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    Ron Altier

    Leg roller

    My wife has restless leg syndrome and I had a great idea. I'd make a roller that you could roll across your leg, arm, etc. This is it and it is beautiful. The roller is made out of a shrub like tree that died in my yard. When I cut it down I looked at the end grain and saved it because it I may be able to turn it down. It was beautiful when I did and decided it was perfect for this roller. Problems is.....................................it didn't help her one bit
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    Things cooled off a bit, and I fired up the box fan to blow across the bench ( and ME) Put away the No.7c, got out a smaller plane.. Stanley No. 5-1/2 Jumbo Jack. At 15" long, should work nicely on these 18" long edges. I kept checking as I ran the plane, both sighting down along the length of the edge, and with a board thst was already done. Nice when you get these ribbons the full length of the board.. Finally got the four boards to just about match up along the edges. Pipe clamps and glue time.. End grain? I plan to flatten the entire panel, once the glue has cured. I clamped it up just enough to raise a bead.. Pipe clamps? Well, I had a use for the "bar" clamps in the shop. I resawed the second slab to get about a 3" width....but needed some "add-ons" to get the width on the faces.... Think anyone will notice those are Cherry add-ons? This will be turned in to the column that holds the top up. Leaves me with the last of this $1 slab of Walnut Just in case I need a little extra.....
  3. 4 points

    Bass wood

    Never turned it but did do a feeble attempt at carving once. It was an automata type toy. I think the plans were in the Woodcraft Magazine. Turn the handle and Santa does lifts.
  4. 3 points
    This week's featured turner is new member Handy Dan. Dan has shown some of his work in various posts and I hope he doesn't mind if I re-post it here. Dan recently made a slew of Yo-Yo's for a family reunion- You can read more at- http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/17210-more-yo-yos/ He also turned some really neat pill totes- He explained the process here- http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/17476-pill-totes/ I think it must be Christmas all year long at Dan's house judging from the ornaments he turns- Here is a link to this post- http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/17214-ornaments/ I received a message from "Handy Dan" about a new video from Frank Howarth. We have re-posted Frank's work before. Not only are his projects super cool, his stop action filming is spectacular. In this video, Frank turns a segmented bowl but takes it to the next level by using a CNC machine to create cloud inlays. In the beginning of the video, check out the jig Frank uses to create the segments. Here's a video of the commercial version- Members Dan and Terry discussed this sled/jig recently. You can read what they had to say, here- http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/17323-segmentation/#comment-71977 Safe Turning!
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    Ron Altier

    Chess pawns

    I used a duplicator once I wanted to see how good it was. I made this stool out of aromatic Cedar. Have not used it since. My lathe is a mini and there isn't too much duplication I can use it for.
  6. 2 points

    Big Iron auction (not mine)

    There is an auction of heavy-duty equipment near Cincinnati. I have no association with this company other than I occasionally buy some things cheap from them. They specialize in business liquidations, estates, overstock and returned items from Amazon, Wal*mart, Home Depot, and other stuff from who knows where. Be aware of voltage and 3 phase where noted. http://bid.bidfta.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?mcmann662/category/ALL
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    Chess pawns

    I have been waiting several years to do this chess set for my grandson. Well I finally got started last week. These are the pawns completed turning today. Plan credit goes to Larry Jenkins . He turned his set on a metal lathe .
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    Deer(e) in the Headlights or...

    and you didn't invite him in to the dinner table..
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    It sucks, but if you walked out of the shop with the same number of fingers and quantity of blood that you walked in with, it wasn't truly a bad day, just frustrating.
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    John Morris


    All due respect Stick, I beg to differ. RF is built with V Bulletin software. Not google based at all. If you ever want to see what a site is built with what, you can go to the link below and plug in a website address and see what technology the site is using. http://builtwith.com/ You can plug in our website as well and see how we are built. Have fun!
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    steven newman

    Next up, Walnut Night stand

    Measured out an 18" long section, and proceeded to crosscut a chunk off.. Took a lot of wax on the blade. I didn't feel like dragging the circular saw down the stairs... 18" was a bit too much to crosscut on the bandsaw, Finally Set the one section aside, needed to joint one edge square... The plane has a walnut fence, to help stay square, Plane is a Stanley No.7c, type 9 Shavings seem to be walnut, also... A little sap wood. Needed this board to have a square corner, to make it easier to resaw.. This is from the second board, first one gave me three pieces... But, at only 15" wide...I needed a fourth one to make a 18" diameter round top....so That blaack knot will be heading to the outside, where the cut will be coming around. Need to start jointing edges, to do a glue up.. One way to hold it. Plane is a bit too long, about 2" longer than the boards. I suppose I could drop down a size or two. Plan right now is to get these four glued up into a panel, The day after the glue is cure, I can flatten the entire panel, and cut it into a circle. The leftover slab sitting on the bandsaw will be cut into three curved legs. Still have the two shorter planks.....maybe a glue up into a column blank for the lathe? It 's start anyway.....Now, IF I can find that fellow Gumption again, I might just cobble something up? 87 degrees outside, and HUMID.....shop isn't much better...
  12. 2 points
    John Morris


