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  2. Watching, and listening to it Again!!! @John Morris better send the corporate Ark!!!
  3. It really depends on which color Minwax you use. Like I said, some are dye only, some are pigment only, and some are both. Use Flexner's method to determine which. Another method that I frequently use is stain (my term for any of the three varieties above), a coat or two of finish, then a coat of glaze, then another coat or two of finish to lock in the glaze. Here is such a project from white oak. The glaze also highlights the beading.
  4. It's Monday..enough said....wake me up when Tuesday gets here ( BTW, it is raining, again..) Might work on that backsaw handle..tomorrow... Idiots were out on the road, today.....one even thought they would pass me....with 5 semis coming towards us....Hey, if one wants to do a head-on with a semi loaded with auto parts...let me know, I'll pull over, and watch. Boss want the ac unit installed into the windows....
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  6. Reading the available text accompanying the headline, it appears the $100 million was well spent.
  7. Thanks........very informative.
  8. Artie that may be better, Now you can purchase better gouges and only purchase what you need. 1/2 or 3/8 inch bowl gouge 3/8 spindle gouge Maybe a 3/4 skew but that could come later Get started with these and you won't have all those got to have tools laying around. probably 98% of my turning is done with 3 or 4 tools.
  9. In finishing Cherry I use garnet Shellac to do this @Michael Thuman . It works well and seems to slow the darkening that cherry will do also.
  10. Guess I am first up today. Made the finial (I hope) trip to the pecan to harvest wood for my Offering Plates Project. Was a long 8 hour day in 94 degree weather, but I did get the wood and got it blanked out and sealed. My thanks to a couple friends and the land owner. Today spent 2 hours in the shop mounting the new Carter Products bandsaw bearings. WOW what a difference. It is now like a brand new saw and is extra quiet. I cannot believe the difference. Was not hard to install I was maybe extra cautious.
  11. Putting a drain in the slab would be my last option as I have to break up the slab to install the drain the repour it. Also the slab on two edges has train files with rock over them so the flooding is on during a major event. A slow rain or even heavy consistent rain never gets above the threshold. I want to creat a mini dam and that to work.
  12. I was going to dye the whole peice to hide the lighter colored sap wood on some white oak then use Minwax stain to highlight the grain. Looks like I do not need to dye becuase the stain has dye. So I will make some samples and upload them. 1 with dyed then "stained" Then just "stain". The idea is to pop the grain but I do not know how now. Do you?
  13. Pigment, in my experience, tends to splotch less than dyes. Yes, dyes are less lightfast, but they're not going to fade in a year unless you put that end table in front of a wall of south-facing windows. I've actually seen some commercial furniture that in 20+ years has a dark spot where the lamp sits. My daughter has a desk, dresser, and loft bed that I used Minwax Golden Oak on 35 years ago, and while it might be lighter, it's still Golden Oak. In fact, I converted the loft bed to a bunk bed for her twin boys 10 years ago and had to add some pieces. The new piece was a decent match. Note that most commercial furniture is colored with toners -- a finish with color in it. Only very top end furniture would have the labor involved to use a wiping stain or glaze. They want to shoot on the finish, come back in a few minutes and apply a second coat and within a few more minutes move it to the packing area. They cannot afford to have three days worth of production sitting around drying. That's also why when the finish is damaged, like from a fingernail polish remover spill (acetone), the color goes with it. I generally tell people that the stains are going to fade and the wood is going to get a patina going in the opposite direction. So it's a tug of war and while your color match may be perfect on day one, it's a crapshoot as to what it is going to be in 1, 10, 20, or 40 years.
  14. It was the whole body Artie, all the metal looked black to me, but then after another look, it's dark gray, I compared your image to mine, the are basically the same, also you have that new paint job, unfaded so that would lend to the sharp darker appearance I think.
  15. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks!  New Members Please welcome to our community, @LesH, @KenM, @Zachbuildsthings7, @MarkSss, @Pauley, @Hysu, please click on their names and leave a message of welcome on their profile page. And to our new members, welcome to your new community folks! Featured Files To view all our files for your enjoyment and use, please go to "Files Downloads". You can also pick up the downloads at the Plans and Software Forum. Once uploaded to our server the plans auto populate at the forum. Today we don't have any new featured files to brag about, but you can help us with that, if you have a file you'd like to share with the community, please upload it to our files department. Featured Topic Our Featured topic has also been added to "Our Picks", this is a page for content that has stood out and been chosen for a special place in our community, and for a limited time showing on our Home Page for the world to see. Featured Link Our featured links are website links added by staff and members, add your favorite links today at "Links Directory". Featured Image Nice image of @Artie's Shopsmith with Ring Master Turning System attached. Source: Image
  16. No flaws from this angle. Looks super good.
  17. Got the tailstock, live center, tool rest (?), definitely did not get the chisels. Went to the Shopsmith page and looked, it does not appear that now-a-days the chisels come with the unit.
  18. There’s black around the on/off switch, and around the electronic control module, if that’s where you’re looking?
  19. Also guys the three things hardly ever mentioned having in a shop is what I finally put in my last shop....knowing this one will be the last shop I will ever build has a microwave, a sink and a commode...starting out, it was just a 30 x 50.....the last shop I had just finished right before we retired was a 40 x 60 and it was that perfect size but no sink or commode.. so after we sold out and moved to the lake I thought a 30 x 50 would be big enough cause I wanted to travel instead of working in the shop all the time.....wrong wrong....a couple of trips across America and I had enough of traveling so within three months after I finished the 30 x 50 I began adding 12 more foot so now its 30 x 62. Even with me doing all the building when one starts adding to the original cost and effort so that the extra 12 foot on the end to make it still look like it was all done at the same time doubled to original cost...The sink and microwave gets used the most but I didn't really think how many times in each day I have to wash something off my beautiful hands and fingers...and age adds extra trips to the commode...Actually I don't like a leaking commode so that is why I go in there many times each day... After I had put the forms up then dug the trenches I thought why not go ahead and add the pipes so if some day I might want to add the sink and commode all the water lines and drain lines will already be there...smartest thing I ever did..... I ran the sewer lines to the septic system but I just run the sink drain out side to the flower bed...Another thing I didn't even think of was run some electric lines and exhaust pipes out in the middle of the concrete floor in a place or two for the machines that always have to be in the middle of the room...so yes I have to step over a few obstacles here and there but hey that's about the only exercise I ever get....
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