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Shaker Furniture

Shaker Furniture
John Morris
Album created by
John Morris
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Recently I have taken an interest in building Shaker furnishings, I have always loved it, but I am ready to build it.

This album will contain all the furniture I will build in the Shaker style.


Virtually any of the items I will be posting in this album are inspired from books written by Kerry Pierce. Mr. Pierce has created a variety of books on the shaker style, the history and culture of the Shaker community, and within the books there are detailed drawings for much of the work the Shakers produced.

Here is a link to Kerry's site at Kerry Pierce Furniture and here is a link to his books at Kerry Pierce Books in Amazon. I highly recommend the books by Mr. Pierce, they are well made, and well priced as well.


Just one of Kerry's books



Thanks for visiting this album, and thanks for looking!



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