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Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw Carving
Dale Felice
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Dale Felice
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When the weather gets nice in Pa, I try to do something a bit different instead of being cooped up inside. Here is some things I have either done or started on .1 hr so far.
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Lew, just seen this. Thank you. It was a beast to do being the first eagle with wings attached. Now that I understand it much better, it's becoming second hand. Most carving is now. Once you have an image set, you can begin to "draw" by saw and take baby steps towards a finish result. Lots of learning to go.

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    • Thanks Wood, ya it's turning out to be a pretty good little shop. I sold a bunch of big stuff last summer, and I have been on a downsize kick still. I am trying to get down to only what I need, and use, I am not a collector, so I really want to get to the point where whatever I have, I need. For awhile there I was a collector, it actually feels liberating to of gotten rid of so much.
      Wood, that Shopsmith has really proven to be a great machine for me. Thanks to @Gene Howe for recommending me to the Shopsmith. If you are still in the market, these can be had for a few hundred plus. The one I have, I have seen for as low as 750.00 bucks, or even lower, I paid more than that, and the price I paid was still a good deal, fair.
      The Shopsmith is not for everyone, you really have to think about the machine before you take the plunge, some folks will either hate it, or love it, I am in the love camp.
      Here is my Shopsmith in Table Saw mode, I also have a jointer and a bandsaw for it, laying off the side.
    • That looks like the perfect do it all woodworking shop! Love the shopsmith, if I had the money that what I would have probably gotten. I’ve heard people saying they have seen some of the early models from the 1950’s that are still running. Now that’s a quality built machine!
    • Al, that ol stool came from a dear friends home, I used to get my hair cut as a child on that stool. Our friends have long passed, but I have fond memories of hair cuts and adult cocktail parties at that home near the beach. I like it too! Wicker back, wicker seat with a rope weaved cushion.
    • I like that stool with the back rest near the lathe.
    • Outstanding.  Sorry had to use another word other than awesome, everyone else used it already.  
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