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  2. There are a few of us here that use and enjoy our Shopsmiths. An inexpensive way to set up a shop. And a machine that will give you almost trouble free service for years. Mine's been used nearly every day since 1975.
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  4. They look good!
  5. You ability to see those works, hidden inside the wood, is truly amazing
  6. Thanks, Gene. Next year my school celebrates 50 years of graduating young men and women ready to enter the work force.
  7. Use these to secure them to a specific location. I heard a tip, use toilet bowl wax on the screw.
  8. Here's some pictures of the other miter box and saw. interesting marking on the saw blade.
  9. Yeah those were the moments I wondered will I survive this endeavor, and if so with as few scars as possible.
  10. Yeah the Novel 1984 was just a taste of what is to come.
  11. Very scary indeed. And yet some idiot has stuck his hand inside one, because it seemed like a good idea at the time...…...
  12. Okay kinda scary images here John.. You will be back? As what??? JM - 100
  13. You have done it again ....salvaged to make a useful object.
  14. As others mentioned it really depends on what you plan to do. My work here at the house encompasses a great many of the various disciplines so I have tools that say a pure cabinet maker would not have.
  15. Very creative, they look great!!
  16. Still here guys, hanging tough. Just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful posts. I'm not posting much, but I'll be back!!!
  17. That is neat!!
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  19. A while back I mentioned that some firewood that I attempted to turn was too unstable to safely turn. I had to find some use for it, so I made lawn ornaments. The bird stump is large and heavy about 20 inches high, the squirrel piece is only about 8 inches high. Now to see if anyone likes them
  20. @lew, you and your brethren are un sung heroes. Thank you for your dedication and thanks to the district for their foresight and commitment to your program.
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