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Credit woodman

juzek peg shaver shaper.png





© American Toolbox
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The 'New Taper', adopted around 1900 or so, is 1:20 but there are older fiddles with the obsolete 1:30 taper. Good luck finding a peghole reamer in 1:30, though.


Way way back in the day a peghole reamer taper would have been whatever the shop acquired. They'd make pegs to fit their reamer. Taper angles were all over the board.


Virtually all pegs must be shaven, as they all arrive too large for the holes. Well, they may or will fit, but stick out way too far.


I've also got a cello pegbox reamer and peg shaver. Same company, USA-made Juzek shaver. Refurbed 9 cellos for a school of the arts and was supposed to do another 22 the following summer. Then Covid . . . 


But the tools, they do not eat much. Sitting in a darkened quiet basement, living a clean stress-free life. In 30 years they will be worth more. Heck, my LN tools are all worth more than I paid. Amazing to have a valid excuse to buy tools. "Honey, they'll definitely appreciate in value. AND I get to use them".


Old violin pegs make dandy structural pegs. :TwoThumbsUp:


Reclaimed red pine (I think), rabbeted corners, dado base, ebony pegs.


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