    It's not a laughing matter at all. It's also not a laughing matter to ambush visitors with a million popup ads, that really peeves me to no end. Like Bill said, keep your stuff clean, run Malwarebytes, it is a good software and open source free.
  13. 1 point
    Nothing runs (quite) like a deer(e). So yesterday evening a little before dusk, I'm trying to hack down the last of yard. We have ~4.5 acres +/-. The portion I was mowing is semi-segregated from the rest of the property divided by a row of fir and spruce trees; ~acre +/-. The tree line ends about 50' on end from the perimeter fence (standard 54" cattle woven cattle fence). As I start back across, I see something moving along the fence between a row of maple trees and a few pin oaks. Up the hill it came, but put on the skids about the fir/spruce tree line. I was so surprised, I stopped the John Deere about 75' away. I guess we both had the "look." It was a young buck; best I could tell probably will be a small 6 pointer, still with felt. As we eyed each other for several moments, I decided I had to get back to mowing...he decided he had to get back to what ever he had in mind so he turned ran back across the property from whence he came, the jumped across the back fence into the cornfield. We've had a few deer on our property over the ~39 years we've lived here, but I never encountered one while outside. There are no wooded areas or other cover close other than some trees that have grown in the neighbors fence rows; no open running water close either. One of those random things.
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  15. 1 point
    Dan is very inventive with parts and pieces of items he finds.
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    Hhhmmm..... I think I see where the lathe come in
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    Printed Labels

    Aaaaah...no sassing now or I'll have to wash your mouth out with decaffeinated coffee...
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    Printed Labels

    Gramps... if you need to walk home.. just say so... just don't be late fer sup...
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    Printed Labels

    exactly... so what... Listen here boys! Don't make me have ta' pull this car (errr...post) over and stop ...now get on your own sides and no more poking each other until we get home! Oh, BTW, I use paint markers to label most stuff; all cordless tool batteries are #'ed in order of purchase and purchase date along with last name, zip code and state; if storage is a container, tool box, etc. that can be re-purposed, I use blue or green painters tape, then write on that. Never had the painters tape come loose. I get my paint pens at Hobby Lobby.
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    MalwareBytes has a couple of lesser known products to assist in preventing some of the drive-by exploits. Malwarebytes Antiexploits both free and paid- https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/. Also Malwarebytes AntiRandsom (Beta)- https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/znlajk1tlmzbm2x3vb4enkik7lreqxd9. There is another product from Foolish IT called Crypto Prevent- https://www.foolishit.com/cryptoprevent-malware-prevention/ . These 3 products can all run at the same time. I would also recommend adding a script blocker to your browser. Script Blockers are available fro most browser. These can be a bit of a pain to setup but no where near the hassel of removing virus/malware.
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    Guess it will have to chalked up as a learning experience .I'm sure the same mistake won't be made again, unless I have a senior moment.
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    Fred W. Hargis Jr

    New digs are done....

    Well, for one thing 100 amps is plenty, it's what i had in the last 2 shops and wasn't even close to being short on power. But more to the question, I started out trying to get a separate meter and 200 amp service, but the power company has gotten really hard to deal with on new service and don't want to add meters that won't have a minimal usage (which I was right on the border to meet). But another thing is the 100 amps will be a sub on the house which will have a backup generator, so the shop will still have heat the fridge that;s out there will still have power during outages. the walls will be drywall which is also what I've had in the past. Easy to repair, cheap to install, and I've never had a problem finding studs to hang things. That said, i may still have a section of slat wall going across some part of it.
  23. 1 point
    Fred W. Hargis Jr


    For sure you have to watch what's going on, and I've had a few fraud alerts and card replacements. But having them makes life a lot more convenient in so many ways I'll live with the risk, and continue to be vigilant. We've never had many (for the past many years it had been only 3) to make the watching a little easier.
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    We have never lost a penny using credit cards but a person should keep a close eye on all their transactions to be sure nothing is charged to the cards that's not supposed to be.
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    Wood refugees

    that's the UV/Gama for ya...
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