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  2. Some interesting stuff happening this past week here with the Patriot turners! Our Patriot Turners- @Steve Krumanaker turned a cowboy hat!!!!!!!!!!! He showed us some pictures and explained the process in his post. You gotta see this!!!!!!! @Mijohnson1984 showed us some really sweet mallet handles he turned. Lots of great comments were provided by our members. Read how he got the finish these- Matthew also asked for advice on storage of spalted wood. Several members provided him with their experiences and even a link to a video on the subject- @Artie asked a question concerning Easy Wood Tools. He is new to turning and inquired about where to purchase these them. Our members had lots of advice and information. As the discussion continued, it branched off to the area of safety equipment and this garnered even more comments from the group. What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for the link to the registration/information page. Thanks to our friends at Easy Wood Tools for the heads up on this event. For The Newbies- Well, turning spindles can get old pretty fast (unless you try the Skew chisel and then it's always exciting). Here's a site that has lots of ideas for the new turner. Simple projects that make great gifts and will help develop your turning skills/experiences. http://www.stevefreemanonline.com/2017/01/wood-turning-projects-for-beginners/ Expand Your Horizons- I think @Steve Krumanaker has this one covered this week. Let's keep watching his post as he finishes up his cowboy hat! New Turning Items- Ruth Niles has introduced a new style bottle stopper. The "Cosmopolitan" series is available in both FDA grade stainless steel and brass. This product line has stoppers that fit both wine or whiskey bottles. Check out Ruth's site for these and all her great products- https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ Everything Else- A while back I mentioned reading about a procedure for preventing bowl blanks from warping/splitting/checking during the turning and drying process. Although it seems to fly in the face of common sense, part of the drying process in to soak the blank in a soap and water mixture. An acquaintance gave me two locust log pieces that had been recently harvested. Having had little success turning locust in the past, this seemed like an excellent opportunity to experiment. Within a day or two of picking up the logs, I converted them into round bowl blanks about 5" thick and a little over 10" in diameter. I coated the circumferences with TiteBond II. I got that idea from a Mike Peace video. It has been more successful in preventing cracks and splits that using latex paint. A couple of weeks went by before I had a chance to turn the blanks into bowls. In the meantime I scored a small dried cherry log section. So now I had two species to test. I turned the green locust blanks a couple of days apart. Turned each to the typical first turning dimensions with wall thickness of about 1/10 of the diameter. After turning, I put the rough blank in a solution of Dawn dishwashing liquid and water (1:6 ratio). The submerged blanks soaked for 3 days. At the end of the 3 days, I pulled the blanks and transferred them to paper bags of shavings where they stayed for 3 weeks. While I was waiting for the locust to hangout in the shavings, I started in on the cherry log. I turned it to a rough blank, put it in the solution for 3 days, pulled it and went straight back to the lathe. I was a little worried about the color change but very happy about the shape and absolutely no cracks. Mounting it on the lathe and starting the finish turning the true color of the cherry came back out- Completed the turning and sanded. Notice the shape. Virtually no warping! This piece is currently waiting a finish. Back to the locust. I pulled the first blank, from the shavings, on Saturday. I couldn't believe how much weight it had lost in only 21 days. Typically, 3 to 6 months are required to get to this point! The dark color, from the soak, had completely disappeared, too, and no warping!!! Bottom view of the recess for the chuck jaws. I stopped here but thought the walls could be a little thinner. This is about 1/4". Eventually the walls are turned to about 3/16". Bottom foot. Inside (with thinner walls). Here's where I messed up. When I turned the walls to the 1/4" thickness, I was called away and didn't get back to the lathe for a couple of days. During that time the bowl warped slightly so that during the final turning/sanding, the walls do not have a consistent thickness. I need to do the turning and sanding all at one then if there is any warping, it will not change the wall thicknesses. Beeswax and mineral oil finish. Safe turning
  3. as was famously said: nuke them from orbit.
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  5. whatever you do, never, never, ever drop or knock one to the floor or you'll be an unhappy camper.
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  7. After an early Lunch this morning, started in about 1100 hrs...hauled a few toys outside, again....got a nailer added for the box-out corner...had to notch a plank.. Sabresaw did a plunge cut, to complete the circular saw cuts....Then a couple tap-cons at the far end, then work from the front to the back...second row of tap-cons were added...was a bit springy in the middle.. then just keep adding boards....hand to clamp a few ends down, and pull them tight, and add a screw, or three.. Fun part was notching around that downspout (will add an elbow, later) then a couple shorter planks to complete the "floor" Not too bad, for just one carpenter working? Finally got help, later in the day...after I had dug out a 2 x 12 from under the pile of lumber, and hoist it onto the sawhorses....whew..( started to sprinkle, too) Brought the "Plan" out, and made a few cuts for the first stringer... Took the completed stringer over to the deck...wasn't even close....came back, cut the bottom step off...and trimmed for height,,and tried a second time Better, but not quite right...lowered the bottom two steps to allow for the thickness of the treads...about the time of the third test fit...the rains came....took a break until it passed through.... later, managed to get all three stringers done, and attached to the deck....when looking for the store-bought treads....4' wide, and NOT deep enough, and I was 2 treads short... trashed the other two treads, and made my own....as they sent way too many 2 x 8s... Had to rip the second board to fit...Back was having "issues" legs were too.... I did use a had saw, of sorts.. I doubt if working in wet, treated lumber will bother it too much... Have a few "Cold Ones" in the fridge...calling my name...another 6 hour day.. Stay tuned
  8. Send it to me, you won't miss it anyway.
  9. Thanks Gene. That has to be the most innovative idea I have seen in some time. That is slick a snot. I did not know there was such a thing.
  10. Been reading some of Paul Sellers guides, I like his methods and information!

