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Cherry Stool Completed

Cherry Stool Completed

This Shaker New Lebanon Stool is finished, I am very happy with my first weaving job I did on this one. I love the color of the cloth tape, it works wonderfully with the cherry wood.

You can see the project at Shaker Stool Build

From the album:

Shaker Furniture

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7 hours ago, Grandpadave52 said:

Turned out fantastic John...true fashion of a Morris project.

Looking forward to seeing the complimenting chairs in the next phase.

Thank you sir, I really like these chairs and stools because they come together relatively quickly as compared to a sculpted rocker that I have done in the past, the satisfaction is noticed early on in the project. I look forward to the chair part too, I'll keep adding to this album.

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7 hours ago, p_toad said:

that tape gives it a nice look.   can i ask more about it?   material, length needed, etc?  :)

You bet!

Here is the formula straight from Shaker Workshops where I purchased the tape:


To determine the correct amount of yardage, use this formula: First, measure the front rail between the posts, in inches. Second, measure straight across from the center of the back rail to the center of the front rail, in inches. Multiply these together. Divide the resulting figure by 9, and that's the total number of yards of 1" tape required. (For 5/8" tape, divide by 5.3, rather than by 9.)


My stool took 82 feet of 5/8ths tape. I think I have about 12" between the posts for the front and side top rungs as the stool is square.

So in my example I would multiply 12" x 12" = 144" / 5.3 = 27.17 yds converted to feet is 81.5'. I purchased a 75 yd roll for more than one project.




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20 hours ago, DuckSoup said:

  Great looking piece John. I like the idea of the shuttle.

Thanks sir! I had to stop using the shuttle even, after I got to the end, I had to push the cloth through with a straight slot driver. It gets pretty tight!

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