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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2019 project is live, please click on link to view our very special annual project.

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  2. Wonderful quilt idea. I'll pass it on to Phyl. But she ain't gittin my EWT shirt.
  3. Wood working does have it's moments.
  4. Yeh, the victory signs were from my son and his buddy. We're all a little crazy at times. Love them all.
  5. Today
  6. Very nice Jess! And it would, for sure, bring back a parent's memories every time they walked by. I know a lot of time and skill goes into making a quilt, my mother used to make them.
  7. That's alright with me.
  8. Happy Birthday @Grandpadave52! Dave I hope all is well and you had a great day.
  9. I put the blame on indoor plumbing... probably why Sears Roebuck & Simpson Sears LTD has gone "down the drain"...
  10. They make a quick bug killer in a pinch.
  11. Artie

    Walnut Rocker Seat

    You have stunned me, I got no adjectives! WOW!
  12. Artie

    Good Clean Fun

    As long as they’re all UL listed
  13. Yes it is in the same spot exactly. No one seems to know the reason but the new one appears to be much larger and is not a multistory. On this same lot behind the courthouse was the city jail. As I remember it was two story and red brick to match courthouse.
  14. I spent all my $ on the printer, so no $ for Rapid Resizer. LOL. BUT, I have 3D capability. More to follow, I hope. Danl
  15. LOL.... I spent the morning cleaning and getting that motor ready to work with and wired it up and it doesn't work.... I am sure it worked the last time I used it when it was running my old large meat grinder but it has clearly died out in the mean time. After realizing that I laughed a bit and was sitting back in my chair looking over at my lathe and thinking about old washers and dryers I have laying around and I suddenly laughed out loud when I realized...... I can just use my wood lathe to power the darn thing.... Not sure how that thought escaped me throughout all of this process. I definitely had to laugh at the stupidity of that though. Here I was wishing the 1/3 horse dryer motor was a 1/2 horse and wishing that it had a lower rpm range than 1,720 rpm. I was also taxing the brain a fair bit coming up with an efficient means of mounting the motor to drive this without interfering with my wood lathe operations. The Shopsmith motor is like 3/4 hp so it is plenty powerful enough to run this especially being geared down another 17 to 1 for the metal lathe portion. I was already designing this to be removed easily and reset up easily as the majority of the time I will be using the wood lathe, and I will never be using both wood and metal lathes at the same time so using the Shopsmith lathe to power this will work out just fine. The awesome part of that is, my lathe has variable speed and a low rpm rate of 700 rpm. If I leave the 6 inch pulley attached to the pulley set I will have a 6 to 1 reduction in speed on the first belt and then my 2.86 reduction on the second belt. This will allow me to get all the way down to 41 rpm or so on the metal lathe setup.
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