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  2. I used to use a soft and a hard Arkansas. Long before that a Carborundum with two grits bonded , but that was just for pocket and hunting knives. Any light oil will work such as the 3-in-one I used. I use jigs so stopped using oil stones when my WW got serious and use Scary for flat work tools now.
  3. Not a bad idea Larry, but my mind is made up!
  4. Gerald

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    Great job . How did you get the bark to stay on?
  5. Came out nicely. Another project checked off as DONE!!
  6. Stain went on the tote... More on that handle in a moment...Brass nails at the front and back corners,,,and.. Along the side edges of the bottom panel View of the end? Almost has a Dutch roof feel to it..now, about that handle...was a LONG day, yesterday, had a meet & greet in the shop..finally was able to stain this tote, was tired, and in a hurry.. Compost happens....will add a dab next trip to the shop, was a bit hard to hold the piece, and stain where my hand was... meet & greet also meant the last of the thin ash scraps are gone....he can do a few projects with them, too. Other than the stain, and add a coat of varnish...this is done....TV remotes fit, the ones for the Cable Box are like me,....too fat. Thanks for following long..
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  8. If I had any vacation I would make a drive and stay a spell. Maybe even help.....
  9. Hmm..phone call today..Lowes was confirming a delivery date and time, for Monday, between 0800 and noonish.....then, I went out to Lowes..Boss wanted a few plants..I needed something else... Can't work as a Carpenter, without a toolbelt, right....no way will this stay up during use, so. For about $9 or so more...then spent 1/2 an hour adjusting the height of the belt..down to where I can get into the pouches... printed out a plan for the stair stringers.. You enter the sizes you need, the site will calculate and draw up a plan....will have to "fudge" this a bit....was unable to get the deck low enough for the calculator to work need to lose about 2" in height....they even show the treads and risers.. Fancy....doubt I'll add the risers.. When this project is finally done...I intend to pull this cork... on this bottle .... Of 12 yr auld J & B , J.E.T. Scotch, and share with the help...if anyone wants to drop by and help out... Stay tuned
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  11. John, Try using a cookie sheet as a tray under the wet stones.
  12. My son posted this on Facebook. Not my thing, I think he was throwing out a hint though. Tonight I fixed the Hawaiian Turkey Burgers that I posted before, looks like that's become a favorite of my wife. She picked up a package of ground turkey when she was shopping this week, came home and said, "Guess what you're fixing this weekend". Bacon Chicken Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks.pdf
  13. I've had one for a while, and it's perfect for trimming screw plugs flush with the surface - just keep it razor sharp and use with a sweeping motion as you feed into the plug. Use a flush-cut saw to trim off most of the projection, and the plane will take the rest, no need for sanding either.
  14. Looks waaaay bigger. Must be my small beady eyes..........
  15. Oh how I wished. They (the bears) are so heavily protected you risk jail time if you do. BTW it is snowing as I type this.
  16. this one got caught out in the cold...
  17. Yeah, but it doesn't count if you don't provide video for us.
  18. I hope Summer, but I always have wonderful ideas and plans that just seem to get set aside often, my woodworking has slowed waaaaaay down since the kids got bigger, two in high school and one in college, between the three kids I am busy with them most nights after work and my weekends are peppered with interruptions that are family oriented (in a good way). Then my day job seems to always get in the way, blasted day job! So when I get an idea to build something like my spring pole lathe, it may or may not happen, just depends if this summer is laid back or not.
  19. Thanks Peter, appreciate your input. Seems most folks will keep two stones nearby, and a strop, since I have the Washita for preliminary honing I'll need one harder I think, then from what I can see if I glue a piece of leather to a board about the same size as the stones I am using, I can keep them all in one tidy little box/tray handy and at the ready.
  20. Yeah I saw that, when ya getting started. Not like you don't have 562,289 other things to get done this week. Well my supply is kinda low but you can have what I have currently. Where do I send it?
  21. way back in the last century, i started with oil stones - some synthetic and some natural. One of the nicest was a hard black arkansas (not inexpensive) which gave a nice shaving edge to an already prepared blade (knife, chisel, whatever). I never had a strop (or got one used on me) so i can't give any advice on them, but there are certain folks who prefer the fine white (near translucent) hard stone for final finishing and i found one in a small size that was perfect for touching up incannel chisels. It looks a bit like the one on the left... i always found that any lightweight oil would work just fine to float the waste away. Amost forgot...the small round edge is perfect for touching up seam/thread rippers.
  22. @Woodbutcherbynight isn't there anything yur frumpy/grumpy cat doesn't get into???....
  23. Sometimes these things can take a looong time Richard, wishing you the best of luck!
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