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    Fred Wilson

    Special ? Project

    Soooooooooooooo, there I was, minding my own business, catching up on back orders, and my German buddy calls me and says, "Hey, Fred, I have another project for you". This did not surprise me because he has come to me with several other projects (all of which I have enjoyed). After explaining the project, I knew that it was going to be made out of wood with some embelishment. This project is to be part of his Christmas Lawn Display. With out any other words, below are a couple of pictures of the completed project. Kepp going, they are there somewhere below Wolfgang and his proud outhouse - - - - - will post pciture of his yard when I get them
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    My wife and I are doing a local craft show. We got 2 hours to go and we have made $120 over our space fee. Not the best show as it is in a lower income area, but it does help Momma's Christmas Gift Fund. Hopefully we can make a few more sales before we leave.
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    Don't see a thread started for this weekend (12/12 and 12/13) so I will list TD List anyway. 1. Reorganize storage in my "shop". It was getting too hard to find things so I ordered another storage cabinet. It came yesterday. Disappointed in it but the ones I have used heretofore seem to have been discontinued by the orange big box. Will have to make do with the new one even though it's decidedly inferior. 2. Six pens to turn. 3. 26 Christmas ornaments (Steve Good design) to cut on the Scroll Saw
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    Ok, had one day to: Rehab two planes Take the boss out for supper Take the boss out for shopping Replace a light fixture in the Burnt Room Trim out the burnt room's clost door opening Soooo? I did actually get the entire job jar list done today.... As for the planes? This is after a tear-down, scrape the old finish off, wire wheel the metal parts, replace the knob's bolt. I also sanded the sole flat, well at least flatter than it was... Sharpened the iron up, mated a chipbreaker from the spares box to it, dug up a Lever cap as well. Made some walnut shavings with the Ohio Tool Co. No.035.... And as for the other plane? Handles came painted black. I cleaned the sides up, flattened the sole. Sharpened the iron, mated the chipbreaker to it. All bolts were wire whelled clean. Inside of the base was wire wheeled to remove the crud and rust. painted black, the frog was cleaned, tuned up, and a black touch up paint job. That lever cap? Came from the spares box. I tried to strip the old paint off the Mohawk one, was just way too rough a casting. Never would have gotten it smooth enough for a paint job. Still have it, it was tossed in with the other spares. Will need to putty a small gap in the door trim, maybe I can do that tomorrow? I'm beat.....for some reason...
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    Larry Buskirk

    Patriot Picking (My Fan Club)

    Gene, I'll try to find it. John, It will be far from being a doorstop when I'm done.
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    New blade is on the Craftsman 12" two wheel bandsaw from Texas. Will need a wee bit of tweeting to set things just so. But.....1st resaw cut is done.. LOTS of drift. Will look through the manual and see what needs done. As for the burnt room.....set up a mitresaw and other tools to trim out the door opening Hammer and some nails, too. Walls are looking a wee bit better... So, we have a little bit of progress.
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    John, It's the faster I go, the behinder I gets. Happens to me all the time.
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