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  2. Hot and humid today upper 80s. Supposed to hit the 90s next couple of days. That doesn't happen here too much. 2012 was the last time we had 90s on these dates.
  3. Don't know the answer but, thats a good reason for a wood floor with rubber mats.
  4. Just a thought. I know cast planes will crack if dropped or at least may crack. Now what happens to a bronze plane when dropped? Does it warp the sole, break the joints , or just dent?
  5. Just my 2¢ but I think it is probably pretty dull and maybe the "tooth set" is worn down.
  6. I have to wonder about these maintence instructions on clocks. I bought a tall case Ridgeway from JC Penney for our 25th anniversary and have procrastinated the cleaning and lube job. Well after 24 years it still keeps perfect time and chimes. Go figure.
  7. Happy Anniversary and congratulations to you and your wife Al!!!!
  8. Ron sorry about my wise cracks but I really thought you were kidding. On the plastic movements I put in these wall clocks I build yes you can slide the hands on to far down the shaft and they will rub the plastic body and or the dial and keep the motor from running....but on the metal movements the shaft is very long and leaves a person plenty of room for the hands to be away from the dial where the rubbing would be and make the motor quit running...and on most all grandfathers there is a stop on the shaft to keep this from happening...I thought maybe you had moved the clock and at that time made the hands come in contact with the dial and stopped it from running..but if it was not moved after that 8 years of running then stopped on its on accord a person would think a good cleaning would fix it....even small spider webs can stop some of those little wheels. This grandfather clock my brother in law brought from Calif. and put it in storage for at least 6 years then tried to get it to run, but never did and he come and got me and asked it I wanted it for parts....yes... You can still see how the wood had stayed the original dark color where the duct tape was wrapped around it so the door wouldn't come open in shipment and all the rest of the cabinet had bleached out lighter... like I said before I positioned paper towels in all the right places and gave the movement a good spraying of WD 40. This was over 12 years ago I think and so far it has never quit running...and I remember Lew or you saying the clock repair people say WD 40 in a no no....but I will argue that cause it works for me.... real dusty areas of the country WD 40 might be a no no.....like in all my school years around Lubbock, Tx where 8 in the morning was a perfect day but by 10 am you might not be able the see the white line in the highway...and this was common about 1/3rd of the time each and every year...….
  9. Take the blade off and clean it. If it does it soon after replacing then it is tiome to sharpen or replace.
  10. Anybody know why my band saw likes to burn wood? I am cutting 1 1/2 inch oak. I am using a 1/4 inch blade. Am I using too many teeth? Not sure of the TPI on the blade but I've attached a picture. Never had this problem with re-saw, only cutting a pattern. Any help much appreciated.
  11. But, don't forget that after Tues. Its W-T-F....
  12. My neighbor just purchased a 2020 Corvette. He said it is costing him $210,000. Naturally, we were all out there drooling over it. That, right there, is the definition of bragging rights. Single, with no kids, been working for Boeing for years, I can see how he can afford it. And I am pondering the wisdom of a $350 plane. Oh well, such is life.
  13. @Gerald Like the idea of no drilling thru the clamp metal ends. Love how your clamp storage is over the work area. Very handy!
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