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  2. Gene Howe

    Safety Caps

    @John Morris turned me on to a great set of http://www.thebestthings.com/newtools/iwasaki_floats.htm They're hand stitched and from Japan. Best I've ever used.
  3. Today
  4. Stick486

    How To Alleviate.

    road trip boredom...
  5. this may be of interest to some... 1 Day Only Bosch Sale! Extra 10% Off Recon Tools
  6. Grandpadave52

    Bosch Router W/Table Lift On Sale

    Cool! Guess you'll be in the shop after all Besides, routers are like clamps, you never can have too many
  7. Grandpadave52

    Ryobi Bt-3000

    No experience but I see them fairly frequent on CL...$100-$300 range typically. Occasionally less. Saw this one brought $70 plus whatever shipping costs and buyer premium? I think Ryobi made a similar branded version for Sears-Craftsman. Craftsman also had a larger version for the 10" Contractor Saw w/ cast iron top; don't think it sold well...see maybe a couple/year on CL.
  8. Grandpadave52

    Wednesday's Wisdom for Woodturners June 20, 2018

    Thanks Lew for the weekly post & nod... I signed up even though I don't turn. If it's only half as interesting with projects and information as this site then it will be good.
  9. Dadio

    Use for Scraps.

    WOW, never seen a design like that before. Quite nice, you outdid yourself on that one. Good job Steven. Herb
  10. Dadio

    Safety Caps

    I use rasps all the time, They are a handy tool. If you ever make Cabrole legs you will see how they save you a ton of work. I have a whole set,Flat, Half Round,Round, Square, and wood files too. I use them a lot. Herb
  11. lew

    Use for Scraps.

  12. A day early and just a short one this week, sorry. Please, let us all extend our sympathy to @John Moody. His Mom passed away Tuesday. I know your prayers will be appreciated. @Ron Altier Has built some beautiful display stands for some of his ornaments. Please go to Ron's post and see what others have had to say- @Smallpatch has added awesome detail to the teapots he is building. Check out his continued progress- @Grandpadave52 posted a link to The Woodworker's Journal newsletter. The newsletter is asking for responses to interest in a new free woodturning newsletter. If they receive enough positive responses , we might have another resource for turning information. If you think you might be interested, here's the link- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/22552-woodworker-journal-ezine-feedback/ Speaking of woodturning resources, the Woodworkers Guild of America is offering a set of 3 DVDs on woodturning techniques by George Vondrisk. I have not seen these videos so I cannot say how much information they might offer. You can see more at their website- https://www.wwgoa.com/product/wood-turning-techniques-3-dvd-set/#utm_source=WWGOA&utm_medium=email&utm_term=70OFF&utm_content=C12701&vscid=C12701 Patriot member @Gene Howe alerted me to an article in the most recent Popular Woodworking e-magazine. Gene said the article was about using a toilet plunger as a jam chuck. I do not subscribe to Popular Woodworking and couldn't locate the article online. If you subscribe to the magazine, check out the article it might just be something you can use. Safe turning
  13. Gene Howe

    Safety Caps

    Nicholson? I'll pass.
  14. It Was Al B

    John Moody's Mother

    Sorry to hear this John. My condolences to you and the family.
  15. p_toad

    John Moody's Mother

    Sad news indeed; especially right after a fall. Condolences.
  16. p_toad

    Safety Caps

    Those Nicholson "thingies" were listed on Amazon back in 2013 and there are zero comments. If they are made of the same steel and heat treating as their current files (hardened to old solder RC, I'm guessing)...all i have to say is "no thanks...ever"
  17. It Was Al B

    Bosch Router W/Table Lift On Sale

    No shipping charges. I did have about $11 in taxes. That's still only $239. Should be arriving tomorrow.
  18. This is within minutes of expiring. I remember years ago, there was a lot of discussion about these saws. Some loved them, some hated them. It looked like a good idea of the time, but not sure the execution was up to par. Anyone have experience with them? https://www.ebth.com/items/8946436-ryobi-bt3000-table-saw
  19. Grandpadave52

    Use for Scraps.

    Alright, just know your limitations until this get worked out..hang in there! Thank-you for the PIP...enjoyed it...turned out quite nice and a great use of scraps, left-over pieces. Many would just have tossed those... Might check some of your local home building project sites...lot of cut-offs go to the dumpsters.
  20. p_toad

    Display Case Question

    Since this is old silk, i'm guessing it's been stored away for some time and will now be exposed to more light and air. I would recommend talking with a local conservator before putting it into the case. Silk can and will age badly on occasion.
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