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    I was trying to remember what this style of shave horse is called, and I finally found it, the Shave Pony.
  2. 2 points

    Another Project in the works,part2

    Lot's of hard work there, Steve! My Mom always said that a good rocking chair had walnut rockers. That way it didn't walk across the floor while in use. Not sure if it is true or not. I made one of these for a buddy, sometime back. Mostly just out of 2x stuff.
  3. 1 point
    Well, thanks for all the ideas. However, I have just one more post to do. A lot of "flat work" is left to do. Bandsaw is working so hard at this job,.....sparks can be seen coming around with the blade. May have to spend a little cash, and buy a new blade for it, sometime. Not much of a carver, either. Crest rail may be a bit on the plain side....we'll see. Not too bad, for the first project I used the drawknives on? That cobbler's hammer handle was with just the spokeshave. Right now, there is a creek running through the shop....this Monsoon Season can stop at any time......like maybe today? not.
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    sous vide

    Well I wanted to make my own mayonnaise. But I'd gotten a bad egg before and - - well once bitten. So I did a little research into using pasteurized eggs and how to do it myself. Turns out that 80 minutes in 140F does it right nice. after that I discovered Sous Vide. Then researched that. The number of things you can do with a sous vide that ends up being boatloads easier is almost limitless. One of the things I plan to do is fried chicken Ala Sous Vide http://anovaculinary.com/sous-vide-fried-chicken/
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    Great post Steve, wonderful images and great techniques you are using there. Lew, that is a cool shave horse. Also, Steve, for your cramped quarters you could also use a Bench Shave like this: For a run down on it see here at http://www.sustainlife.org/blogs/woodworking/how-to-make-a-benchtop-shaving-horse/
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    FINALLY Bit the bullet on DC

    I have been kicking this one around for years. First I wanted to build a staged particle drop DC and went back and forth about blowers I was thinking about making a huge 5 foot diameter plywood blower and relying on scale to get throughput then I considered a welded up blower. All the blowers on all the cyclones are plastic and can't take an impact. I considered building a cyclone. I couldn't just buy a cyclone because of ceiling height : they all put the motors on top. So I was thinking of maybe a Felder 125 or 140 and the price delta between the 160 and those just wasn't that much so I ordered a Felder RL 160. Now making room for it ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  7. 1 point

    FINALLY Bit the bullet on DC

    Good thinking!
  8. 1 point

    FINALLY Bit the bullet on DC

    lol Get her a new kitchen.
  9. 1 point

    FINALLY Bit the bullet on DC

    The Felder is pretty quiet. They built a very good sound dampener into it. It's almost impossible to make them really quiet because a blower chops air in the same way an old school air raid siren does. That was part of my thinking when I was considering making a five foot blower. I figured I'd make low frequency noise but not hi freq. It puts out air cleaner than a spring breeze in northern Montana.
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    Charles Nicholls

    FINALLY Bit the bullet on DC

    Is there any such thing as a quiet air cleaner/dust collector, that doesn't wake the dead when you use it? I've wanted to get an air cleaner for years, but just never have been able to afford one and don't personally know of one that is quiet..
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