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well, well, lookee what I found

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Cleaning up the shop, putting away the toys, er tools. Spied a black boxning-imag0037-2691-57.jpg?width=750


Hmm, wonder what I stashed in there? Opened it up, found a couple wood bodies for a few hand planes, eh....and a few of these




That long sucker is a 5/8 Bowl gouge. If I recall correctly, and it was a yard sale item that cost a $1. Four Craftsman chisels, and four that were I think from Harbor





Went back and cleaned these all up. Now the problems arise. You see, there isn't any room for them in this box




and the lathe these went to is a rusty, broken down mess. Plastic fan on the "dryer" motor( looks like one, anyway) is broke. The joint between the two sections of the "T" rail is in BAD shape. Rusty as all get out. Not really worth the effort to rehab, even for me.

So, what to do with these "Treasures"?




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