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Image Uploading Suggestions

We appreciate your help in keeping our image gallery orderly and easy for others to research.

Please consider these suggestions while uploading your images.


  • Name your images before uploading to our gallery, the generic camera file names just look so messy. "Walnut Desk" looks so much better than "DSC19467je69.jpg". You can also name your images after you upload them to our gallery for your convenience.
  • After uploading your images, please consider adding a description so your viewers know what they are seeing and the wood used, the tools used, or even your inspiration for building the project.
  • Please consider tagging your images so our members and guests will be able to successfully search for your image and related images. Tags can be inserted into the "Tags" field. An example of tags and their names should be related to your project. If your project images are of a Walnut Desk with dovetail joinery, than tag the image with "Walnut", "Desk", "Dovetail" etc.


Thank you for your cooperation. :)

The Management

This is the General Woodworking gallery, for images that don't fit into the other categories available for uploading of your images. If you have an idea for a category, please contact us and make your suggestion, thank you.


  1. Sam Maloof Site Visit 2019 Updated

    My wife completely surprised me, we just had our 28th marriage anniversary and she loaded me up in the car and we drove to my anniversary present, I had no idea where we were going until I drove us up the main street of the Maloof residence and saw the brown colored historical site street sign that clearly stated "Sam Maloof Foundation Historical Site" and I jumped with joy.
    We live within an hour of the Maloof residence and I have never been there, it just seems like there is always something more important to do with our money, it just kind of always get set by the side for a future visit.
    It was a wonderful tour, although we were not allowed to take pictures of the inside of the residence, I was able to get a few images of the woodshop, the barn full of walnut slabs and rough boards they still use today, and a fun trip through a couple onsite galleries.
    John Morris
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    John Morris Updated
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  2. Collage of Interesting Images Updated

    This is just a collage of interesting images I have purchased the rights too, enjoy, but please ask for permission to use before downloading! Thanks!
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    Courtland Updated
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  3. Windows 10 Updated

    Larry Buskirk
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  4. T Shirts Updated

    Our TPW Tshirts
    Charles Nicholls
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    Charles Nicholls Updated
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