  11. Nice Chips, memories abound after reading that.
  12. Great tip David, I sold my Performax a few months back, downsizing, but I do remember a tad snipe coming off the sander, and I was surprised the first time it had appeared. Finally I got wise and followed the same procedures for planing. Great images too David!
  13. Tom i really liked that holder, thanks so much for finding that one, it would apply to both diamond and oil stones, the only thing I may not do with oil stones is to adhere it to the surface, I'd probably let it rest. Just my gut instinct, but the rest of the setup looks fantastic!
  14. How many of us heard these bits of wisdom growing up?
  15. Artie

    Car accident

    Appraiser finally saw the car yesterday, much too late for me to have set something up with the body shop to be working on the car while we’re away. I’m fine, a tad bit sore the night of the accident, but that probably had more to do with me running after him then anything else. LOL. It’s just the endless paper work, phone calls, and other annoyances that are a pain. Like you said it coulda been worse, shouldn’t cost me any money (just time and energy), so I’m over it.
  16. Artie

    Car accident

    John, a couple of things 1-I think the leafs Blue uniform is the best hockey uniform I’ve ever seen. 2- Our baseball team went 86 years without winning it all, I know the pain. Any time the B’s are knocked out of contention, the Leafs (if they’re in it) are the team I root for. 3- I think the Leaf fans hate the Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge (I may have that order mixed up, what can I say, I’m not a Canadiens fan) as much as we do, maybe a wee bit more. I actually thought that Babcock had a chance to deliver the Cup, I think he’s running out of time. 5- If/when the Leafs win it all, I will be as happy for them, as I was for the Cubs, when they won the World Series. 52 years without a Cup, and they have more people standing outside the arena watching the game, than most cities have inside their arenas, can’t question the passion of the fans.
  17. Congratulations on another orbit around the sun!
  18. Happy B-Day, Kelly! Do something wickedly fun!!
  19. Wow! At 27,152 days old, I have learned something new. What was that about "Old dogs"?
  20. Got a little rain yesterday. Accompanied by lots of thunder. Drove the dog nuts. She hides from thunder and shivers. Storm lasted about an hour and deposited 11/10s. Dog recovered. Today is clear and sunny. 76° for a high. Not bad.
  21. That is sure a neat ball, I think I will order one. Herb
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