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Patriot Woodworker Meet and Greets

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This gallery features images from Patriot Woodworker meetings held at the grass roots level. These Meet and Greets are started with a small spark by a volunteer host, then the host will will put the idea out to the community, and potential attendees will vote on a time to hold the meeting at the hosts home. Thanks to Patriot Woodworker @Fred W. Hargis Jr, for he has started a new tradition within our woodworking community, here at The Patriot Woodworker, by hosting a Meet and Greet in his own home, in the state of Ohio.

Cheers friends, and enjoy the images from an event we hope will become an annual tradition!


  1. 2018 TPW Gathering Updated

    On Saturday, August 25th, Patriot Woodworker Fred Hargis hosted a meet and greet in his new shop in Wapakoneta, Ohio.  These are pictures from that day.  In attendance were Our host Fred Hargis, Ducksoup (Bob Prochak), Michael Thuman, The Bandit (Steve Newman), GrandpaDave (Dave Zimmerman), kmealy (Keith Mealy), Irish Woodcarver and his wife (Bob and Louann Phelan) and Patriot Woodworker Administrator Ron Dudelston.  HandyDan (Dan Hunkele) was there in spirit and donated gifts and TPW Administrator John Moody joined via FaceTime.
    We would like to thank our sponsors Woodcraft, Laguna Tools, and Easy Wood Tools for their generous donations of door prizes and take home gifts.
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