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  2. Jesse, those longer legs and, the vice grips for the alignment boards are great ideas.
  3. Gene I like that and so much so I have been using this type for a very long time... I like the clamps in the first picture best especially when edge gluing boards. It keeps the clamping area high enough so I can get my long vise grips with special home made pads to keep the boards in line while the glue sets up... The long boards are 8" long with two small screw in them and the clamps to keep things together.. I then put special long pads on the ends of the V18sp vise grips to keep the boards lined up better so not as much drum sanding later.
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  5. Cool! I did the same thing only used discarded HDPE cutting board material from a friends restaurant. Glue doesn't stick to the plastic.
  6. This need very little explanation. Here's my version.
  7. Update; The clock has now ran about 3 days, keeping good time and chiming as it should. That is the longest it has run since the "repairman" fixed it. Today I am moving it about 3 feet back into the corner where it sat for years. I will adjust the tick tock and relevel. I believe it will be ok now.
  8. Geeze, firemen are selfish when it comes to their toys.
  9. It is not a typical ww'ing show, but it is very interesting. A lot of huge industrial machines (throw a log in one end and a chair pops out at the other end). There are also exhibitors like EWT and Bessey Clamps, Festool, Laguna and many others. Certainly more interesting than slot machines! IMOHO
  10. Easy Wood Tools would be happy to support the next get together.... some EWT SWAG (everyone loves a free t-shirt!) and maybe a set of the new Mini Hollowers as a door prize. If there is any interest just let me know.
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