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  2. After all the shot guns at Great Mistakes, I think I've had enough shots for my life. When I was going to the VA, they gave me a shingle and pneumonia shot. Reminded me of basic training at the Lakes. Took our grandson to the health department the other day for his boosters plus the HPV shot. That shot is a long needle and it is intramuscular so it was sore for a few days. Looking forward to my fasting labs in about 2 months. That's always a joy. Go by Hardee's and pick up breakfast, take it to the labs with me and once they are finished sucking out all the good juice, I chow down. LOL
  3. Looking at another rainy day but should quit early evening. Low 60s.
  4. HandyDan


    Here's why. https://www.chonday.com/35188/gouseameri7/
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  6. 6:00 AM 20° Clear skies. Should get up to upper 40's, maybe even 50°.
  7. You can't go wrong with Lee Valley.
  8. Often, with a job like that one, once is more than plenty. But, it sure is a nice piece of work.
  9. Several years ago, I was called on to provide Speech and Language evaluation and rehab services for a severely injured 9 year old native American boy. In AZ, it's legal to ride in the bed of a pick up. He was among several in the back when they hit a rough patch of road. He was thrown out and, somehow was ran over and ended up wound around the wheel, trapped in the wheel well. Luckily, their speed wasn't great but, the driver wasn't aware that the boy had fallen out and didn't get stopped for several feet. He suffered severe brain damage as well as a broken arm and pelvis. I saw him in the hospital two days after the accident. As a result of the brain damage, his vision was impaired and, he couldnt control eye movement. He had lost all capacity for speech as he had lost all voluntary control of the muscles necessary. Although, his receptive language seemed intact. I saw him three times a week for 4 years. We were successful in establishing communication for him using a series of communication boards with pictures. Eventually, we transitioned to printed words. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 14. This sad narrative illustrates the very real possible consequences of hauling human beings in the open bed of a pick up. Thanks for reading and please don't let your kids...or anyone...ride back there.
  10. It was a real problem getting the piece finished, mostly because of all the insets and that it was very difficult to get light (and spray gun) into areas so I could see what I was doing. Finally broke down and just single-threaded the pieces through the finish room. That really slowed down the progress. The other challenge was getting it installed. My plan was to put up the left piece, level and secure to the wall, then move right one piece at a time. The floor did not cooperate with that. So we put all three pieces down on their backs, aligned and secured together then, with the help of a neighbor, put up the whole thing, shimmed, and attached to the anti-tip-over I already have inquiries, "Would he make one for me." No way. This monster was challenge. My head was hurting the one day I: Bored 128 1/4" shelf pin holes 32 mm apart Drilled 35mm euro-hinge holes so they'd miss the drawer glides on the bottom and evenly spaced on the top doors. 21mm from the edge. Attached the hinges, one side with 5/8" Phillips head and the other side with 1" #2 Robertson (probably would have had Pozi-drive if the hinges had come with screws) Attached the drawer glides with 3/8" Phillips on one side and 3/4" Phillips on the other. Making sure the drawers were level and not hitting each other, face frame, or doors.
  11. Hello John. I can see both sides. I have my own set of scars. However, I recall from several years back while visiting my wife in the hospital, seeing a young man, say 15-16 years old, severely incapacitated from an injury to his brain after crashing his skateboard into a parked car. No helmut! He could barely talk or sit up, but I joked with him every day and we would do fist bumps. His dad told me he was unlikely to recover. I could feel his heartbreak.
  12. Now, that most exquisite packing job required some skills. Almost rivaling those employed in the construction and finishing of the piece. I said ALMOST. You are indeed a man of many talents. I'll bet you heaved a sigh of relief when it all made it into its final place in the house.
  13. Interesting video and method but.....with that wind and no cleared area around it I'm glad he's not my neighbor. I sit on 10 acres of mostly wooded land and the 156 acres around me are the same. While it may be efficient I don't see or hear any preventative warnings of things to or not to do. This fella isn't in California is he? Seriously, I'll still wait until I have a number of stumps to deal with and rent a stump grinder. We usually do this when the neighbors and myself have enough to keep us busy for the weekend. Haven't burned anything down yet and can sleep like a baby. Just saying, different strokes for different folks. Be safe out there fellow woodworkers.
  14. My work surface ("woodworking bench" is really stretching it) won't be posted till the grease and oil stains, paint and finish splatters and errant saw cuts are no longer an issue. In other words, it'll likely not make an appearance here. Well, maybe with some judicious camera work, it might rival a Jackson Pollack piece....sorta.
  15. Great. Sure do want to see it. I've seen your cabinet and case work on another forum. It's obvious that you brought your fine skills to bear on this deck job, too.
  16. It's worrisome. Sure hope we hear from him soon.
  17. That'll work too as a type, what should we call it? Mechanical, portable, multi-purpose?
  18. John is right, I have those 2 saws too and you can't go wrong with them, I got them from Lee valley/Veritas. HErb
  19. Been using this one, at the moment.... yes, it helped to cut that 4 x 4 laying on the ground behind it...then fold it up, and carry back into the house, when done for the day..
  20. Anything involving fire is a great idea in my newbi opinion. But then again most of my friends rom the army seem to have a thing for lighting things on fire. Especially when dum dum juice is flowing.
  21. So if I walk back into my shop after I’ve sprayed everything down and said “Tools of the woodshop. I have returned”. Think my wife would get the reference or way over her head. Or maybe before I start I should tell her “A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week”. Either way my wife is not into military history so I doubt she would get either one.
  22. Cheers to that bora-care tomorrow then throwing on the ceder oil once I’m back in the shop. Like they say in the army there’s no kill like over kill. So double tap and move out.
  23. I had an issue with water bugs and such under a building. Got a 3 pack of bug bombs and one night put one to work. Killed a lot of bugs, since I had 2 left I hit it again next night. Few days later, yup hit it again. No more bugs since. So last week I hit it again! Because hey dead bugs don't cause issues!!!
  24. For the marking gauge making one is worth the time and effort. My opinion only, and by no means a pro, possible an amateur but if you ask my ex then some French vocabulary comes to mind. Having seen Herb's design I shall endeavor to do 1 / 1000 as well and consider myself well off. He has them down to a science.
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