismatched pairs, is trying to find and remember which glove you've misplaced Maybe I should invest in some of those mitten strings and clips we've used with the grandkids.
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    CCLEANER: Important Notice

    can ya handle another notification??? https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/israel-hacked-kaspersky-then-tipped-the-nsa-that-its-tools-had-been-breached/2017/10/10/d48ce774-aa95-11e7-850e-2bdd1236be5d_story.html?utm_term=.ccd88fdedce0
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    this is getting down right hysterical....
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    Little Giant

    Looks like there are two cutting throats. I see where the fingers are in jeopardy.
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    Ol Buck

    OK, it's painted....

    2nd. time. I need your mailing address, want to send you couple of my books. NO YOU AINT GONNA OWE ME A DIME, NO I AINT GONNA BILL YOU LATER. FREE, @ RITE absolutely FREE. I'm 78 yrs. old & have a little trouble getting started myself, ok. My books do not have a dirty word in'm. Hoping they will bring a little sunshine into your life. ONE THING THO, I spell some words the way us old REDNECKS SAY'M/SPEAK'M, OK. Cya Heaws mine---nallbuck71@gmail.com Cya
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    Tis a fer piece for me. Wish it weren't. Love to meet ya.
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    Live near Lexington, KY?

    I Wish...... Finally having a chance to get at my lathe
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    Building Plans

    Thanks In the past, when you downloaded Sketchup Make, you actually get Sketchup Pro (paid edition) for a trial period. When the trial time is up, the Pro version reverts to the free "Make" version. You don't have to re-download anything it is an automatic change. You can buy the Pro version but that's only necessary if you are going to sell your drawings. One special note about recent versions on Sketchup- When you get ready to install the downloaded program, right click on the .exe downloaded program and select "Run as Administrator". this makes certain that the program installs correctly.
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    How to Start a Fight

    some times it just takes the right touch....
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    For the Donut Lovers

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    John Morris


    The edit feature was changed to a window of one hour after the topic or reply is posted. I had to do this, without explanation, you all will just have to trust me my intentions are good. Sorry for the inconvenience. I may be able to stretch it out to two hours or three later on.
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    steven newman

    A Project in Maple..

    Tray was looking a bit "Plain Jane"....was getting bored, anyway. Decided to "play around" in the shop today Set up the Stanley #45 for a bit of bead work. Got out the #23 Bead cutter. Slid the moving skate over to support the outside quirk, then slid the fence over there as well.. Didn't need the depth stop, left it up, out of the way. Clamped the tray into the vise...just high enough that the fence will miss the top of the vise... I started at the far end, and worked my way back towards me...when the top of the bead is a nice round shape, it is deep enough..my end was the last.. Had to keep clearing the Maple Flavoured Ramon Noodles, though.. Or they jam things up. I should have started on the shorter ends...as a pin wanted to blow out...one did The other three corners looked like this. Finally got all the edges beaded.. Not sure IF it needs sanded...placed this back in the case.. Need to start spreading the shellac around....inside and out. Had to sweep the floor... Made a bunch of noodles... Need to get a brass chain to keep the lid from leaning back too far...and add the finish....stay tuned..
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    A Project in Maple..

    Very, very nice Steven! Cal
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