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    Here in the northeast, we don't have to hire a crew to make potholes. Mother Nature does it all by herself
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    Fred W. Hargis Jr


    The sheet rock was just delivered...so at this point the contractor has some skin in the game. I'm really feeling giddy about this, kind of immature I guess. Oh well, I'm old...I get to feel anyway I want!
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    Bessey I-beam clamp question

    Yeah, they are cool...LOL But I can certainly live with the pipe clamps! And yeah, I was also thinking about the glue being pushed out at a certain point! LOL By the way...why is everyone saying 7,000 lbs.? I thought he said 700#?? I all ready deleted the E-mail or I woul...oh heck! I will go find the silly video...you got me curious now! DOH! It's on the first page! hahaha Oh dang! I was in denial-he DID say 7K!!! WOW!!! NO WONDER he was able to force that mortise and tenon together! hahaha And OH FRICK!!! They are expensive!!! Nevermindddd....ohhh a 2-pack...a little better. OH!!! I just thought of a reason we might need 7K# of pressure!!! Some of us, I know I do, know some people with very thick skulls!!! Maybe we could finally get through to them!
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    Pennsylvania has a well deserved road reputation-
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    I think when the crew shows up you will feel better,did he say which week was next? Hope it is next week and they send a good crew. Herb
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    John Morris


    Got a lull at my day job and thought I'd just take a shot of some potholers and post out here My survey crew is on standby to locate underground utilities for the preliminary design stage of a road project. These guys suck the dirt up with that high powered vac, they'll locate the underground pipes, conduit, etc, my crew will shoot the actual location of those utilities for horizontal coordinates, and elevations, then we turn our data into the engineers. This way we'll know during construction if we have to relocate the utilities or just be aware they are there. Highs in the 107 degree range today, and it's humid! We are already drenched. Cheers from the field!
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    I need to get off me arse and work on one, we need to step up and make it happen, again, I love doing these, and working with our veterans, retailers, and members alike to make a veteran's dream shop become reality, I am getting energized, ya'll with me!!!!!!! Mark Wilson Timothy Fallon CHAAARRRRRGE!!!!!!!!
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    Chips N Dust


    Sort of like this song:
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    Very First Live edged bowl

    Started it this AM the wood is elm, damp but mostly dry so I'm going for finished dimensions.
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    Transfer Switch

    Wow we must have better electricity than all you guys. I don't know of any one around me that has a back up to their house... Maybe cause it never goes off.... They told me they can make more money if they leave it on all the time so the meters will keep registering money for their pockets.. John M, now thats not a selling point for this part of Texas. Remember this is a fly over state.
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    I'm with you John, but please... a blind veteran turning bowls?!? I feel so #%*# inadequate right now... Cal
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    Fred W. Hargis Jr


    Well, my first drywall contractor called this morning, he wants to get started on my shop next week, and maybe have the rock delivered today. To recap this saga: I got the estimate back in May and was told it would be late July to do the job. In early August I was told it would probably be early Oct. Now today I'm hoping it will be next week. I had went through this in another post, and some here urged me to get more quotes. Actually I called for some and was scheduled to get another one next week, which i just cancelled. Maybe I should have waited for the rock to show up. But here's hoping!
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    Bessey I-beam clamp question

    I tell you, every time we turn around, we learn we learned wrong and need to unlearn and relearn...no matter what the topic is! LOL
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    Some good stuff this week from The Patriot turners! @Cliff Is finishing up a live edge bowl. It looks really nice. Stop on over at Cliff's post and check out some more images- @John Morris posted a question about turning a burl. Specifically, should it be turned green or dry. He received several answers to his question. Check out his post and add your experiences to give John a hand. @Steve Krumanaker alerted us to the passing of Bihn Pho, turner/artist extraordinaire. I had not known of his work but after checking out the link in Steve's thread I realize the world has lost a truly gifted artist. Just as extraordinary, are the obstacles Mr. Pho had to overcome. Please take a few minutes to learn about Mr. Pho- A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the new Easy Wood Micro Turning Tools. Here are two videos (Part 1 & 2) of these tools in use, turning a small bowl. The second part of the series illustrates decorating the bowl with wood burning tools- The Woodworkers Journal "eZine" this week had a link to an Ernie Conover turning video. In this video, Mr. Conover demonstrates you don't need a scroll chuck in order to turn a bowl. I'm not sure I'd trust the reverse chucking jam chuck as far as he did. I could see my bowl going air born! Safe Turning
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    Scroll Saw Table Refinishing

    Fred, I've been doing a little thinking about this and following the responses. From your picture, it appears the table is a cast (or gray) iron table? Assuming that is the case, as you noted, powder coating would be one option and probably would hold up pretty decent... Another idea might be to use an epoxy based paint specifically for cast iron; like used to refinish tubs & sinks. There are DIY kits for those applications that could be used for your purpose perhaps. To be clear, I'm not speaking from personal experience...never used one, but I have seen it done commercially on tubs with great results. IDK, maybe it would be too slick...anyway something to consider. The link below is one example but again, I've had no experience with this product. http://www.klasskote.com/epoxy_bathtub_paint
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    It Was Al B

    Secretary Desk

    Definitely the cyanoacrylate Keith.I figured someone would get the idea what I was talking about. Not looking to start a permanent sleep.
  18. 2 points
    John Morris


    Don't ya love it!!!!!
  19. 2 points
    Chips N Dust


    If I were you, I would be dancing a jig.
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  21. 2 points
    steven newman

    Chest of Drawers: PIP

    Board for the top wasn't wide enough, nor long enough...About the only way was to split it down the middle, and spread it out a bit, and add a strip on the edges. Walnut on drawer fronts, were due to a few "complaints" about exposed dovetails showing. Did not feel like doing half-blind dovetailed fronts.....I seem to prefer through dovetails. Will try to get a couple more coats of the shellac on, and see how it looks, and then the gloss varnish if needed.....
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    Bessey I-beam clamp question

    go w/ pipe clamps..
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    Texas reacts

    Reading this reminded me of a comparative example of how much rain had fallen as of yesterday; The total rainfall at that time was enough to fill all of the NFL stadiums and all of the Division 1 college stadiums 100x ...mind boggling. Another example was the total rainfall could fill 1 million Olympic size swimming pools. It is possible before the end of the week this could be a once in one million years flood...right now it's at once in 800 years flood. Put in these type of quantifiers gives some small understanding of how devastating this really has become. There has been no weather event on this continent to compare.
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    It Was Al B

    Texas reacts

    It's really hard to imagine that much rain. Help is headed that way from all across the country. I know of local area people arriving there today with boats and needed supplies. Bob Kraft, Patriots owner has donated $1M to the Red Cross for the effort. Coast Guard helicopters from the Cape have been on the scene since the beginning. Thousands of smaller donations being made. My heart goes out to those who have lost everything.

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